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Mark Bradley’s just trying to help, y’all.

Concern troll gets smacked.

Bradley beat a hasty retreat by incorporating Rowe’s comment into his post, but I still bet if Richt doesn’t have his man in a week, we’ll start seeing comparisons to the process leading to Ted Roof’s hire.


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James Franklin can’t help it if the grass is greener.

I gather from this that James Franklin intends to recruit a 2014 class at Penn State devoid of honor and integrity.

Or, he could simply be full of shit.  Yeah, I suppose that’s possible.


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Who said this?

The Todd Grantham fan club checks in (anonymously):

If anybody but Spurrier made that last comment, I’ll eat my hat.


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The best thing about the new playoff format

… is that I can laugh about this.

I’m sure with the Coaches Poll having no weight in the selection process going forward, coaches’ interest in compiling a weekly top 25 is going to skyrocket.


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PAWWWWL, I just got my Dish Network statement.

Coming soon, to a cable bill near you…

Distributors in SEC country can expect to pay a rate of $1.30 to carry the soon-to-be-launched SEC Network, according to several sources with knowledge of the rate card.

That fee, paid on a monthly per-subscriber basis, is what cable and satellite companies within the SEC’s 11-state footprint would pay to ESPN, the owner of the SEC Network. Outside of SEC territory, the channel’s license fee drops to 25 cents.

That’ll be a win for Mike Slive, who will once again be able to show his presidents that they swing the biggest Johnsons in the room at the next get together.

An in-market rate of $1.30 makes the SEC Network significantly more expensive than the Big Ten Network. BTN launched in 2007 and currently charges up to $1 in its 11-state footprint from New Jersey to Nebraska. Sub fees on average from both inside and outside the footprint average 37 cents, according to researcher SNL Kagan.

Note also that they’re looking to stick the locals with a higher share of the cost than the BTN does.  Never underestimate the drawing power of the GPOOE™.


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Further proof that nobody’s interested in Georgia coaches

Enter the Sabanator.

Guess that means we know where Orgeron winds up. 😉


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Georgia, you’re so Georgia.

While we’re talking about staff positions, how ’bout hiring somebody to be put in charge of monitoring this?

My pick would be to hire somebody off of Jimmy Williamson’s roster.  You get some real insight into what they’re up to, plus they have to go out and get somebody else.  Kind of like raiding a top recruiter from another school’s staff.


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