Further proof that nobody’s interested in Georgia coaches

Enter the Sabanator.

Guess that means we know where Orgeron winds up. 😉



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28 responses to “Further proof that nobody’s interested in Georgia coaches

  1. Piper

    rumors that wilson was interviewing with usc and texas last week. he knew this was coming, iow.


  2. Gene Simmons

    this is all part of a sinister plot to gut our stellar defense


  3. 202dawg

    I’d trade Grantham and WIlson for Pendergast and Orgeron, and not blink an eye…


  4. adam

    Chris Wilson was outstanding this year and is a great recruiter. Hopefully we get a DC in place soon and keep Wilson.


  5. DawgPhan

    This might be a plot by evil bullgators to try and trick UGA into bringing Coach Boom home. Color me suspicious.


  6. Otto

    Who has been interviewed off the offensive side of the ball?


  7. William

    I would rather like to keep Wilson. He seemed to handle the D-Line well through out the season, and rotated like most of us wanted. I don’t know that he can be entirely credited with Bailey doing well, and Drew coming out. However, his fresh approach worked well, and I’d hate to see him go.


  8. Joe Schmoe

    Wilson is smart to at least interview. Who knows what the new DC will want to do with the staff. I would want options as well.


  9. Of course, no one wants a Coach that no one else is interested in.


  10. sniffer

    We’re on the verge of seeing Butts-Mehre spend some cash whether they want to or not. And, we will soon know where we are in the pecking order of elite programs. We will either be one or cursing that we’re not.

    …I am the Master of the Obvious!


  11. Old DAWG

    If we get top dollar coaches, do you think Ga Admin spends new TV money or passes the cost on the the ticket buyers. Get ready for the poor mouthin’ to begin.


  12. Will (the other one)

    No y’all, it’s all a ploy to interview the future DC, Kirby, before he’s hired.
    (I’m sure someone’s pitched the above to the Dawgvent and 680 by now.)


  13. mg4life0331

    Bamer hired the guy from USC instead


  14. W Cobb Dawg

    I thought Wilson did a good job. CMR simply can’t let a good assistant like Wilson walk away, like he did with Belin.