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You can stop waiting for the other shoe to drop.

It’s done.

This, too.

Brevity is the soul of wit.


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That was fast.

Of all the things that shock me about the hire of Pruitt, this ranks first:

It’s even more amazing when you consider that, according to the rumor mill, Richt spent roughly the first thirty-nine of those haggling with Kirby.


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Habemus coordinator!

At least according to Chip Towers.

Jeremy Pruitt, defensive coordinator for Florida State during its national championship run this past season, is expected to accept the same position at Georgia, multiple sources told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Pruitt, 39, was said to be in Athens Tuesday, where he met with Richt and other members of Georgia’s staff.

This is an interesting move on more than one level, starting with my guess that Pruitt’s going to have a bigger contract than Grantham did.

More to come once this is official.


UPDATE:  Sounds like this is pretty much a real thing.

And I may be wrong about the money, which is even more interesting.


UPDATE #2:  A couple more nuggets from Gentry Estes:

It is believed that Pruitt held the lone offer from UGA in the Bulldogs’ quick search to replace Grantham. The deal is believed to be three years in the range of $850,000 per year, per a source…

… In two seasons in Tuscaloosa, Pruitt played alongside current Georgia offensive line coach Will Friend, who remains a close friend.

So much for the Kirby rumors.


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Since we ended as lovers

Those wistful, tender moments, looking deeply into each others’ eyes… all that is over now.  Sadness.

Just curious – how can you tell the difference between a good relationship with Paul Johnson and a great one?


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Your obligatory morning coaching search post

(The Birmingham News/ Mark Almond)

Otherwise known as your rumors and innuendos roundup:

  • With the return of Bo Davis to the fold, essentially Texas and Alabama have swapped defensive line coaches this offseason.  The move is of interest for a couple of reasons.  One, Chris Wilson had interviewed with Saban for the position.  Two, Kirby Smart was evidently not even in Tuscaloosa when the hire was made.
  • Speaking of Wilson, per CoachingSearch.com, USC head coach Steve Sarkisian reached out to Wilson when Davis jumped ship.  Wilson turned him down.
  • And speaking of Smart, there is plenty of crazy talk out there about his return to Athens.  And when I say crazy talk, I mean “5 years at $1.5 million/year” crazy talk.  Honestly, that doesn’t surprise me.  It’s silly season right now.  What does surprise me is that it feels like Smart is an overwhelming favorite among the fan base for the job.  I wonder how everyone will feel if Kirby leverages the situation for another raise out of Alabama.  Again.
  • If you’d like to put your name in the hat, here’s where you can apply.  Note that the positions currently available are defensive coordinator and linebackers coach.  Since there’s no posting for secondary coach, I assume that means they’re leaving options open for Grantham’s replacement.


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The further adventures of Agent Muschamp

You know, it won’t surprise me in the least if a year from now if Boom cans his entire offensive staff and brings in Rhett Lashlee to run a version of Malzahn’s offense because the Gators ”… needed more tempo, we needed to create more snaps, we needed to create more space plays…”

Cutting edge, bitchez.


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We’re all amateurs.

The NCAA’s chief legal officer says that when it comes to televised broadcasts of sporting events – you know, the ones the conferences and schools get paid for to allow all those nifty commercials – players are just like fans in the stands “when the camera catches their face in the broadcast.”


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