Habemus coordinator!

At least according to Chip Towers.

Jeremy Pruitt, defensive coordinator for Florida State during its national championship run this past season, is expected to accept the same position at Georgia, multiple sources told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Pruitt, 39, was said to be in Athens Tuesday, where he met with Richt and other members of Georgia’s staff.

This is an interesting move on more than one level, starting with my guess that Pruitt’s going to have a bigger contract than Grantham did.

More to come once this is official.


UPDATE:  Sounds like this is pretty much a real thing.

And I may be wrong about the money, which is even more interesting.


UPDATE #2:  A couple more nuggets from Gentry Estes:

It is believed that Pruitt held the lone offer from UGA in the Bulldogs’ quick search to replace Grantham. The deal is believed to be three years in the range of $850,000 per year, per a source…

… In two seasons in Tuscaloosa, Pruitt played alongside current Georgia offensive line coach Will Friend, who remains a close friend.

So much for the Kirby rumors.


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134 responses to “Habemus coordinator!

  1. section Z alum

    has red smoke been seen over Butts-Mehre?

  2. Jim

    Fantastic and I stand corrected

  3. Hauser

    This is an amazing get. Very happy with this news. Just want to hear it become official.

  4. greeneggboy

    Third down hasn’t looked this good in years!

  5. D.N. Nation

    The same amount Grantham was making? LOL

  6. The defensive coordinator from the newly minted national champion makes a lateral move to a place that he previously has no connection to. That is, as the Senator puts it, interesting.

  7. Bulldawg165

    I’m very happy with this hire, but it is completely and utterly baffling as to why Pruitt made the move.

    • McTyre

      Who knows? Maybe he wants back in to a bigboy conf. Maybe his family likes the Athens QOL vs that of Tallahassee.

    • sUGArdaddy

      Prove your bones in the SEC. Jimbo is a jerk. People want to work for Richt. You prove nothing by dominating the ACC. You prove everything by dominating the SEC, especially turning around our dumpster fire D.

    • WF dawg

      Also, Mark Richt is a pretty good guy to work for.

    • Hackerdog

      Cecil Hurt reports, “Jeremy Pruitt made $260K at Alabama in 2012, $540K at FSU in 2013 and is expected to make $850K at Georgia in 2014.”

      I think that explains a great deal.

    • GaskillDawg

      Maybe he loves SEC! SEC! SEC! chants

    • Bulldog Joe

      If Pruitt has big school head-coaching aspirations, it’s probably not going to happen now at FSU.

      Jimbo entered Bobby Bowden territory with a national title. Playing in the ACC, he stands a very good chance of being a lifer down there.

      Also, Jimbo is younger than Coach Richt.

      Who knows, but this may have played into the decision as well.

  8. I Wanna Red Cup

    We hired Erk Russell?
    I am estatic and find it hard to believe we did it without paying more than CTG. I hope he is the recruiter we need. And I am encouraged that he also coaches DBs. And I hope Bobo gets a raise.

  9. I’m legitimately stunned they got him. Will he be the best DC in the nation? Odds say no, but he’s a certain upgrade and he’s going to recruit his ass off.

  10. sUGArdaddy

    Gotta love what Richt’s done here. Homerun hire. #2 total defense. #1 scoring defense. Saban disciple. Great, great recruiter. Just won a national title.

    People want to work for Mark Richt. Most fans grossly underestimate that. Happy days ahead for UGA!

    • I’m relieved and happy. About as good as we could do. Smart was never in the picture (which was good, IMO), and I didn’t like any of the other names floating about.

      Gotta love what Richt’s done here. Homerun hire. #2 total defense. #1 scoring defense. Saban disciple. Great, great recruiter. Just won a national title.

      All good stuff Sugar, but let’s not expect too much, too soon. We don’t have FSU’s talent. We should have, at least very close to it, but we don’t. But better evaluation, especially with DB’s, and recruiting is just down the road, we hope.

  11. heyberto

    I didn’t think we’d get this guy, but looks like a great hire. I’m a little giddy with excitement about it. I will say, I’m glad it wasn’t Kirby. I just felt like that would have been a hire for the wrong reasons. Welcome to Georgia Jeremy!

  12. ScoutDawg

    DGD. Damn good day.

  13. Sanford222view

    I don’t get it but I LOVE it!

  14. cave canem

    Just sitting here smiling, thinking about what FSU did to Clem this past year and envisioning opening day in Athens.

  15. JimDawg

    I have heard that Jimbo Fisher is a very difficult person to work for. If that is true, it may partially explain why Pruitt made this move. It sure seems to be a good hire for the Dawgs.

  16. Debby Balcer

    Great news!!!

  17. Rex

    I wonder why FSU wouldn’t pony up the money to match UGA?

  18. Dog in Fla

    Who says Will Friend can’t recruit…

  19. Silver Creek Doug

    Will Friend is very close to Pruitt from their days in college at Alabama.

    As I understand it, that relationship helped seal the deal.

  20. X-Dawg

    Pruitt & Will Friend were old room mates. I hear that CWF helped a lot in this process.

  21. MinnesotaDawg

    Looks to me like a great hire. Let’s seal this deal and bust our asses on the recruiting trail the next couple weeks.

    He’s a DB coach, too. Wonder if this finally makes room on the staff for a….Special Teams Coach.

  22. William

    If he takes over as the DB coach as well, who handles the OLB? Is Coach O elevated to taking care of the whole unit? If so, then that would leave an opening to hire a ST Coach after all. I know it may be a pipe dream, but still……it bares eatching.

  23. BCDawg97

    Kirby was a real option. From an insider: Kirby was indeed offered the job last night at 1.6 Million for 5 years. UGA agreed to let him hire his staff AND hire Cochran. This morning he apparently called to say yes……BUT wanted a no buyout clause if he got a HC job in the first 2 years and this is the biggie….he wanted to be told he would be the next head coach. That was the deal breaker. UGA was not willing to do that. As soon as Kirby told CMR he wanted the HCIW title he picked up the phone and called Pruitt and a hand shake deal was complete by lunch time.

    • Hackerdog

      Is that you, Mark Bradley? Did you miss the tweet about HCIW being nixed by the NCAA? Anyway, thanks for sharing.

      • BCDawg97

        Not Mark Bradley. But Kirby was in play. He wanted the HCIW

        • Hackerdog

          The HCIW that doesn’t exist anymore? Did he want Richt to throw in a Betamax and a sweet boom box?

          • BCDawg97

            Right, because no one can wink, wink.

            Maybe everyone is covering up. Maybe they didn’t want to hurt Bobo’s feelings. Just passing along what I felt were credible sources.

            FWIW, I’m happy with the Pruitt hire.

            • Hackerdog

              Under the table deals that violate NCAA rules can happen. But I wouldn’t expect Richt to be a party to one of them.

            • zuto

              If the HCIW provision volates NCAA rules, then it wouldn’t be part of the contract. Any oral promise would be unenforceable due to this pesky thing called the statute of frauds…

          • King Jericho

            I laughed a lot at this. Thanks.

        • Dog in Fla

          According to Bark Madly’s compadre Chip Towers, das NCAA denutted the HCIW fad when it “passed to little fanfare a new bylaw that treats a head-coach-in-waiting like an actual head coach in terms of recruiting contact. A head coach is allowed only a single visit per recruit and cannot leave campus during the the critical spring evaluation period from April 15-May 31. Same now for a head-coach-designate.”

          If this bylaw is stil in place (and I don’t want to check because reading bylaws tires me), why would any school hamstring itself by taking away available recruiting opportunities. Why would any applicant (even Agent Smart) ever make such a demand. It not only shows lack of team spirit but also attacks the integrity which is the core of the relentless repetitive recruiting process.


    • Per Seth

      It not believed that Kirby Smart, Alabama’s defensive coordinator, was a serious candidate this time around. Smart, a former Georgia player and assistant coach, came close to returning four years ago but decided to stick around. This time, it appears Richt honed in on Pruitt from the beginning.

      I’m not sure what the complete story is, but the idea that Richt called Pruitt in the morning and struck a deal in a couple of hours time strikes me as a bit far-fetched.

    • ARDawg

      I will never believe McGarity signed off on that amount or length of contract.

      • BCDawg97

        I wouldn’t imagine so either. Perhaps it was a smoke screen to the “insiders” to play for Pruitt.

  24. Governor Milledge

    This is blogger material for DAYS.

    Secondary Coach/Special Teams Coach angle.
    Recruits currently committed to FSU who were recruited by Pruitt. Other defensive recruits FSU has who may reconsider/follow coach. New UGA recruit leans. New last minute official visits.

    • Will (the other one)

      Certainly shouldn’t hurt with Lorenzo Carter.
      (Now if only Pruitt were recruiting a top-shelf OT prospect that could flip too…)

  25. Comin' Down The Track

    Dawgrade that!

  26. DoucheyDawgs (h/t Ben Dukes) just experienced coitus interruptus.lol. I know what I know Hijo.

    • ‘Preciate the Shoutout! And I’m soooo incredibly happy we’re not hiring Kirby. I can’t even explain how happy. … S&G might still want to sell those rights…

  27. Irishdawg

    If this is true, it’s big for a # of reasons, the biggest that Pruitt probably has good relationships with South Georgia HS coaches. I know Richt has done well in recent years in Valdosta and Thomasville, but this can’t hurt.

  28. CLT Dawg

    Bald white guy running the defense? I’d say that worked out pretty good for us last time. If he starts head-butting players on the field half the stadium will draw wood, the other half will start throwing panties at the field.

  29. I’m sure everything is going to work out fine, but… he kinda’ reminds me of Willie.

  30. Will Trane

    Southwest Georgia HS D players should love this. At least 4 out of 1 6A on FSU roster who played. Hopefully, not only did Pruitt get a “deal deal”, but let’s start paying these coaches. Every position coach should be at $400,000 min, a red pickup truck w/a black tool box, their own apparel line, and etc. . Get him signed and moved.

  31. ActuaryDawg

    Pruitt’s Wikipedia page has already been updated. That’s official enough for me.

  32. IAmAGurleyMan

    Amazing! Best get since Herschel.

  33. Will Trane

    Like I said earlier, “best to look down the road and the schedule”. CMR did. This DC is 3-0 against teams on the ’14 schedule! Kirby the freaking who all this Dawgphans lap over.

  34. Slaw Dawg

    The new hire and the timing are impressive as Hell. Wouldn’t have thought he was a realistic candidate. Perhaps money, the SEC and good ol’ Athens town talked!

  35. W Cobb Dawg

    Please keep the purse open a little longer and get Warren Belin to come back to coach the STs and OLBs.

  36. I said a while back during the discussions of whether to keep TG or not that we needed to go find another Jeremy Pruitt. I never expected we could actually get THE Jeremy Pruitt, I figured FSU would match anything offered, and surely Pruitt would stay if they matched. Glad I was wrong!

  37. Irwin R Fletcher

    This. Is. Huge.

    Great hire. Will be a national story in all the preseason mags. Can Pruitt help turn UGA into the Beast of the East…and so forth. I’m not sure any school in the SEC has a better set of Coordinators that UGA does now. Maybe LSU?

    Funny that Mark Richt can convince Jeremy Pruitt he can coach in about 24 hours but can’t seem to convince half of the commenters on this page of that.

    It’s a great day to be a Disney Dawg…why would he leave Tallahassee? Because it is GEORGIA. GEORGIA is a great program, with a great coach, great resources, and great potential. It’s a great day to be a Dawg.

    • pantslesspatdye

      Tumultuous week and its only Tuesday. It’s been a weird year.

    • Dog in Fla

      “It’s a great day to be a Disney Dawg…why would he leave Tallahassee?”

      Irwin, all good points but your question conclusively demonstrates that you have never had an extended tour of duty in Tallahassee. Why does anyone leave Tallahassee? Why not, because there is always a better place.

  38. FSU fans are already trying to spin this by claiming that Pruitt was really a Co-DC with Sunseri.

  39. Will Trane

    A recent report shows the top 25 schools with players in the NFL. USC [west coast version sits atop]. 2 SEC schools and 2 ACC schools in top 10. FSU and Miami are the ACC. LSU in one of the SEC. Other, UGA. Where was that talent used at UGA? Indicates we have the players. Coache? Dawgs in top 5.

  40. Big Al

    I don’t know how to put this but Jeremy Pruitt is kind of a big deal.

  41. It is amusing reading the FSU boards: In a nutshell, here is the reaction from the FSU boards: the UGA job is a huge step down. FSU has double the talent of UGA.. Hard to say how good Pruitt really is given the incredible talent at FSU. And Pruitt has no loyalty leaving after 1 year and dissing the man who gave him a job 3 years out of coaching high school. But not to worry, Jimbo proven to be brilliant at hiring assistants.

  42. Scorpio Jones, III

    I am happy, I suppose…everybody seems to say I should be.

    I suspect Mark Richt made a great hire.

    But…if it is ok with youse guys, I will wait to pass judgement till the end of the South Carolina game in 2014.

    At that point we will really know something.

    • Russ

      Dammit man, this is no time for reason! Now drink your koolade!

    • LOL @ Russ.

      I will wait to pass judgement till the end of the South Carolina game in 2014.
      At that point we will really know something.

      That’s right. We’ll really know something then. And we’ll know even more after Florida, Auburn & Tech.

      There’s still a lot we don’t know about Pruitt, and there are a multitude of issues that must be addressed successfully before the season starts, just to have a chance to be happy this fall. But at least now, there’s a chance that’ll happen, where there was none last week.

      So for now, relief, and even a little happiness can be ours. 🙂

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        OK, OK, OK….Yahoooooo!!!!

      • Russ

        You nailed it. Last week I had little hope the defense would improve other than just experience. At least now I can dream all off season about having a NC caliber defense.

  43. mg4life0331

    Have you tweeted Petrino a thanks for all the blogging material and vacating a spot on our staff yet Senator?

  44. Bulldog Joe

    If this works out, we’ll need to need to clear a spot for the Bobby Petrino statue, perhaps next to the Iron Horse.