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But I heard it on the Internet…

FSU’s Senior Associate AD is on the radio right now ripping the shit out of the jerk who broadcast an accusation about Jeremy Pruitt’s extracurricular activities being the reason he left Tallahassee for Athens.

Everybody’s who’s repeated that garbage – I’m looking at you, ‘Nole blogs and message boards –  like it was gospel, or even gave it a shred of credibility, ought to be ashamed.




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Josh, Josh, Josh…


Georgia safety Josh Harvey-Clemons will miss the first three games of next season as a continuation of the suspension that forced him to miss the Gator Bowl on Jan. 1, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has learned.

The Bulldogs announced before Christmas that Harvey-Clemons would be not accompany the team to Jacksonville for the bowl due to an undisclosed “violation of team regulations.” A few days later, Harvey-Clemons’ grandfather and legal guardian, Woodrow Clemons, told the AJC his grandson’s suspension was academically related and would not carry over to next season.

Since then, however, several persons familiar with the situation have told the AJC that Harvey-Clemons had in fact violated UGA’s marijuana-use policy for a second time and therefore had been issued a four-game suspension, as per the athletic association’s student-athlete disciplinary guidelines. Those guidelines call for the offending student-athlete to be suspended for “not less than 30 percent of the season” for a second offense of the marijuana-use policy. In football, that comes to four games, one of which Harvey-Clemons has already served.

His grandfather didn’t know, either, which says something about JH-C’s maturity level.

Damn.  I guess he really doesn’t like playing against Clemson.


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Todd Grantham? Big fan of Greg McGarity… big fan.

You know, earlier today I posted that link to Seth’s article about Grantham’s tweets because I thought they were ambiguous, but worth a fun spin.  I couldn’t say for sure that Grantham was taking a shot at the Georgia program.

I’m pretty sure now, though.

“What appealed to me most was being able to team up with coach Petrino and what he does but also the vision of the athletic director and if you look at the things he’s done,” Grantham said. “To win a championship, it takes a lot of different elements. And the first thing it takes is to have an athletic director that has a vision for the resources needed moving forward. And you obviously have that.”

Ouch.  But I bet Georgia’s reserve fund kicks Louisville’s reserve fund’s ass, man.

Of course, maybe all that means is that now he’s working for somebody who’s willing to shell five million large to a coach who can say this with a straight face:

“Two of the last three years we’ve won the SEC East,” Grantham said. “We really have been the backbone of getting to those conference championships. I think the ability to see how we changed an identity and developed some mental toughness and physical toughness there and develop players.”

Early prediction:  if Georgia gets it done in 2014, prepare to hear Grantham praise Pruitt for getting it done with Grantham’s players.


UPDATE:  This just gets buttah and buttah.


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You can’t say it wasn’t entertaining.

Five of Georgia’s first six games last season make Bill Connelly’s list of top 100 college football games of 2013.

There’s another game later in the year that makes it to number two on his list, but I won’t go into details.   Sigh.


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Look what the cat just drug in.

Ladies and gentlemen, the hardest working backwards baseball cap and towel in college football are back!

The last of Gene Chizik‘s former assistant coaches at Auburn has found a landing spot.

Former wide receivers coach Trooper Taylor has been hired as the cornerbacks coach at Arkansas State, ending a season away from football for the former Tigers assistant.

“Excited to welcome the last & latest addition to the RedWolvesNation (cornerbacks coach) Trooper Taylor,” new Red Wolves coach Blake Anderson tweeted on Wednesday night. “Safe travels on your way to Jonesboro tonite.”

What do you figure the over/under is on how long until Trooper makes a triumphant return to the SEC?  If Junior’s back, anybody can come home.


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Thank you, Gawd.

I’ve never been comfortable with the concept of the Lord taking sides in a sporting event, but I’m obviously in the minority on the subject.


Then again, the GPOOE™ landed a gig on the SEC Network.  That could very well be a sign of divine intervention.


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“To get a coach like Todd Grantham on our staff says a lot about our program.”

Giving Todd Grantham a five-year guaranteed contract that pays him $1 million a year says a lot more, my man.


UPDATE:  By the way, note that Grantham’s making a change for himself at position coach.


UPDATE #2:  Stay classy, coach.


UPDATE #3:  Sometimes this shit just writes itself.


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And another meme bites the dust.

Anybody up for a round of “why don’t Georgia’s coaches get offers from other places”?  Bueller?  Bueller?

Multiple media reports Wednesday night have defensive line coach Chris Wilson (leaving for USC) and inside linebackers coach Kirk Olivadotti (going back to the Washington Redskins, where he previously spent 11 seasons as an assistant) joining defensive coordinator Todd Grantham and secondary coach Scott Lakatos as departures from Mark Richt’s staff within the last week.

My bet is that this doesn’t come as a complete shock.  Richt’s comment at yesterday’s presser about the future of Wilson and Olivadotti at Georgia – “Yeah, right now, if they want to,” Richt said at the late morning news conference. “And as of right now, I think they want to.” – wasn’t exactly what I would call definitively phrased.

Both coaches were well thought of and I thought both did a good job last season, so more power to them if they want to move on.  Really, this does present Pruitt with what I would think any incoming coordinator would prefer, a chance to populate his staff with the guys of his choosing.  (As an aside, Pruitt will be the first defensive coordinator under Richt who wasn’t asked to keep Rodney Garner on staff when he came on board.)  And there are already rumors swirling that Pruitt’s closing in on his first hire.

There’s no reason to think Pruitt’s new team won’t be in place before spring practice, so the bigger short term concern is whether Georgia has enough bodies on the recruiting trail to finish things out in the three weeks leading up to signing day.  Luckily, there aren’t that many targets left on Georgia’s board to chase.


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2013 turnover luck

How much of this you want to chalk up to design and how much to fortune is up to you.  I just hope whatever it can be attributed to, Jeremy Pruitt manages to bring it along to Athens this year.


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Audio visual aids

A couple of things to glom on to, in case you’ve missed them:

  • Here’s the official link to yesterday’s presser introducing Pruitt.
  • And Bernie’s linked to an enlightening radio interview with FSU beat writer (and former Georgia beat writer) David Hale about Pruitt.

Trust me, you’ll want to take in both.


UPDATE:  Emerson has a Q&A about Pruitt with Hale here.


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