Audio visual aids

A couple of things to glom on to, in case you’ve missed them:

  • Here’s the official link to yesterday’s presser introducing Pruitt.
  • And Bernie’s linked to an enlightening radio interview with FSU beat writer (and former Georgia beat writer) David Hale about Pruitt.

Trust me, you’ll want to take in both.


UPDATE:  Emerson has a Q&A about Pruitt with Hale here.


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18 responses to “Audio visual aids

  1. Before going to Bernie’s Link, love the way he says Do things the Georgia way. What a wonderful staff we have.


  2. DW

    David Hale. Simply the best out there. Wish he still wrote for the Dawgs.


  3. For whatever reason I can’t get the player to work on the interview with Hale. Can I get the Cliff’s Notes? What were Pruitt’s positives? Negatives? What was the one thing you took from the interview?



    • Hale describes Pruitt as a top-notch Xs and Os guy and an excellent recruiter. But he really raved about Pruitt’s teaching skills, based on what the players told him.

      The negative, if you want to call it that, is that Pruitt stepped into a good situation at FSU with a defense that was already performing well, but doesn’t face the same situation coming into Athens. (Hale thinks Pruitt will do just fine at Georgia, though.)

      The biggest thing I took away from what Hale said is that Pruitt’s focused more on personnel than scheme in fashioning his defense.


      • Gravidy

        It’s funny how the Kool-Aid changes flavors over the years, huh? When Grantham was hired, we were all jazzed up about his schemes. Now we are all excited about simplifying things and teaching fundamentals.


  4. BigEZ

    Pretty slanderous stuff right here. I suppose I can’t independently confirm or deny this blowhard’s allegations, but I’m assuming its your typical shock jock BS


    • That Rick person, does not have a voice for radio. Yuck, sounds like sensationalism to me. Athens is the perfect place for newly weds.


    • He’s a single guy who loves the nightlife and enjoys the company of younger women… wow. Shocking stuff there.

      Imagine the reaction in Tallahassee if somebody had accused him of rape while he was on the FSU staff. Oh, wait.

      Stay classy, ‘Noles.


      • PHDawg

        As I replied when an FSU fan posted this to Facebook last night: I stopped believing in rumors and innuendo delivered via sports radio when Paul Finebaum promised the bag man and an almost definite sit out by Cam Newton during our game.


      • Dawgfan Will

        Absolutely. I would love to hear how these allegations were received by the loonier FSU fans on Tomahawk Nation had Pruitt remained on staff.


  5. Beer Money

    Yesterday’s presser was the Dawg Porn equivalent of ordering the adult “package” on DIRECTV.


    • Macallanlover

      What comes in the “adult package” pray tell? I have some money I don’t plan on spending on the SEC Network now and that sounds enticing. If it is better than the hiring of Pruitt, along with the presser, I am not sure my old heart can take it.


  6. The Nole nation reaction is reasonable considering after the BCS, they all felt they have the longest similar to that guy arrested by airport security for bringing a deadly weapon, can make it out 24 hours a day, has a Ferrari, but still spurned by her woman.


  7. Will Trane

    It will be interesting to see who Pruitt brings in on his staff. When was the last time a DC and a HC at UGA had that opportunity. We will now see how Pruitt is respected and accepted by position coaches. Want to see some young go-getters on the Dawgs staff. Dawgs could end up with no only young player but a very young staff


  8. Tom

    The last two minutes by Coach Richt is what makes UGA stand out. Truly the classiest coach in college. Makes me proud to be a Dawg!