But I heard it on the Internet…

FSU’s Senior Associate AD is on the radio right now ripping the shit out of the jerk who broadcast an accusation about Jeremy Pruitt’s extracurricular activities being the reason he left Tallahassee for Athens.

Everybody’s who’s repeated that garbage – I’m looking at you, ‘Nole blogs and message boards –  like it was gospel, or even gave it a shred of credibility, ought to be ashamed.



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  1. Thank YOU!! This has got to stop. You can clearly hear from that interview that Ballou is just butt hurt that Pruitt left. He basically says “well he must have done something because why would he leave FSU for a lesser program?!!!” That is all I needed to hear to know he was lying. What a Dick and a pathetic excuse for a sports broadcaster.

  2. IAmAGurleyMan

    Amen. Well said Senator

  3. Sneaky Short

    It was good radio. Ballou was in big time spin mode and even went ” I never said that” at one point and the associate AD corrected him at once. He’s lashing out now at the Gestapo FSU SID dept because he says they’re upset cause he breaks so many stories from 100 miles away.

  4. I’m here in Jax and my Nole friends are 100% CONVINCED its the #1 reason he left town. Stoops let him the #2 and #5 ranked defense from 11 and 12 seasons. Guy thinks he’s the DA or SA with all this ying yang on the radio. I thought Monk ate his lunch.

  5. Debby Balcer

    I think it is ironic that they are besmirching his character but would not have any issues with him if he stayed. Sour grapes and ugliness at its worst.

    • Will (the other one)

      Particularly in light of how many of them were convinced that the Winston case was a witchhunt from the get-go.

  6. Bulldawg165

    This has to be the most intense post I’ve read on this blog. I can literally feel your vitriol and loathing as I read it. I’m not gonna lie… it gave me a good chuckle.

    You must really mean business about this.

  7. Bright Idea

    I thought this was 2014. Who gives a crap anyway. Preachers leave town every day to keep from marrying the pianist and splitting the church. Plus Pruitt is still single. Even if this is were true so friggin’ what? Dumbest take on a football coach switching jobs I ever heard. Moving around is in their DNA.

  8. CarlVonDawgwitz

    What amazes me is the FSU fan base believing that he left for a lesser program. Since when did the University of Georgia become a lesser program?! Until this season, FSU underachieved just as Georgia has…. Talent stacked all across the roster but lacking the right coaching to help take the program to the next level. Am I a little defensive? After reading the vitriol being hurled at this coach and my program – YES.

    Quick Question: When did it become ‘having an affair’ when people aren’t married?

    • Bulldawg165

      FSU has, what is it, three national titles since our last one over thirty years ago? And he has a fiancee, so if he was sleeping with another woman (which he wasn’t), I would consider it having an affair, although that may not be the Merriam Webster definition.

      • CarlVonDawgwitz

        I get so tired of the ’30 year ‘Georgia hasn’t won a national title’ argument that people like to bandied about. But does that make Georgia a ‘step-down’ program? Remember, it has taken FSU 14 years to win another national title with all of that talent and playing in a weak ACC. Hell, if that is not a sweet setup to challenge for an unbeaten record every season, I don’t know what is… Excuse me, the old PAC-10.

        • Bulldawg165

          I never said we were a “step down” program, but it’s not ridiculous for FSU fans to think their football program is better.

      • Spence

        I feel like we handled them pretty good in the 2003 Sugar Bowl.

        • Bulldawg165

          Lol yeah, nevermind everything else that’s happened in the last twenty years between the two programs. Jesus it amazes me how delusional people can be. You do realize you can still love UGA even though other schools have better football programs right? You don’t have to make up BS arguments

          • Hackerdog

            That’s true. But it is reasonable to consider the time since the last MNC as a good gauge of a program to be a BS argument.

            • Bulldawg165

              I’m sure there are a lot of other metrics that would still lead some to believe FSU football > UGA football. I just picked one to keep it simple.

              • Hackerdog

                Sure. Just as there are metrics that would lead some to believe UGA football > FSU football. I just think MNCs are a poor metric. The “M” in “MNC” is there for a reason.

                • Bulldawg165

                  Fair enough. My point was that there is enough in favor of FSU that it’s not unreasonable for FSU fans to think they have the better program. I’m not saying I agree with them, but the post I was responding to made it sound like FSU was on the level of Vandy and they just got lucky one season, which isn’t the case

      • Hackerdog

        I think it really improves discourse when people abandon the standard definitions of words and substitute their own definitions.

        • Bulldawg165

          And the point of this reply is what, exactly? If you cheat on your fiancee (which CJP didn’t as far as we know) then you’re a scumbag. Period. Excuse me if I don’t care about someone slightly misusing a word.

    • heyberto

      This is the kind of crap that makes enemies out of friends. I’m a pseudo FSU fan in that I have family that attended, and I really loved Bobby Bowden as person and a coach. I can pull for them (and did against Auburn) when UGA’s fate has nothing to do with it. My family didn’t really have a problem with it. They were disappointed in his decision, and maybe even didn’t fully understand it.. but they didn’t think it was step down. I listened to the original show and it’s apparent its nothing more than conjecture. He didn’t really present it like it was ‘someone is saying’. It was more of ‘this is the way it is, and what else could it have been’. What a load of crap.

  9. Hey, if you can’t keep the guy in Tallahassee, then maybe you can make mom and dad scared when said DC hits the recruiting trail. Yanno…”I heard on the inernet….”

  10. Good going, Blutarsky. Well done. Eat ’em blood raw.

  11. McTyre

    Certainly, Coach Richt is known for employing men of poor character and recruiting miscreants.

  12. 3rdandGrantham

    I wish the FSU Assoc. AD was as curt and tough on this Ballou jackball as SB. Instead he was a total softy and basically kissed Ballou’s butt over it, which makes absolutely no sense. The fact that Ballou didn’t apologize or show remorse makes it even worse, and shows what a total lack of character he has.

    Speaking of jackball, I feel like one for engaging in this in an earlier thread today. Finally, Ballou’s rationale basically is, “well it makes no sense that he left, so something must be going on” (cue affair rumors talk).

  13. Dawgfan Will

    The butt hurt by so many Nole fans is inexplicable. The guy helped you reestablish yourselves as a national title team! And he has been nothing but grateful for the opportunity to coach for you! You should be thanking him instead of stirring shit up about him!

  14. Tronan

    I actually like FSU, but their fans’ reaction – okay, to be fair, many (not all) of their fans’ reaction – to Pruitt’s departure was worthy of a self-absorbed, pubescent, pimple-faced jackass who couldn’t get a date to the prom. Coaches leave – and, yes, sometimes after only one season. If FSU continues to be successful, they’ll lose even more coaches. And, despite its frequent underachievement, UGA also is an elite program. Deal with it.

  15. Ginny

    Oh it’s even better now. The butthurt Noles fans are now griping over the AD. Classic. In their effort to crucify Pruitt they’ve only made themselves look like asses.

  16. Normaltown Mike

    Is FSU the 3 rd most popular team in Jax behind FU & UGA? I don’t recall seeing a big Nole presence when i’ e passed through but maybe i missed it. Wonder if he was just trolling & got called out for it.
    the larger point, IMHO, is that his private life should be …..private. Unless he’s pinching Tracy Wolfson’s rear diring games or emerging from an alley with a coed it’s not newsworthy & way out of bounds for even the low standards of sports radio.

    If it is false, Pruitt would certainly have grounds for a defamation suit.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Remember the snotty newspaper lawyer in “Absence of Malice”?

      “I do wish he were a football coach. It’s so easy to say what you want about football coaches.”

  17. hey to goober

    Typical reaction from a rebuffed lover. What (or whom) a single man did or did not do is his own business. I feel fairly certain that McGarity and Richt did their due diligence before introducing our new defensive coordinator.

  18. section Z alum

    ballou and chuck oliver should start their own bowling team.

    i wish the AD had kicked ass. given the dipshittery from the troll he could have been much more aggressive.

  19. sUGArdaddy

    I would be surprised if this joker is taken off the radio. To have the FSU (and not Georgia!) call up the station, that’s not good. I can only imagine what the owner of the station and the station manager is thinking right now.

    A lesser program? That’s laughable. Kudos on a great 25 years FSU. Try doing it for 120. They’ve had a great run and just won a title. We’ve got a better town, better stadium, better tradition, better conference, better budget. They’re in a better spot right now, but UGA is a better job.

  20. Tom Johnson

    Nole’s fan here. I don’t believe the affair story and shame on those trying to name some girl. So a coach leaves. I don’t have to understand it as we would all do what we felt was in our best career interest or for family. It’s more likely that he is lined up to take the job if Richt is lback on the hot seat and let go. Which I don’t want to see because I like him and what he did for fsu before leaving for Ga. Coaches leave, some players follow. It’s all a cycle.

  21. adam

    Perfect post.

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  23. Otto

    I’m not putting much stock into this but the 1 major concern I have is with him coming from the Propst (Hoover HS) line of coaches. He does seem classier than Propst as displayed by not trying to steal all the FSU recruits.

  24. Tommy

    The question I wish the Bonasart asked Ballou is, “Are stories like this what you’re trying to build your journalism career on? Why is this important to you?”

    I don’t accept the response that, because we have a real instance where a football coach lost his job (and cratered his program) because of an affair, that it’s now prurient to the public interest to expend journalistic resources on a story like this. Petrino is an outlier event, not the norm. And Pruitt is a coordinator, not an HC. Even if he did go full Petrino, he couldn’t crater a program.