Josh, Josh, Josh…


Georgia safety Josh Harvey-Clemons will miss the first three games of next season as a continuation of the suspension that forced him to miss the Gator Bowl on Jan. 1, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has learned.

The Bulldogs announced before Christmas that Harvey-Clemons would be not accompany the team to Jacksonville for the bowl due to an undisclosed “violation of team regulations.” A few days later, Harvey-Clemons’ grandfather and legal guardian, Woodrow Clemons, told the AJC his grandson’s suspension was academically related and would not carry over to next season.

Since then, however, several persons familiar with the situation have told the AJC that Harvey-Clemons had in fact violated UGA’s marijuana-use policy for a second time and therefore had been issued a four-game suspension, as per the athletic association’s student-athlete disciplinary guidelines. Those guidelines call for the offending student-athlete to be suspended for “not less than 30 percent of the season” for a second offense of the marijuana-use policy. In football, that comes to four games, one of which Harvey-Clemons has already served.

His grandfather didn’t know, either, which says something about JH-C’s maturity level.

Damn.  I guess he really doesn’t like playing against Clemson.


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  1. John

    Connor Normam graduated, right?

  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Isn’t the next violation 3 strikes and you’re out? The 2014 season is 8 1/2 months away. Given UGA’s inflexible rules and JHC’s proclivity for getting stoned it’s 50-50 that JHC never plays another down at UGA.

  3. Billy Mumphrey

    Wish there was a level playing field in the SEC for these types of things.

    • Bright Idea

      As long as the memory of Jan Kemp lingers the BOR will keep the brakes on UGA athletics. Only way to change it is to start losing money, and I mean millions, not thousands.

      • Which came first the academic indiscretions or Ms. Kemp. ?

        • Bright Idea

          She was the whistle blower and a coach in Athens shall never be trusted again.

          • Still not sure what side of that coin you fall on. You blame her or the indiscretions that gave her the whistle??

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              OK, I’ll bite. Jan Kemp was a nut. She was a malcontent. She didn’t blow the whistle to correct indiscretions, she had an ax to grind and the “indiscretions” were a convenient way for her to get back at people that had pissed her off. Lemme tell you a little about Jan Kemp that you may not know. Georgia has sex neutral child support laws. She got divorced but lost custody. She wouldn’t pay child support. Refused. She got held in contempt and was locked up–for years. I know the judge who locked her up. She was a sicko. Every school that plays football has players that are in remedial education. Every. Single. One. Georgia just got screwed for doing what every other school in the country did–and still does.

              • Chopdawg

                Several years ago, at a business convention, I got stuck in a golf foursome with a holier-than-thou Penn State grad, who went on about JanKempJanKempJanKemp all day long. I told him, bad stuff happens, at every school, whether you know it or not.

              • Sir me thinks that you are the one with an axe to grind. Her reluctance to pay was over the money from her settlement. If you think she was a “sicko” (poor form Mayor) you are right she had mental illness and died from alzheimers at 59 in a nursing home unable to recognize most who tried to ease her passing.
                Jan Kemp’s Husband Wins $158,000 Of UGA Settlement
                AP , Associated Press
                Feb. 16, 1987 5:17 PM ET

                ATLANTA (AP) _ Jan Kemp, who won $1.08 million in a lawsuit charging she was fired for protesting preferential treatment for athletes at the University of Georgia, was ordered by a court Monday to pay $158,000 to her husband in a divorce settlement.

                The jury of seven women and five men returned the verdict after 2 1/2 hours of deliberation in Fulton County Superior Court. Hue Henry, the attorney who represented Mrs. Kemp in the divorce case and in her lawsuit, said she probably would appeal.

                On Friday, Superior Court Judge Luther Alverson awarded Mrs. Kemp custody of her two small children and ordered her husband, Bill Kemp, to pay $300 a month in child support.

                Mrs. Kemp sued her husband for divorce after more than 17 years of marriage. In a counteraction, Kemp demanded ”an equitable division” of the marital assets, including part of the damages she won in the lawsuit against two Georgia officials.

                “While coordinator of Georgia’s remedial English program, Dr. Kemp was among several faculty members who had complained that officials at Georgia intervened in the fall of 1981 to enable nine football players to pass a remedial English course in which they had received failing grades. The athletes remained eligible to play for Georgia against Pittsburgh in the Sugar Bowl on New Year’s Day 1982.”

                We good?

                • Mayor of Dawgtown

                  I’m good AHD but I’m not so sure about you. I was going by memory on the reason for the contempt citation but I was right that it did stem from the divorce and she did refuse to abide by a lawful order of the court resulting in her incarceration. All she had to do to purge herself of contempt was to comply with the court order but she refused and got to stay inside for a year. She had a real problem with authority and that wasn’t the only mental problem she had. She tried to commit suicide twice and, as pointed out in your post above, she was diagnosed as mentally ill. But the University botched the handling of her EEO case and lost a million bucks. If she had lost (which is what should have happened) the whole thing would have been a non-event. Now athletics, particularly football, at the University of Georgia (allegedly YOUR university) is permanently hampered by the aftermath of this crazy woman. Why don’t you build a shrine to her in your front yard? My point was, and is, that she was a nut-job who lost her job because she was a nut-job. It would not surprise me if she flunked the players on purpose just to create the incident.

                  • That’s pretty ugly Mayor. Certainly just put the Scarlett letter of attempted suicide on her head. That didn’t happen until post million dollar victory. Let me make this perfectly clear. I don’t tolerate fools lightly. You besmirch me per your own good conscience. You’ve become hateful with Dr. Kemp and unreasonable. Good day sir.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown


              • Q

                Good read. I’ll admit it’s hard to embrace discipline when your rivals skate by. But UGA is a school, after all. Her demons don’t excuse the shady dealings in the ath dept.

                • “All over the country, athletes are used to produce revenue,” she told The New York Times a month after the trial. “I’ve seen what happens when the lights dim and the crowd fades. They’re left with nothing. I want that stopped.” Jan Kemp
                  Now fast forward to 2014.
                  Just sayin’

  4. IAmAGurleyMan

    Stupid jackass.

    • mg4life0331

      I hope we have someone better and he sits on the bench all year.

      • Wouldn’t take all that much for someone to be better than JHC, IMO. But we are really thin in the secondary (more talent-wise than numbers). Pruitt has some catch-up work to do in that area of recruiting.

  5. mg4life0331

    Well that didn’t take as long as I would have thought. I figured it would be his lack of participation in practice leading up to the opener to give it away.

    • Merk

      Maybe coaches hoping DB recruits may see an opportunity for playing time. New coach + open spot for 3 weeks= good opportunity to come in and possibly lock down a position.

      • mg4life0331

        Fine by me. Personally I don’t like the law, but to lie to your guardian about it and being a second offense I feel like he doesn’t care.

  6. @gatriguy

    JHC is about to go the way of Crow. He’s been a headache since the minute he stepped on campus. I’m guessing he gone.

    • IDK, hard to say. Possible, but I suspect he gets another chance. But it might be good for him to go (and us). He sure doesn’t have his head on straight, either on or off the field.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        He personally lost one of the biggest games of last season for us through stupidity, already. What more can the future hold for this guy?

      • John Denver is full of shit...

        keep in mind, crow had no weed in the car…gun wasn’t not his? Charges were later dropped…/justsayin’

  7. Rick

    Hey, if Georgia’s dumbass policy is going to change, we need events like this to really sting. If we lose any of those games in a close contest, we can all blame harvey-clemons (and he certainly bears some responsibility), but the real problem is the policy.

    This doesn’t happen at most other major programs because they actually have some goddamned sense. If we are going to crack down extra hard on our players, it at least should be for something they are actually doing wrong (e.g. academic issues) and would benefit their lives to correct.

    • Merk

      Ask Ricky Williams what smoking pot can do for your career, at the college or pro level.

      • Billy Mumphrey

        Win you the Heisman and a lucrative NFL signing bonus?

      • Rick

        What does that have to do with anything? If the kid is being irresponsible or is doing something that affects his performance, whatever the cause, bench his ass. To make a blanket rule that if you do arbitrary thing X you are out for 4 games is stupid and, as has been observed before, equivalent to unilateral disarmament in the SEC.

      • PTC DAWG

        So all great college running backs who don’t have great pro careers enjoy recreational pot?

    • … Georgia’s dumbass policy …

      The only dumbass in this whole thing is JHC.

      • Rick

        Then punish him for being a dumbass. I’m sure we have more than a few other players that should share in that punishment. I doubt that penalty is 4 games.

        If you want to put all the fault for this at the feet of JHC, enjoy it, along with the extra losses and missed championships that go along with it. Marijuana use among college athletes is never, ever going away.

        More than that, If I were a recruit that thought I might like to try marijuana in college, as should be the right of every college student, why the hell would I go to UGA?

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Err……Wrong! Add the dumbasses in the administration to that list. This whole one size fits all “policy” was concocted by Mike Adams as personal aggrandizement and self-promotion. This was about Adams showing the NCAA how tough he was because he was sucking after the presidency of the NCAA. Punishment needs to be meted out individually on a case by case basis by the HC-not by the university-based upon the circumstances of each particular case. Plus, unless and until the powers that be at UGA decide to start drug testing the entire student body the way the whole thing is being done is unfair to athletes.

    • McTyre

      Some alums believe the lack of policy at other schools is the problem. We don’t need to stoop to their level – which should become apparent once we resume beating them (which should happen with competent coaching place).

  8. Merk

    Better now, then weeks before the season. Hopefully, pruitt can coach up the other secondary players.

  9. Debby Balcer

    Very disappointed in him.

  10. D.N. Nation

    Stupid rule. It’s legal in some states. It’ll someday be legal everywhere. Let the man toke up.

    The idiocy of the way our athletic department treats this substance speaks for itself.

    • mg4life0331

      I agree with you on the legality, but just taking tokes and lying to your guardians about it is just stupid. Fight the fight a better way.

      • Rick


        JHC does appear to be irresponsible, and if that’s the case then punish him for that. The stupid part is arbitrarily tying it to marijuana use and imposing such a massive penalty.

        • William

          Risk, if this was his first time, then fine I can agree with that. However, this is his second offense; hence why the suspension is so large.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      +1. I’m not a fan of JHC and certainly am not excusing his behavior but this UGA policy is just plain stupid.

    • Hah. The Mexican politicians who often depend on that pipeline to fund their corrupt government has Washingtons ear. Conjones too. I keed, I keed. Part of it anyway.

  11. D.N. Nation

    Also, should we just start calling him THC?

  12. Scorpio Jones, III

    Grantham should have taught him better…won’t be a problem in Louvile.

  13. His guardian today said that Georgia needs JHC. Georgia does, but on the field for 13 games a season versus being suspended year after year. Regardless whether or not UGA’s rules are “fair”, the players know the rules from the get-go. I think 55 MPH is stupid, but if I don’t adhere to it in certain zones, I could pay the piper. Same deal here.

    • Rick

      I don’t think anyone is trying to absolve JHC of blame. The problem is that we are voluntarily shooting ourselves in the foot with this policy, and there is virtually no upside for anyone. It’s a harmless activity in moderation. If players overindulge in marijuana or cupcakes such that it affects their performance, by all means they should suffer consequences. Otherwise, what is the point of all this?

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Hey, when I was at Georgia in the pre-marijuana era people drank alcohol. Some of the biggest drunks from that time now work at B-M. I knew football players who drank like fish. Nobody ever got suspended. This rule is imposing somebody’s 1950s archaic ideas of drug morality on kids in a 21st century college environment where every other kid on campus is smoking grass. Who’s stupid? The administration assholes who are still living in 1956, that’s who. BTW, this is from a guy who graduated in 1971.

  14. Castleberry

    I wonder if seeing a replay of himself tipping up that ball in Auburn 24×7 had anything to do with it. I love the way he plays and hope he can pull it together.

  15. JRW7

    Senator, I said it was rumored to be more than grades, and you ripped me for posting that, but I could not reveal my source, so I kept quiet!

  16. “Football Bowl Subdivision teams are tested at least once, sometimes twice a year by the NCAA.

    The SEC schools’ policies focus more on recreational drugs, with five of the 11 having stronger penalties for anything beyond marijuana.

    Georgia, Kentucky and Mississippi State are the only ones with suspensions for athletes’ first positive test for marijuana, 10 percent of the season for each. Kentucky includes possible dismissal for each of the first two positives, with a half-season suspension for No. 2.

    The policy variations continue beyond the first positive test.

    Six of the schools have a three-strikes-and-you’re-out method. At Florida, you might get a fifth strike. At Arkansas, four. And Ole Miss doesn’t have a defined number.”

  17. 2012
    Even the comparatively stiff penalties at Georgia haven’t been completely effective as deterrents. The Bulldogs might open next football season without two defensive backs.

  18. PTC DAWG

    Our policies in regards to this stink.

    Either get in line with our PEERS or leave the SEC for a Conference who see this as big of a deal as the UGA Admin does.

  19. Brandon

    I almost commented on here before Christmas when I saw what the grandfather said. I saw JHC out at the Lowdnes County jail two days before Christmas around the same time the story originally broke. Although hanging out at the jail in the lobby can be completely innocent (I for example am a lawyer and was going to see a client) it often isn’t.

    • Brandon

      To be 100% clear, JHC was NOT in jail, he was in the lobby were the general public is free to go and come from.

      • PTC DAWG

        Jailing someone for POT is even dumber. Talk about wasting money.

      • rwilkes21

        He’s a bail bondsman. And that’s not a joke. He was probably there working.

        • Brandon

          That would certainly explain it, as I said it can be completely innocent, generally any adult can go in a jail lobby. I sure wish I had been a bail bondsman in college, it would have helped the crunch of being a student that’s for sure.

    • Dog in Fla

      What’s fishy is that the JHC/THC (h/t D.N.) episode happened before Christmas and not after Spring Break like they usually do

  20. Skeptic Dawg

    I do not have an issue with the rule. It is simple, clear and well known among the players. This is a player problem and not a UGA problem. We hear all the time that college players have zero money and no way of earning money, yet they always have weed? Where does one find free weed? Also, do the coaches enforce additional punishment upon those who fail a drug test? Run stadiums, up downs until I get tired, extra mat drills?

  21. Noonan

    Sigh. If we are going to have this policy, we might as well make it one strike and your out. Why waste a scholarship on a guy and then make him sit a third of the season? Asinine bullshit.

  22. Tiftdog

    Now we all know why Terry practiced on defense.

    • Dawg19

      Stand by for Spurrier snark about suspended Georgia players in 3…2…1…

      • Otto

        It is snark but he does have a point. I disagree with UGA’s stance on it but would be disappointed if my child did this. However, I do not view this as performance enhancing and yes it is something that some states do not prosecute even if it is against Federal law. If it is just weed from a drug test let the kid play.

  23. JAX

    Stupid selfish idiot kid. Get him the hell out of here and let him have his 2nd chance at Auburn.

    UGA has a rule re marijuana use. If you are a player and don’t like the rule then don’t sign to play for UGA. JHC’s selfish actions have cost this team more than once now and I suspect his teammates will suffer for his actions again.

    If UGA decides to change the rules then fine, but for now, don’t smoke pot and expect to play for UGA.

  24. Rp

    The whole idea of random tests for mj is stupid. If a guy shows up for practice every day, works hard, and keeps his grades up, then who gives a shit if he’s smoking 2 ounces per week. On the other hand, if he walks into B-M even one time acting stoned, they should haul him straight into the training room for a blood test. If positive, throw the book at him.

  25. Will Trane

    Is this an issue in Clarke County and Athens. Where is the University of these types of reckless endangerment to the community. They are good at passing out vehicular traffic violations but not stopping the drug traffic. Somebody has to be tight mentor and monitor of JHC for awhile. Think all of was aware this was the problem in December per Garrison Smith’s comments.

  26. Irwin R Fletcher

    Is the title of this post a reference to Jeferson Starship’s, Jane? Like Mary Jane? I sure hope so.