You can’t say it wasn’t entertaining.

Five of Georgia’s first six games last season make Bill Connelly’s list of top 100 college football games of 2013.

There’s another game later in the year that makes it to number two on his list, but I won’t go into details.   Sigh.


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  1. I thought Georgia-LSU was easily Top 10. He has it at 16th, which isn’t that bad, I guess.


  2. DawgVegas

    It’s kind of a shame the way that LSU game will be somewhat forgotten in future years, or at least thought of as just another example of a great game in a list rather than a singular moment. It was really unbelieveable at the time, and resonated with me for a couple of weeks as ‘one for the ages.’

    It really was remarkable at the time, and if it had been the kind of springboard we thought it was, it would be in the pantheon of all time greats. Instead, I’ll remember it fondly, like the Cocktail Party in ’12 and the Auburn game on the Plains in ’06. One you have to explain the context about when you refernce it, rather than say, Hobnail, or Run Lindsey, or Clemson ’85, Auburn Blackout, or Between the Hoses, for some examples.

    It was a sublime, but all too short-lived, moment.


  3. sUGArdaddy

    I said to my buddy in the stands in Lee County, Alabama, on the last play. If Aaron Murray throws a touchdown here, this is the greatest game in the history of college football.

    It was an impossible atmosphere and circumstance with Murray’s season, the injuries, Auburn’s meteoric rise and a former UGA DB playing QB. It was an impossible comeback. An impossible review on Aaron’s run. An impossible play. An impossible 25 second march back down to the 20 yard line. All that was left was one more impossible final snap.

    We had to call a play into the endzone. That’s the smart call. In hindsight, I’d have thrown a screen to Todd Gurley with 7-8 defenders in the end zone trying to come up and get him and 3 blockers in front of him saying ‘let’s get it on.’ I just would have liked to have seen an alternative universe where we run that play.

    Okay, breathe. All hail Coach Pruitt. I’m better now.


    • Jeff Sanchez

      Too bad we didn’t get another try after Dee Ford earholed #11.

      I actually saw a one second flash of that targ….er, tackle on the last Gameday intro, FFS.


  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I still can’t comment on the Georgia-Auburn game. I’m too pissed off.


    • sUGArdaddy

      I understand, Mayor. I still haven’t seen the play. I saw it live. I don’t need to ever see it again. I turn my head or turn the channel when I know it’s coming up.

      I can’t imagine it not being one of the ferocious atmospheres we’ve ever seen in Clarke County next November.


  5. Billdawgs

    Feels nice to be able to say last season. Whew.


  6. BosnianDawg

    I regret reading about the Auburn game. All the heartache and blues came right back.


  7. Bulldawg165

    One of the best things about Auburn not winning the MNC is that their miracle play against us will receive much less airtime in the years ahead. Thanks god.