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Hey, this recruiting thing ain’t no big deal.

Despite being short-staffed and only having its new defensive coordinator on the job for a couple of days or so, this week Georgia’s managed to grab its second big-time commitment for the class of 2015.  Imagine how this staff will do once it’s not recruiting with one arm tied behind its back.

Casey Clausen would approve.



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One Tournament to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

Is the only thing holding Division I together right now March Madness?


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Amateurism is for losers.

Somebody in the great state of Mississippi has had enough of players not giving their all in some weak-ass bowl game.

With the NCAA now starting to get on board with the idea, Mississippi Democrat Omeria Scott has proposed legislation to pay college athletes in the state of Mississippi.

One interesting thing about this bill is that it’s based on performance, not of the individual but of the team. The bill calls for “every University eligible for a postseason bowl game to place into an escrow account 33% of all revenue received by the University for being accepted into, participating in, and winning a bowl game.”  [Emphasis added.]

Got that?  You want some money, student-athletes?  You’d better show him how much.  The man intends to put the play back in “play for pay”.

Sounds like Representative Scott lost a bowl bet.  Although at least he’s not requiring that they cover the spread, too.


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Coach speak about coach speak

You’ll never guess what sold Doug Nussmeier on moving from Alabama to Michigan.

… something that really resonated with me the first time I spoke with coach Hoke (in the process), we were just talking about life and things, and he made a statement to me – I’ll never forget it.

“We were talking about what we do football-wise, and he said, ‘The most important thing we do is to make an impact on these young men in order to be successful for the rest of their lives.’ Having known coach Hoke for a long time, I know that’s what he’s about, that’s what he stands for and it’s what everybody in this room stands for. That’s the main thing that resonated with me and why I’m here.”

Incredibly profound, that.  Seriously, is there a college head coach in America who hasn’t uttered that same banal message?  (And, yes, I’m including Bobby Petrino in that count.  And Nussmeier’s former boss.)

Maybe it’s the way Brady Hoke delivers the message.  Kind of like the way Putin let George Bush see his soul.


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