Coach speak about coach speak

You’ll never guess what sold Doug Nussmeier on moving from Alabama to Michigan.

… something that really resonated with me the first time I spoke with coach Hoke (in the process), we were just talking about life and things, and he made a statement to me – I’ll never forget it.

“We were talking about what we do football-wise, and he said, ‘The most important thing we do is to make an impact on these young men in order to be successful for the rest of their lives.’ Having known coach Hoke for a long time, I know that’s what he’s about, that’s what he stands for and it’s what everybody in this room stands for. That’s the main thing that resonated with me and why I’m here.”

Incredibly profound, that.  Seriously, is there a college head coach in America who hasn’t uttered that same banal message?  (And, yes, I’m including Bobby Petrino in that count.  And Nussmeier’s former boss.)

Maybe it’s the way Brady Hoke delivers the message.  Kind of like the way Putin let George Bush see his soul.



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15 responses to “Coach speak about coach speak

  1. Billy Mumphrey

    When a coach leaves for a lesser program doesn’t there have to be some scandalous reason?


    • Dog in Fla

      In this case, yes. It appears that Nuss actually believes his own bullshit and as we all know Nick does not have time for that.


  2. I’m glad to hear that coaches are keeping things in perspective.
    “Mattison was the fourth-highest paid assistant coach in the country last season. It’s possible that Nussmeier’s contract could slot him in right behind Mattison’s and into that “top-five” designation.

    Mattison’s salary in 2013 was $851,400 and offensive coordinator Al Borges made $709,300, the News reported. The announcement of Borges’ firing came Wednesday, just before Nussmeier’s hire was reported. At Alabama last season, Nussmeier made $681,500.”

    Comforting to know there is a plateau to the arms raise.


  3. TennesseeDawg

    Did Brady marry Mrs. Lovejoy?


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    If Bush had really seen into Putin’s soul, he would have gone to work for Bobby Petrino.


  5. Will Trane

    Philosopher-coaches. That is a national championship combination. Wonder if they comtemplated how OU’s defense harassed one of the top SEC Qbs and made him look mediocre. Added to why Bama did not repeat and why their top talent Qb did not win the Heisman. Take a real major course of study to figure why one would leave Bama & SEC for Michigan.


  6. Macallanlover

    I thought W was naïve in his dealings with Putin until I saw the current Idiot in Chief get played liked Eric Clapton on a vintage Gibson.


    • Gravidy

      I was going to post something similar. Thanks for saving me the trouble of stating the bleedingly obvious sort of stuff which just has to be said occasionally.


    • 81Dog

      “if you like the effect you can have on young kids’ lives, you can keep having that effect on young kids’ lives!”


  7. ZeroPointZero

    Or Hilary pushing the Reset Button when she became SoS, or Obama having the most transparent administration eva… Goes both ways.


  8. uglydawg

    I want to believe that some coach somewhere really feels it and isn’t just spouting the line..But it’s like spy-vs-spy-vs-spy from the old MAD magazine.
    There’s nothing to do but lean on the old adage that “Actions speak louder than words”…but for many, success is measured ONLY in championships.
    I believe you can have both and I believe we will have both at UGA.


  9. Spike

    Like Obama, this guy believes his own bullshit.