Hey, this recruiting thing ain’t no big deal.

Despite being short-staffed and only having its new defensive coordinator on the job for a couple of days or so, this week Georgia’s managed to grab its second big-time commitment for the class of 2015.  Imagine how this staff will do once it’s not recruiting with one arm tied behind its back.

Casey Clausen would approve.


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  1. Sooooooo any concerns we have about filling out this years recruiting class are unwarranted? Great get if we can hold on to him. I wonder if he has family that would love to attend an SEC school? Is Ole Miss still giving out scholarships to its players relatives?

  2. Mudcats Impala...

    Rico McGraw & Terry Godwin are both 247Composite Top 50 players for ’15… Great start to next year. Godwin is a Coach Lily recruit so give him credit there. McGraw was all Coach Pruitt tho…

  3. Slaw Dawg

    This certainly reflects well on our program’s serious and Pruitt’s recruiting chops, but, at risk of being a Debbie Downer, this also means they have more than a year in which to de-commit. But then, I’m one of those guys who believes they’ll sign up when they sign up and believes the lofty talent rating once I see it on the field.

    • uglydawg

      Slaw..This kid comes out of Troup (Calloway HS) County which is pretty heavy with Auburn influence. . With AU coming off the SEC championship year, it’s a good sign that he favors UGA..As a wide reciever he’s got to love the way Bobo runs the offense and develops passing QBs. He may also play DB…which could get him on the field pretty early.

    • Spence

      Come one man. You’re upset because he committed a year out? That’s a bad thing? I hear you, we don’t know till the fax rolls in, but most of our commits sign with us, and having a stud commit is always a good thing.

      Lighten up a little, amigo.

  4. Cojones

    It’s easy for us all to begin to get more mentally involved in recruiting during the next two weeks. Meaning, we have subconsciously let our frustrations and anticipations get ahead of us. Are we concerned with how high our class ranks so that we might march with our heads up toward a championship year? Probably. Are we counting stars to ensure ourselves we aren’t sniffing the glue of our expectations? Probably.

    Every man to his own poison, but think I’ll pull up short this year and let otherts suffer the frustration of not being perfect. Think I’ll shift away from judging until after the UGA FB Class of 2014 is in the bag.Time enough to learn names and how good they are when they get here after graduating HS.

    The guys we pay the big bucks should get their chance to perform and earn their pay without me looking over their shoulder. Since many people make a buck in the HS student-athlete recruitin’ business, I won’t get too sanctimonious about tuning out of their show. Just want to wish the coaches and alums who are doing the yeoman work out there the best of recruiting luck. We know it will be their best.

    • Macallanlover

      Sensible post, I have never been a recruitnik. I respect that there is an undeniable relationship between the star ratings and those who do well as players but there are so many absolute exceptions where 3 star players succeed wildly and 5 star players flame out and crash spectacularly that I do not feel there is that much difference on a macro basis to worry about whether we are # 8 or #12, or #1 or #5. Certainly the odds say finishing nearer the top is better than significantly lower so I like for us be in the Top 20 almost every year, but I am not going to say that one or two players going against us represents anything significant or that cannot be overcome.

      Like you, I trust the coaches. They know a lot more than the recruiting gurus, especially about what the HS coaches say about them and what specific needs the team has. They also know more about how those athletes might develop over a 4-5 year period. Plus, I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing the underdog recruits proving all the message board geniuses wrong…Pollack and Thomas Davis are two good examples of this. But yeah, give me a good sprinkling of those 4 & 5 star dudes too, especially those with the good work ethic and character. We have had some good examples of those too….Aaron Murray, Todd Gurley, and Keith Marshall are recent examples of those who exceed expectations.

  5. I wonder if this class of 2014 recruits will take notice of these 2 premier commits and rethink their signing day hat. Would not mind seeing Christian Miller with a power G on his head come NDS.

  6. Brownesman

    Coach Pruitt is so good he even has The Senator talking recruiting!

  7. ScoutDawg

    Looks like Vandy has done some recruitin’. Good Coaching hire. IMHO.

    • Macallanlover

      Maybe a good hire but where do they go from 9 wins? Level, or down, is my prediction…most likely down. Nashville is a great city though.

  8. A10Penny

    We still have 6-7 slots available this year, right? With depth problems at the ILB, DB, no return man, etc…

    If you don’t oversign (and suspend players more aggressively than your competition), you damn well better max out the 25/85 limits. We did well last year, but have lagged this year and three years ago. I thought CMR and staff had fixed under-signing last year but this class is in jeopardy. I don’t give the staff a pass because of the coaching turnover…we’ve had less than our share over the last 3 years.

    I hope we can close strong and not have too many flips at the last minute.

    • The ATH

      This is one of my few pet peeves with Richt. I know he never wants to risk a forced grayshirt (a position I very much respect), but there is a happy medium to be had here. It was either 2011 or 2012 that we had ~10 open scholarship slots, and the only reason we didn’t have closer to 15 was we had given several to walk-ons.

      Like the good Senator, I don’t get too worked up by the day-to-day recruiting numbers, but the macro numbers are very telling. Over the last 4 years, Bama has probably picked up 30 more recruits than we have. I still think that depth disparity was a bigger factor than anything else in our championship game against them. Even if the quality of our signees were completely even (hint: it isn’t), that’s still an enormous disadvantage to overcome.

      Here’s hoping that Richt and Co. have a few tricks up their collective sleeve and fall-black plans as well.

      • A10Penny

        Someone check my math here. According to 24/7 (the free part):

                 2010   2011    2102    2013    Total

        Alabama 26 26 27 26 105
        Georgia 27 26 19 34 106

        I think the numbers are for signees, and include those that didn’t enroll, but I’m not sure.

        • A10Penny

          IF these numbers are right, I’ll give CMR more credit than I have on roster management. But I’m still hoping we can close strong and capitalize on the large class from ’13.

          • W Cobb Dawg

            The numbers may be correct, but are very misleading. As shown in a recent article the 2010 class was a wash, except for a couple players like Ogletree and Bennett. Past experience shows CMR would be wise to sign the limit, and that means we need several more commits in the next 2 weeks. These couple 2015 verbals are fine if they pan out, but are essentially worthless on signing day 2014.

            • The ATH

              Agreed – and the 2013 class wasn’t playing in that SEC Champ game either. I applaud Richt for filling a class last year and hope that continues. The ’09 numbers were 28 for Bama and 20 for us. Removing the ’13 numbers and including the ’09 makes for a net -16 signee swing. That means 15 more signees to Bama over the four year period leading into that SEC championship game.

              It’s not 30 more signees, but even 15 extra bodies is a huge boost. Even Saban misses on the occasional prospect for talent and/or character reasons, but when you have 15 more rolls on the craps table, those mistakes aren’t as determinative. Even Saban’s guys get tired, but 15 extra bodies provides a lot of breathers.

              Again, glad to see things righted last year, but right now, the numbers this year (16 commits last I saw) don’t exactly suggest that 2013 was the start of a trend.