One Tournament to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

Is the only thing holding Division I together right now March Madness?



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6 responses to “One Tournament to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

  1. Mark

    Senator, you have a knack for headlines. More than once I’ve chuckled at them. Good job.


  2. I have said from the beginning that the NCAA wishes to protect March Madness and the cash it controls as a result. If the NCAA suits sense that tournament is ever threatened, they will do anything to keep the power conferences in the organization.


  3. Macallanlover

    Because the NCAA will never be given control of football playoff/bowl revenues and March Madness is their big cash cow. Did I actually see a “level playing field” mission for the NCAA? JHC would like to know more about when that gets implemented and the Honey Badger cannot stop laughing.

    One situation I may not totally understand is the “cost variance” discussion. As someone who was involved in relocating managers across all cities/regions around the country, I have a good working knowledge of how these table are compiled and how great the variance can be. What is not clear to me as how these can vary so much for college students since they do not own real estate, nor pay significant taxes. I am afraid this could become an unmanageable “game” that schools can play to make stipends vary across the country. The cost of pizza, beer, gas, movies, etc. just isn’t that great and tuition should not be considered because it is a fixed cost and not a zero sum game, I have heard some discussion on national talk shows about the “value/cost of a Stanford education versus a Nebraska one, for example. It just isn’t enough to factor in, imo, and could lead to schools like Auburn and Miami to cheat even more than they have. The costs of discretionary,personal expenses for a college student just doesn’t vary that much across the country. I feel it should be a set amount to insure they have enough for reasonable lifestyle decisions, not to see how much the expense can be padded. We would probably not believe how much it costs to attend college in Tuscaloosa or Baton Rouge. Again, I haven’t seen specific details of any plan being considered but some of the discussions concern me.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      +1. You can bet that Saban (among others) has 100+ full time “non-coach” staff members working on how to abuse that already.