I hear Athens is nice this time of year.

Give momma points for candor, but why she thinks what she says is less offensive than not taking an official trip at all escapes me.


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  1. Oh I think we all know why.

  2. TennesseeDawg

    Having a bossy, overbearing mother bodes well for his college/pro career. Just ask Mitch Mustain.

  3. uglydawg

    I’ve done some (volunteer) coaching and I’ve seen this type..
    I get the feeling that this kid isn’t getting to make his own choice.
    Let him go to SC…otherwise somebody at Sanford is going to get stuck sitting near this mommy…Can you imagine if he doesn’t start from the first snap? Gonna’ be Loudmouth City for a section of WB Stadium.

  4. Mr. Tu

    Sounds like her South Carolina benefactor is not happy about these visits occurring after his check has been cashed

  5. At least she’s honest about milking the system… but it’s not like a free trip to Hawaii. Don’t get me wrong, I love Athens and all.. but if I were going to rack up official visits just for the sake of going on them, I’d probably try to go someplace dramatically different (and warm this time of year).

  6. LorenzoDawgriquez

    The Ole Ball Sack needs a Craig James & son incident to cap off his career.

  7. Irishdawg

    Pain in the ass mama aside, why would any in state prospect pick South Carolina over Georgia anyway? Do we need to start having gimmicky uniforms once or twice a year or something?

    I know Spurrier has made Carolina competitive lately, but come on.

  8. merk

    Sounds like a female paul johnson to me

  9. Dictionary.com definition of commitment – “a pledge or promise; obligation”

    I understand the desire to milk the process as much as possible especially for some kid who has never had the chance to leave his hometown, but quit calling them commitments. How about something like “I’m coming unless something better comes along”? With this mother’s comment, I would tell her that her son isn’t going to take an official visit slot from someone else on our dime. Similar to the Nkemdiche visit for the Ole Miss game in Athens in 2012, I would have told the family if you want to see the game, go buy a ticket.

  10. Spike

    Typical freeloader. It’s on some one else’s dime. What does she care?

  11. WVMtnDawg

    What the hell were all those links at the ajc.com web page and why were they all yelling at me?

  12. JAX

    Unconscious ignorance is defined as not knowing that you don’t know. In this case, it’s not knowing just how stupid you are or sound. It’s the worst type of ignorance, dangerous in fact.

    • hailtogeorgia

      Sounds like it’s a bit redundant. Ignorance alone seems to suffice with no issue, I don’t think the unconscious part is necessary.

  13. SMH.

    Why is momma talking at all?

    If you are the parent of a recruited football player, do yourself a favor and stay off the message boards.

  14. Josh Harvey Clemons had to convince his grandfather. Matthew Thomas’s Mom and Jimbo had to convince him. There was a player who finally got his non custody Dad to sign when his Mom wouldn’t. Blah. I guess it ain’t over till it’s over. “Are we not entertained?”

    “In recruiting, the word “commitment” decreases in value the farther it is used from signing day.

    One year ago, the current recruiting class was represented by 34 players who had given early pledges; of those prospects, 13 have changed their college choices or opened the process to more programs.

    The class of 2015 has 43 players who believe that the process is over for them. But there is a growing trend of early commitments that don’t stick, and that is shaping the industry”

    I’d be more excited about the 2015 “early commitments” if the 2014 guys were solidly in place.

    • Now that the JHC suspension stats roll in as fast as his 40 time did then, methinks UGA was farther away from Grandad, so that was a major calling card. FlurIdah was just too close for “comfort”. Ahhh…FREEDOM…Be careful what you wish for..

  15. What the senator sad is apropo…..Lets offend everybody!

  16. fatman48

    Cut those Apron strings Son, you’ll be a better man for it…

  17. No one likes a Mama’s boy.

  18. Coach

    I have been following college football for over 55 years and a few years ago I did what I recommend for most other fans: stop following recruiting. It’s a gamble and an art, not a science. It inflates player’s egos beyond natural law. In the end, you get what you got and you learn to develop the players who want to play for you regardless of stars and ratings. Let it go. If I see anything in a byline or # that hints of recruiting, I don’t go there. On recruiting day I turn on a website or two and see what we got but all up to that, I’m cool that the coaches know what to do and I hope that the ones who “got away”, so to speak, will be happy and that the ones we got will beat their butts on the field when we play them and that the get-aways wish that they had come to Georgia when they look back on it. Now, Go Dogs and I can’s wait to see what Santa Claus brings me on signing day. Until then, I’m not interested.

    • uglydawg

      That’s logical, Coach..but you’re dealing with illogical folks here (me included). There’s a guy who believes a game is influenced by what kind of a hat he wears. He’s almost got me convinced. I wonder if the hat thing is pertinent on NSD? (cut to Scorp)….