Gator tears, salty but delicious

I’m not sure if the three-game winning streak in Jacksonville has sunk into our collective subconscious as fully as it deserves to.  Every once in a while I run into stories that help bring it into perspective, though, like this one about Florida receiver Solomon Patton, for whom things were going so well in 2012.  Until…

Then it all came crashing down in the biggest game of the season against hated rival Georgia.

Patton was dragged down from behind, broke his arm when he hit the ground and just like that his season was done. In the blink of an eye Patton’s firs real opportunity to be an impact player was taken away. Suddenly that sad, lonely, empty feeling he felt as a freshman paled in comparison to what he felt as a junior.

“My mindset [after the injury] was that I was done. I felt like I had just finally got my chance and then I just hit rock bottom having my arm broken,” he said. “That was the saddest time. I was sad every day, all day. My parents, everybody just tried to keep me encouraged but that was real hard. I had finally got my shot and I felt like I was doing my best to take advantage of it and it was all over. It was pretty hard.”

This is ordinarily the kind of story we used to read about some hapless kid suiting up in the red and black.  Except it’s not.

Sadly, the article left out my favorite Patton moment – the senior getting baited by Leonard Floyd, of all people, into committing a personal foul that pushed his team back just far enough to lead to a whiffed field goal attempt in a game that Florida lost by three.  Again, that’s the kind of knuckleheaded moment you’d expect from our side.  Except it wasn’t.

You need to savor this stuff, people.


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38 responses to “Gator tears, salty but delicious

  1. Senator, that made my day. Here’s to more stories like that from Agent Muschump. I wonder if he showed up in Jacksonville on January 1 because that would explain the outcome of the game.

  2. HamDawg11

    Bless his wittle heart!😦

  3. Beer Money

    I’ll feel sorry for any Florida football player for their misfortunes against UGA in another lifetime.

  4. JC

    I’m absolutely savoring it!!!! Each time I think of our win streak (which is often), I smile.

  5. Bennie

    OMG, we’re celebrating beating a 4-8 Florida. Really? How low has the UGA program stopped when that’s the best thing we can say about our 8-5 season? Sad man. Hopefully Pruitt is the Savior.

    • “The best thing”? LOL. Nice straw man.

      If you’re a Dawg fan who can’t enjoy beating the Gators three straight years, Jack, you dead. Trust me, they had no problem taking pleasure out of beating some of Georgia’s weaker teams.

      • Bennie

        Mind projection much? Just because you feel that way about beating a 4-8 team is something magnificent, don’t assume all UGA fans agree with you. I for one don’t. Our season was a complete disaster, we didn’t even finished ranked. I don’t choose to mind project, you clearly do. To each his own.

      • Bennie

        P.S We beat a 4-8 ineffective Florida team by a measly 3 points, it’s not all that magnificent, despite the spin attempt. Not buying it.

        • Nate Dawg

          Wow. You’re on a Georgia blog and you’re harshin’ everyone’s buzz about beating flaurda (!) of all teams?!? What gives.. U do understand rivalries, right?

          • pantslesspatdye

            A better question is whether he understands his own straw man. Best part of the season this year does not get defined by Bennie as an argumentative construct; the Senator never said that was the best part of the season. I would assert it was the LSU and SC games where we still had some of our weapons, but unlike Bennie, I do not speak for the Senator.

            As for the Florida win, I enjoy them however Georgia can get them. It’s pretty obvious that they usually won the ball bounces in the past and its certainly nice to see the shoe on the other foot.

      • Coondawg

        Same as beating a winless Nerd team by 1. I enjoy the win however it comes.

    • Dawgfan Will

      You’re doing it wrong.

    • Beer Money

      Guess UF did not enjoy or relish in beating Ray Goff on an annual basis, right? About the same.

      • Absolutely – I remember driving around Jacksonville with cars with “Gators for Goof” all over them. I’ll never forget ’95 in Sanford and that’s the primary reason I never want the game to go home-and-home because I don’t want Athens defiled again by Jort Nation.

    • Umm, did you forget that we beat 2 top 10 teams at home and came close to another on the road before the injury bug hit?

    • PTC DAWG

      I’ll bet you loved Drama Club in HS.

  6. Golfin Dawg

    There’s plenty of us who live on the front lines here in Jax, and believe me we don’t take the 3 game streak or the article you posted for granted. It looks as if the 20 year old winter is finally behind UGA. I still enjoy watching the GA/Fla replay on Sun Sports with Mick Hubert…..good stuff.

  7. Bobby Fenton

    Savoring a college kid breaking his arm against your team and the ensuing emotional low of feeling like his college career was over? Yikes, UF was in your head.

    Enjoy…I guess.

    • Honestly, is this that hard for some of you to fathom? You really think it’s about savoring a kid breaking his arm?

      Enjoy being smug… I guess.

    • mp

      Georgia Tech fans savor a single 3 point win in 13 years of games against UGA. To each their own.

    • Macallanlover

      Don’t think Bobby F is “from around heah” if you know what I mean. No one is celebrating his injury, just the emotional acceptance that the world has gotten back in alignment for this series, finally. There were many Dawg fans who had let FU get into their heads, and that was dumb. This rivalry will always be relevant and intense, even when one team is on a cyclical hot streak. Now the FU fans who told us our series lead was too historical for us to ever mention know how it feels.

      The Spurrier/Goff matchup is now one that predates all current players puberty. Don’t bring up the 90’s any more guys, let’s focus on what has happened since these guys began driving, or first reported to college campuses. As with UGA fans, don’t begin to think you should move the game from JAX because you cannot beat us there, you will win again sometime in the next few years. Focus on the next game, you cannot do anything about those recent losses and those teams will never play again. Heads up, Gators, we aren’t mocking you and we still respect you as a rival. We would rather beat you next year knowing that you felt you had a chance, much more fun to burst your dreams.

  8. Nate Dawg

    Not the arm break, I wish no injury on anyone – but the 4th down stop by Shawn Williams is something I hope I am blessed with the ability to remember all of my days.

  9. Scorpio Jones, III

    I got nothing against talking about it. I just want four in a row. Three in a row is so last year.

  10. Dawg19

    I want to feel bad for Mr. Patton, but I need permission first.

    Let me go ask Justin Scott-Wesley, Keith Marshall, Malcolm Mitchell, Aaron Murray, Michael Bennett, and a few others what they think of his broken arm…

  11. rampdawg

    Macallan, I don’t think Bennie is from around here either. A bug, a capon, a war pigeon, a fallingtear, a bellydragger, one of the afore mentioned.

  12. AlphaDawg

    I cannot wait for the UGA articles quoting our players saying, “I never lost to Florida”.

  13. Cojones

    The streak has negative fallout in that no gator will bet on next year. No amount of spread, no straight up bets (like I’ve had for 3 yrs with some); no amount of persuasion can dent their preordained excuse (“We are just waiting to get rid of Muschamp and probably Foley”) for 2014. They are a sorry lot whose loyalties blow with the wind. They duck when the subject of next year’s bet rolls around. They don’t even follow their team anymore and have no idea that Purifoy and Easly have jumped early until you tell them. Many won’t even talk CFB, but especially the FSU game this last year.

    Personally, I think they will be back with a vengeance next year and the game will be hard fought again. No pity and give no quarter.

    Getting a new hip tomorrow. After I rehab a thought may enter my mind about those pitiful gators, but mostly the thoughts will be bad toward them as long as there is a hitch in my git-a-long.

    • DawgPhan

      My yearly UF straight up bet went on for years…I am guessing more than 10, and I paid every time for most of those years. After winning 2 years ago my gator friend didnt pay up and now wont even talk to me about football.

      I think that about sums up every gator fan out there.

    • All the best to you. You’ll be in my prayers for successful surgery and recuperation! Just had a new hip surgery myself. All I can say is it was,well worth it to,have my life back again….and I daresay that the injured players are likewise extra grateful and work with more vigor when they are again healthy. Really gives a person perspective to have their mobility taken away. How much harder we work to enjoy that freedom again!

      • Sorry about all those unintended commas…and I got rid of a few before posting. Still, Cojones, hope tomorrow is looked upon as one of the best days of your life in the near future.

  14. If UF goes 0-12 or 12-0 and we beat them its still Florida. Sat in the swamp when they blew us out and would not leave until the game was over. I don’t care what their record is at the end of the season. Beating #4 South Carolina and SOS was just as big to me. I feel the same about Auburn and Ga Tech. Hate them

  15. W Cobb Dawg

    “…dragged down from behind.” Revisionist b.s. As I recall, Williams damn near took his head off running straight at him. Dawgs were definitely laying the wood on fu that day. Patton wasn’t the only fu playere being carted off the field