One down, two to go

It’s being reported that Georgia’s made its first hire to replenish the defensive staff:  Kevin Sherrer, the defensive coordinator at South Alabama this past season.

He sounds like a man who’s followed in Jeremy Pruitt’s footsteps.

Sherrer, 40, played tight end at Alabama from 1993-95, and was later a graduate assistant for the Crimson Tide (from 1998-2000), and was later the defensive coordinator at Hoover High School from 2005-09. He then served as a director of player development at Alabama from 2010-12, before taking the job at South Alabama.

The connections between Sherrer and new Georgia defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt are extensive: They were teammates at Alabama, worked together at Hoover, and were both at Alabama in recent years. Pruitt was at Alabama from 2007-2012 (the first three seasons as a player development coordinator), and was at Hoover from 2004-06.

So it’s another guy who comes out of the Alabama high school scene and who has extensive experience with player development under Saban.

Looks like Mark Richt is going all in on The Process.


UPDATE:  Hair does not seem to be a prerequisite for a position on Georgia’s defensive staff.


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35 responses to “One down, two to go

  1. Can’t beat ’em … join ’em.


  2. ScoutDawg

    Good news. Wonder what position he is going to coach.


  3. Krautdawg

    Senator, no mention of the nice little jab in the article?

    “South Alabama’s defense ranked 50th in total defense this year – ahead of Georgia – yielding an average of 384.2 yards per game,”

    And I thought you liked sarcasm 😉


  4. Joe Schmoe

    I for one really like the idea of hiring guys with high school experience over NFL coaches for several reasons:

    College players are much closer to highschoolers than mid-to-late 20s NFL players from a maturity standpoint
    More of a focus on fundamentals
    Better ability to relate to HS recruits and their families
    Used to practice time restrictions and managing academics


    • Will Benson

      Damn…those really sound like legit advantages. I never thought about it that way. I do like what Pruitt said about people making football more difficult than it really needs to be and this falls in line with that. This guy looks like he could be coach Friends brother.


    • Timphd

      I’m with you on this. It seems that one of Backbone’s issues was being unable to sufficiently teach talented kids his scheme so that they could perform under the pressure of real time play. Hopefully guys with high school experience will have a better understanding of how to tailor their plans to meet the average 20 year old needs given classes, exams and girlfriends. Not to mention scooter rides in downtown Athens.


    • Will (the other one)

      That, and particularly over the past decade-plus, all the offensive innovation has started at the HS level. The NFL was the last to see the zone-read, the pistol set, the wildcat formation, etc..
      So theoretically, we get both the benefit of better teaching/fundamentals, but also coaches who are less likely to see the offense do something and have no clue what it is or how to stop it.


  5. AusDawg85

    He’s only coming because his girlfriend made him.


    • James Stephenson

      Now that is funny.


    • Dawgfan Will

      Where’s the outrage in South Alabama? As Krautdawg points out above, South Alabama’s defense was ranked ahead of Georgia’s last season. Clearly, this is a step down. Why would he leave a position where he’d had so much success? There must be another reason behind it.


  6. Will Trane

    The shadow of Colquitt County High School coach Rush Probst and former Hoover High School extends to Athens now. Probst left Hoover in 06-07 to become Coach at Colquitt County. No high school in 6A has won the number of playoff games in such a short period as Probst and staff. Dare say there are coaches…


  7. Will Trane

    Hoover High School…craddle of coaches.


  8. Truupster

    I think its wise to hire a whole new staff who resemble Agent Pierce on 24. Current staff members should also get haircuts to go all in. Nobody fools with Agent Pierce.


  9. 69Dawg

    If this keeps up our staff will resemble a University of Alabama fraternity, I kid, I kid.


    • LorenzoDawgriquez

      Alpha No Hairkappa?


      • Dog in Fla

        Why did Kevin Sherrer his hair? Because it was easier and less painful than Hoovering it off. In unrelated news, Ashley Gulick is expected to urge Kevin to lose the goatee (not the ‘Georgia Way’ unless you’re blessed to be a Dirk Diggler lookalike) and immediately start working on his eyebrow arch so he can keep pace with Jeremy whose Dr. Evil right eyebrow nicely complements the North Campus Arch


  10. I Wanna Red Cup

    I can see it now. The first game we give up more than 20 points the Richt haters are going to say that when you hire coachs who are friends instead of the best coach available that is what you get….blah blah blah


  11. Only position I can see he’s coached are DBs. Pruitt coaches DBs.


    • King Jericho

      We’re going to have the most talented DBs in the country and the rest of the defense is just going to be running around uncoached. Bold strategy, we’ll see if it pays off for us.


  12. David K

    That Big Farm chick has nice boobs for a cartoon.


  13. Will Trane

    Well did not take long for fans to start bitching. But let’s ask this question. Is there any coach other than Pruitt who has been on National Champion or been associated with winning programs like at Hoover or Alabama? Dawgs last one was 1980. Georgia fans, go figure…bitch, whine, complain, pathetic.


  14. Dawgfan Will

    Re: the hair-optional staff, Richt should ditch the butt-cut shave it off completely. He’d have a real Bruce Willis thing going on, and the Evil Richt photoshops would look even more badass.


  15. Cosmic Dawg

    There’s a lot to be said for bringing on somebody you know and trust, but I always wonder in these situations, how likely is it that of the entire field of candidates, your brother-in-law or whomever was really the best choice? Time will tell….