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“… I had to wonder if I ever would have this opportunity again.”

Tell me, what looks worse – a program coming off a national title losing its defensive coordinator in a lateral move for more money to a “lesser program”, or a program losing its defensive coordinator to a superior program for less money and responsibility?

That’s gotta sting, Bert.



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The Rush Propst coaching tree

Seth Emerson talks to the former head coach at Hoover High about Georgia’s first two hires on the defensive staff post-Grantham, both of whom once worked on his staff.

“I’m awful proud of both of them, number one. And number two, obviously the reason Kevin has been hired is he’s a damn good football coach,” Propst said on Wednesday evening. “And the continuity of scheme and Mark (Richt’s) just making some really, really good moves. Personally I think Georgia people should be excited about what’s going to transpire defensively the next few years. The ability to recruit, the ability to coach, the ability to rally, it’s just second-to-none.”

Mark Richt is a deliberate fellow, so it always interests me when he appears to be changing directions.  If Grantham’s staff was about bringing an NFL approach to Georgia’s defense, what can we say about what Pruitt and Sherrer indicate?

The Pruitt hire was certainly flashy.  The Sherrer hire is anything but.  However, it does seem to reinforce an effort to make a better connection with high school kids, both from a recruiting and a developmental standpoint.  Will it work?  It’s too early to tell, of course, but don’t forget where both coaches first honed their skills on a collegiate level.

I sure am curious about the next two hires.


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“We have a lot of things to iron out.”

Hey, Jeff Long is fist-bumping with Bill Hancock!  I mean, how nerdy cool is that?

In the meantime, they’ve got to sharpen their pencils and figure out a game plan for selling the public on how the biases and conflicts of interest on the playoff selection committee will totally not be a problem.  There are a couple of ways to skin that cat from their perspective.  And that’s the only perspective that matters.

The selection committee is scheduled to meet again April 2-3, again in the Dallas area. Their hope, according to Hancock, is to present a recusal policy to the CFP’s management committee — the 10 FBS commissioners and Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick — in time for consideration at that group’s meeting in late April.

So what can they do?  One, sell a procedure.

Long wouldn’t discuss specific possibilities under consideration. Although the CFP selection committee is modeled after its basketball counterpart, its decisions are expected to draw far more scrutiny. Controversy is probably unavoidable. But it’s imperative that, as far as possible, the committee’s policies and procedures anticipate and address potential issues. They can’t be making things up on the fly, or tweaking them after the fact.

Stop laughing.

Okay, if that doesn’t work, there’s another way to go.  Sell the committee members.

“There’s many places you could draw the line,” Long said. “However, I think the overriding issue for us, too, is the integrity of the people. They were selected because of their high integrity. That will factor into the ultimate decision of what the recusal policy should be.”

Go ahead, you can trust them.  Because those folks are completely different from everyone else with a hand in college athletics. Also, transparency.

Just remember, there’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a bigger playoff field.  Brackets heal all wounds.


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His friends won’t be joining him after all.

For those of you hoping that Pruitt was slow playing staff hires in the hopes of raiding FSU’s staff after Jimbo hired a new DC, not gonna happen.


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“Buy in.”

“… If the players can stop being selfish and just basically hand themselves over to the team and be committed to the team and be committed to doing what coach … wants … ”

“Not doing the little things right. Not finishing across the line. All of it’s going to catch up eventually, and it did.”

“I wish we would have prepared more for the Auburn game,”… “I wish my teammates would have been a little more disciplined on defense and on offense. We killed ourselves with penalties. Some players weren’t doing their assignments.

“I just feel like we could have done better. It’s simple as that.”

Sounds familiar.   Another offseason of regrets in Athens… wait, wut?


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