A position coach without a position

The Sherrer hire is made official, which was expected.  But he hasn’t been assigned a specific slot on the staff, which wasn’t.

Georgia confirmed in a release Friday that Kevin Sherrer, who was South Alabama’s defensive coordinator last season, will join the Bulldogs’ coaching staff as a defensive assistant.

The position Sherrer will be responsible for wasn’t included on the release. Sources have said Sherrer is most likely to coach linebackers, but that could change depending on two other hires the program will be making.

Jeremy Pruitt is one flexible dude and I guess Sherrer may turn out to be the Swiss Army Knife of the staff.  In any event, it sounds like Richt is keeping his powder dry for the best possible hire for the remaining two defensive coaching positions.  (Chip Towers speculates that Georgia could be doing this to keep open the option of hiring a dedicated special teams coach, but I doubt it. Although if there’s a position coach out there with special teams expertise, I’m sure that would be seen as a major plus.)

Georgia’s certainly gone about its business this time in a different way than before.


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17 responses to “A position coach without a position

  1. The Twitterverse suggests Tracy Rocker DL coach for the Titans is coming aboard.

  2. Mudcats Impala...


    Marc Weiszer

    RT @alexmarvez: Source tells @foxsports that former #titans defensive line coach Tracy Rocker will be joining University of Georgia staff.

    11:15 AM – 25 Jan 2014

  3. JRW7

    Fox Sports says Rocker is coming! GO DAWGS!!

  4. Mudcats Impala...

    Come on down Tyrone Nix, you’re the next contestant in the build the perfect CFB defensive staff game…

  5. Atticus

    One thing I don’t understand: Why do we have a coach (John Lilly) that coaches one starter and another (McClendon) that coaches two starters? That is 2 coaches for 3 starters and that is on the occasion when a FB is in the game. Why not consolidate the TEs and WRs together or combine them with OL and use the open spot for a ST coach and he can also share quality control? It is just not that difficult.

    • You realize that Lilly and McClendon are two of the best recruiters in the country, right?

      • Atticus

        Yes. When did I say anything about their ability??? Read what I wrote and answer the question. You don’t have to fire one…. but make one a ST coach, its just ridiculous not to have one and every year the ST is so far below what should be expected and have two coaches for 3 spots.

        The other question is why have we signed about 30 players less over the last 5 years than our competition? It amazes me how we have no recognition of attrition in numbers each year. We will sign between 17-20 and then lose several over the next year and dress 69 for Auburn like we did this year. I hope this is being corrected and we NEVER have to start 5 true freshmen again.

        • All together now, cheerleaders…Can we spell t-i-m-e c-o-n-s-r-a-i-n-t-s? Maybe Lilly and BMac should go the way of Daisy the Cow at the UGA genetics lab and come up with 4 coaches out of 2 that can still rightfully be called 2. Golly, with so many of the same guys running around, surely one of them can coach special teams.

          Might take a few decades to get the manufactured guys up to speed, though. In other words, don’t hold your breath.

    • Bourbon Dawgwalker

      Tight ends are valuable to our offense. We recruit 5 star tight ends every year. It helps recruiting to tell a prospect they have their own coach for 4 years and are not just lumped in with the wide receivers like many other teams do. UGA will always have a leg up on recruiting blue chip tight ends as long as we have a dedicated coach.

      • Atticus

        I don’t disagree with that. But TE wasn’t a weapon this year and special teams sucked (outside of FG). It seems their could be some solution to handle this. You could also take the same logic and say we have two coaches covering 8 starters (in the OL and DL) and that is why we don’t recruit them well and have underperformed and aren’t putting many into the NFL compared to our competition.

        • This is arcane. Lilly spent a goodly amount of time coaching special teams this year…and tweeted something out at the end of the season about his unit.

  6. Atticus

    And two of the best recruiters in relation to what? Every team we compete with has great recruiters, especially Auburn, LSU, Bama….recruiting is irrelevant if you can’t perform in special teams. Recruiting is irrelevant if you are so far below a full roster you don’t have a full team or depth. But I understand what you are saying and didn’t mean that we should necessarily let go one of them. Its just every year it something. Can’t they focus on EVERY aspect of the program? I hope things will be changing with JP.

    • Gotta love how many armchair coaches there are in DawgNation. We can all pat ourselves on the back now.

      • Atticus

        See, it never ceases to amaze me how many intelligent people there are on here. Why is it being armchair when you bring up issues that are a huge drag on this program and why UGA is 6-17 vs ranked teams. The special teams has cost us several games the past few years. The low numbers costs us several games. Have you looked at the special teams stats and rankings in the conference and in the nation? It’s pathetic. Tell me how many championship teams have started 5 true freshmen on their defense…. because the staff couldn’t pay attention to the roster numbers and understand the idea of natural attrition and therefore we dressed 69 scholarship players against Aub.?? If Lilly spent a good amount of time coaching special teams this year, then he should be re-assigned because they sucked.

  7. Will Trane

    Good hire. If was a high school senior D lineman or player in georgia 2013,I’d have to call CMR, Pruitt, and Rocker. Solid coach! Can recruit. Huge not only for metor Atlanta but rest of state, Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Would it not be fun to play on the Dawgs D this season and forward. Freaking lights out!!!

  8. Will Trane

    DBs are probably already counting ints. Ray Drew and Floyd can not wait to nail some QBs. Start counting the sacks!