Another day, another coach

This sounds pretty definite.

So how does everyone feel about Nick Fairley’s position coach coming to Athens?


UPDATE:  Marc Weiszer reports that Richt was name dropping on the recruiting trail yesterday.


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36 responses to “Another day, another coach

  1. ScoutDawg


  2. Tronan

    Better than Aundray Bruce, that’s for sure.

  3. South FL Dawg

    I just found a reason to like the Sherrer hire.

  4. LorenzoDawgriquez

    As long as he is “all in” and not resting until the next NFL gig. I was hoping for Ty Nix, but I trust CJP.

  5. Derek

    Forty years ago there was a former Auburn player and assistant who was in Nashville the year before he came to UGA and it worked out ok.

  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    If he can coach Fairley, he’s probably pretty good with boneheads.

  7. Joe Bray

    Love it!! Actually who I was hoping for. I along with other Bulldogs were hoping this would be the case. Great hire! GO DAWGS!!!

  8. Lrgk9

    Tracy Rocker w/o Trooper Taylor. Now we are talking !

  9. Spike

    Agreed. It could be worse. It could have been Trooper Taylor.

  10. Timphd

    A little nastiness would be a nice addition. Hope he brings that. And leaves Trooper out in the wind.

    • The Lone Stranger

      The Trooper is in the wind metaphorically and almost literally, as the Cornerbacks Coach of Arkansas State.

    • cube

      I agree Tim. A little nastiness wouldn’t hurt.

      • Macallanlover

        I am “all in” for clean aggressive play before the whistle but if you are calling what The Fairy did at Auburn as “nasty”, I will pass on that. No place for that in football, especially at UGA. The SEC office and their representative officials on the field were just cowardly and inept in that situation. And the AU staff and fans were an embarrassment that year for tolerating, even praising those actions. And putting thug Troopa on the UGA sidelines would change the colors of my game day clothes. Hell no, I ain’t forgetting. They still deserve the death penalty.

        • Macallanlover

          Wasn’t implying that was what you meant Cube, just drawing the line on how a “little nastiness” can get misinterpreted down the line.

          • cube

            No problem. I agree that it can be a fine line between nasty and dirty. I don’t want a dirty player or team either.

        • cube

          Who said anything about wanting “Troopa”? In fact, Timphd said the opposite. By the way, he just became the cornerbacks coach at Arkansas State, so I think you can rest easy.

          As far as Fairley goes, some of his play was nasty and some of his play was dirty. We want the nasty.

          Speaking of that day in Auburn, I still wish we hadn’t waited until the very end to retaliate against Fairley and his brethren. What kind of team just sits there and takes it for 59 minutes?

        • And putting thug Troopa on the UGA sidelines would change the colors of my game day clothes. Hell no, I ain’t forgetting.

          Me either. I got all riled up before the Auburn game again this year, as I’ve made it a tradition to watch the Fairley dirty play video the week of the game.

          And you wouldn’t be alone should we hire Trooper Taylor. I’d be gone with you, hanging up my red and black cleats. Same would have been the case with Orgeron.

          I don’t know about Rocker. Mixed feelings. Hard to see how he fits. I’m more concerned about how good of a coach is than anything else.

  11. That’s five of the last five BCS Champions on our defensive staff. I don’t recall ever having ONE on either side of the ball before now……

  12. Noonan

    Sweet. Maybe he can get Trenton Thompson.

  13. Perhaps Rocker contributed his bit to the ‘no targeting’ rule, but that was then and this is now. He’s not coaching over-testosteroned Fairley anymore, and who knows how much of that rough play allowance was his decision anyway. Seems anti-Richt to hire a flat out dirty-playing coach, so all must have been already discussed. I mean, Aaron’s beatings didn’t go unnoticed or forgotten when interview time came around.

    I think Rocker will be a great addition. Either that, or he will be gone soon enough.

    • adam

      Fairley is STILL a dirty player in the NFL.

      But he was also a 1st round pick. Rocker is a good recruiter and a good coach. This is a stellar hire.

  14. Hunkering Hank

    Carlybot, I hear you on the cheap shots on Aaron, but I can’t help but say shouldn’t some blame for that lie at the feet of whoever in Athens refuses to recruit and develop an O-line? Just sayin – look in the mirror first! Go Dawgs! Glad to have Rocker.

  15. South FL Dawg

    Late hits are not on the OL. And while we’re allowing for the possibility that Fairley initiated those all on his own, let’s remember that no one on Auburn’s staff had the sense to pull him out of the game. Less than thrilled with the hire but it’s Mark Richt’s decision anyway.

  16. 69Dawg

    I don’t know Rocker at all but I am worried that his length of coaching service might create some friction on a staff where your DC has so little DC experience (think Rodney Garner) Hopefully he’ll prove me wrong.

    • dawg3fan4

      Big difference. Garner was passed over for the position despite already being on staff. Rocker comes in after the fact and hungry to show he belongs back in the NFL. Only way to do that is by having a DL that performs to the level of their talent.

  17. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I think this is a great hire. Everything CMR has done this off-season has been excellent IMHO.

    • cube

      You think keeping Grantham was excellent?

      • Dawgaholic

        You think CMR tried to keep Grantham?? Had CMR wanted Grantham around we would have re-upped his contract so he wasn’t on the final year next year. Grantham always had a contract for at least two seasons on his contract – CMR was aware of that and he and Grantham made the best of the situation. Good for them both.

        • cube

          He wasn’t on his final year. He had two years left. Grantham’s last contract extension was given following the 2012 season (the same season that showcased a mediocre defense stacked with upperclassmen who would go on to play in the NFL). It made his contract last through the 2015 season. That means he had two years left after the 2013 season. Chip Towers explains it:

          “In January of 2012 Grantham signed a three-year deal with Georgia that was to pay him $825,000 a year. He received a $25,000 raise and a one-year extension the next year.”

  18. JRW7

    Rocker is a great hire, now let’s recruit LC at DL!

  19. WarD Eagle

    Boo! hiss!

    You guys got a great coach. Your DL will know how to fight in the trenches.

  20. Hobnail_Boot

    Not a fan of this hire.

    His track record suggests that he’ll move along soon, though.

  21. jollyrogerjay

    Rocker is a very good coach, but average at best on the recruiting side.