Mark Richt has lost control over redshirting running backs.

If there’s one mistake I can safely predict Mark Richt will never make again, it’s (barring injury) making somebody as talented as Knowshon Moreno wait a year before seeing the field.

“I don’t know if you can ever have enough backs, and certainly injury is an issue,” Georgia coach Mark Richt said. “Guys that are talented enough to possibly have a three-year career instead of a four-year career, you’ve got to plan for all of those things. I don’t know what decisions guys will make down the road, but certainly we’ve got some very talented backs that will have some decisions to make, as well. That’s all part of the reason to continue to recruit great players.”

I don’t think that what happened last year did anything but reinforce what he’d come to realize.  I just hope the football gods realize Richt gets it already and leave the man alone on that front.


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12 responses to “Mark Richt has lost control over redshirting running backs.

  1. Bulldawg35

    With all these great backs coming in we may rely on the run more Han the pass this season.


  2. Bulldawg35

    The o-line should be better with Brandon K. And big Greg Pike!


  3. mwo

    So what does the situation last year say about Turman’s redshirt?


  4. If Turman was a raw player…fumbling, getting stuffed, injuries or just not getting, well then he wouldn’t be in Knowshon Moreno’s class quite yet, would he? I heard via the old DawgPound forum from Ching that he wasn’t game ready yet.


  5. merk

    Yeap, keep the depth. The competition will keep you will a few good backs. If not, then we are back to relying on a true freshman to save us again, which oddly we have done for the 3rd year in a row.


    • John Galt

      Merk, That’s because we recruited and counted on Caleb King, Washan Ealey, and Isiah Crowell. That plus injuries this past season and Wall-la, you got freshmen RBs.


  6. ED

    Maybe one of these days, our rushing yards will finish in the top three in the conference. I think we were 7th this past year, so we need all the help we can get. Gurley gets injured every year, so we need some injury free tough guys to carry the rock.


  7. Hank Jr

    Good job recruiting, bad job developing the talent into dominating the SEC.


  8. Smith

    I feel like mcClendon is doing all right getting these guys to commit at rb. and the problem sure aint talent. we had some talent. but either suspensions or injuries have hurt. or might be coaching. got to get more out of dat talent.


  9. ZeroPointZero

    I’ve said two wise things before on this blog.

    The quarterback position is important.
    Never red shirt a running back. Never. Ever. If they are stars then you’ve wasted a year (KM). If they are just average then get the four years over in four, not five. Give them a chance and move on.