One thing about the Rocker hire

I did a good bit of surfing on the Interwebs yesterday after learning that Tracy Rocker was joining the Georgia staff as the new defensive line coach.  If I had to sum up the consensus of what I saw in five words or less, it would be first-rate position coach, indifferent recruiter.

But you know what?  I’m not sure Richt cares about the latter too much. Consider this:

… As it turned out, he said Georgia’s need for a defensive line coach made for the perfect opportunity at the perfect time. He interviewed with the Bulldogs late this week and “finalized everything” on Saturday.

“Life is funny sometimes,” Rocker said. “Things work out sometimes. The Titans decided to go in a different direction and all of the sudden the Georgia job came open.”

Rocker said the Bulldogs did not press him to get to Athens in a hurry. He’ll remain in Nashville to wrap up his affairs and pack up his belongings “until the middle of the week.”

The hire came quickly, so obviously Georgia wanted the man, but here we are bearing down on signing day and nobody’s rushing to get Rocker on the road face to face with some high school seniors?  (Remember, Richt took it upon himself to lock down Gaillard’s Georgia commitment by delivering the news of Rocker’s hire personally, and not having Rocker do it himself.)  It’s not like Richt has a problem getting newbies out on the recruiting trail as soon as possible, either.  Heck, judging by the speed with which Pruitt hit the road, I’m almost surprised he didn’t whip out his new cell phone at the introductory presser and call a couple of kids from there.

Maybe that’s an indication about how much esteem they hold for Rocker’s coaching talents.  If so, it’s a helluva compliment.  I’m looking forward to seeing how the defensive line play shapes up this year, that’s for sure.


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25 responses to “One thing about the Rocker hire

  1. TomReagan

    I don’t believe any of this. A black, former superstar player, coach who isn’t a stud recruiter? The next thing you’ll tell me is that there are white receivers who are fast but can’t catch.


  2. ugalestat1

    You can be great at something and not like to do it. The collections and repossession profession taught me this after 5 years of unhappiness at work.

    I think Richt and Pruitt are assembling the defensive staff like a championship team. Some guys are superstars at some things and others have there own niche. Maybe Richt and Pruitt are ok with Rocker not having to recruit a hell of alot because a) he doesn’t like doing it and has previously stated as such and b) there are already guys on staff that are awesome at recruiting thus hopefully keeping Rocker happy and wanting to stay.

    Just reminds me of how the championship teams that the Chicago Bulls had during the Jordan years with everyone having their role, not everyone was asked to score.

    I may be comparing apples to oranges but seems like a good analogy to me. Man the koolaid tastes great!


  3. Bright Idea

    He may not like to recruit but the fact is we need a decent DLine coach right now and the carousel is about to stop. Rocker could stay just one season or pull a Garner and stay too long.


  4. Macallanlover

    Just like some chicks are better in the kitchen than the bedroom, and vice versa, maybe Rocker is better at B-M when they visit, or on the field, and not that impressive in the living room.

    We have enough quality recruiters, just hope he doesn’t look at the DL guys as space hogs, get your butts in the backfield and do some damage!


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      You know, you can always get one chick who is better in the bedroom and another who is better in the kitchen. Solves that problem. 🙂


  5. South FL Dawg

    I hope that’s it Senator. I also hope Richt has the same realization with John Lilly who by all accounts is a great recruiter and fine TE coach, and stops asking him to coach special teams.


  6. Skeptic Dawg

    The 2013 D-line was one of the few bright spots for the D. I would argue that this was the lone position group that improved each week throughout the season. So if Rocker will not recruit, he better be one hellva a D-line coach. Having only one responsibility, we need to see results beginning with game 1 of 2014.


    • Russ

      Yep, I agree. Our DL was the best part of our defense this past year. If Rocker can maintain, then improve on that during the season, that will be huge.


  7. LorenzoDawgriquez

    From other sites, Rocker is already making calls to 2014 DL. I agree that it would be best if everyone was a good recruiter. IMHO, our problem recently was not developing the talent we have, so I will trust CJP and CMR to have done the right thing for UGA. My Red and Black glasses make everything look like roses since Backbone left.


    • mcTryre

      Nailed the current gap being player development not recruitment. One exception might be our lack of quality OT – where the few highly rated signees we had (Austin Long, Brent Benedict and to date Theus) weren’t Producing.


  8. Daniel Simpson Day

    I don’t think everyone has to be a stud recruiter – I’m more interested in player development. If it we’re all about recruiting, players that were not ranked in HS and/or wound up at smaller schools wouldn’t make it to the NFL. Somebody developed them…


  9. DawgByte

    Rocker not being out on the road early doesn’t mean he’s not introducing himself to a list of recruits.


  10. It’s amazing, when Rocker was at Auburn, he was evil. Now, eh not so bad. Y’all are a trip.


    • Macallanlover

      I haven’t heard anyone declaring victory over this, most have a wait and see approach. We trust Mark Richt and Pruitt to fill in the blanks. Exactly how do you think fans should react to a new hire? Check back during the season and you will see how everyone really feels. Hires on paper aren’t any more of a certainty than LOIs from HS athletes. His resume looks strong enough but the chemistry of the defensive staff isn’t known yet. Except by trolling geniuses, of course.

      I don’t recall Rocker’s name ever being mentioned when he was at AU, now there were many shots fired at the staff as a whole for what they tolerated, but that was driven more by Troopa….not Rocker. The fan base and administration deserved some shots in 2010 too. Perhaps you should explain where your info comes from if you expect any credibility. It seems your mission when visiting here is to disrupt, not contribute anything of consequence.


    • dudetheplayer

      Pretty sure most of our vitriol was directed at Trooper Taylor and that cheap-shotting sonofabitch Nick Fairley.

      Don’t recall too many people calling out Rocker just because he was the position coach.


    • Ginny

      Yeah I never once heard a Georgia fan say anything bad about Rocker. I don’t think most people even knew who he was. Now those clowns Trooper Taylor and Nick Fairley are a different story.


  11. ED

    Wow, this guy’s line ranked 22nd and 24th vs the run last 2 years in the NFL. No wonder he got fired from the Titans. Not excited bout this hire.


    • I seem to recall that Saban and Spurrier both coached in the NFL. Don’t remember their teams rank. Suffice it to say whatever it was it might have been a reason they are both coaching college ball now. How’s that working out for them?


  12. Smith

    i got no issue with his men bring some attitude. got to let the offense know you mean business. need to have some feat like guys had facing fairley. Some guys say rocker was only good because of rocker. maybe so. if you look at how his guys got it done at Tennesee for the Titans, it looks that way, his guys couldn’t stop anyone from running the ball.


  13. Smith

    Anybody think it’s weird no other NCAA or NFL picked Rocker up for 3 weeks after he got fired by the Titals on Jan 4?


  14. Smith

    probly aint rushing him out because the commits look solid there, and aint talkin to nobody else right now.


  15. 69Dawg

    College fans are just plan nuts. If we knew anything about what we write about we would be making millions but we don’t know squat so we don’t make a dime. Give Rocker a chance to at least unpack his bags in Athens before declaring him unfit to coach at UGA. Seems he has been doing the job for a few years and like CMR said about Quarterbacks Rocker knows what a good DL looks like.


  16. Brandon

    He was a damn good player, that’s all I know.