It’s one thing to commit a NCAA violation.

It’s entirely another to film yourself doing it.



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  1. aristoggle

    (S)trength coach John Sisk was shown talking to the team prior to a workout and, according to the violation report submitted to the ACC, threatened consequences for players who were late.

    The problem was that the summer workouts are considered voluntary, so by definition a player shouldn’t face discipline for being late.

    Cheaters …


  2. Nate Dawg

    As always, tech lies & cheats.
    On another note: Scam skates with $250 grand – really??


  3. Billy Mumphrey

    I hate to side with Tech on anything, however…


  4. Skeeter

    Death Penalty.


    • uglydawg

      I appreciate the snarkism and agree. This is silly at best..but the thing is this..If the shoe had been on the other foot (UGA)….it would be headlines on the AJC sports page and Stingtalk would have be swarming with angry insects demanding the death penalty for the Dawgs. (This too, may be hyperoble, but not by much).


  5. 79dawg

    Want to record and promote your coaches breaking NCAA rules? At Georgia Tech, you can do that!


  6. Will Trane

    Weather alert! Understand students are still in Marietta schools at this late hour. Wonder about all those metro counties like Gwinnett, Cobb, Rockdale, etc. Heard a school rep said kids ok due to fantastic teachers and administrator. Really? How would you like your kids educated by that bunch of dumb asses.


  7. reipar

    The threat of missing workouts is not a minor deal in my mind and I would hope that it does not go on at UGA. That is a major rule that even I know. Voluntary workouts mean just that. It is fine for the players to police themselves, but no employee of the university should be allowed to threaten players with punishment for missing them. Especially when the rule is so black and white.


  8. Go Dawgs!

    Boy, Ken Sugira really falls all over himself to make sure his readers know how he feels these are minor violations, right? Sorry, Ken, but if the rules say the workouts aren’t mandatory, then no. I don’t think a journalist can state without supporting evidence that speeches like that happen in every weight room across the country. Sorry. Remember, you’re supposed to be a sportswriter, not a Tech apologist.


  9. Doug 2.0

    It is funny how it is SO quiet on Monday morning, just nine days until national signing day.

    It is quiet on the outside, but so much is happening behind the scenes.

    Here is the latest:

    First off, TJ Harrell… He has gone QUIET, very quiet, and that means something is weighing hard on his mind that he is not ready to talk about yet. I have talked/communicated with multiple people that know Harrell well and I have confirmed that he was “blown away” by Georgia this weekend.

    UGA broke it all down for him and I hear he really liked what the Dawgs had to say. Harrell is a Mark Richt kind of guy and the two hit it off well from what I understand.

    FSU offered Harrell very early in the process, so Pruitt knows all about him as a player. The Dawgs have turned it up and I am hearing Thursday is the day UGA will be down to see him. The schedule could change this week due to the crazy weather predictions in the coming days, but stay tuned on this one.

    There is a lot of chatter about Harrell and the interest he has in the Dawgs. Louisville and Michigan State are the other schools in the mix.

    On Andrew Williams… UGA wants him, period.

    Jeremy Pruitt has been there twice in two weeks and he will be back this week. UGA is working hard on getting him on campus at some point this week. Williams has confirmed with me that it will not be Monday, but that a visit to UGA is still possible. It could be a one day trip during the week or he could take a visit this weekend.

    Auburn is still believed to be the frontrunner here, but Clemson made a push over the weekend.

    Williams has always liked UGA, but he never had a legit offer until Pruitt took over. Is it too late? It may be, but UGA is going all in right now.

    Monday night is big…

    Lorenzo Carter is expecting Bryan McClendon, Jeremy Pruitt, and Mark Richt in his home Monday night. Need I say more?

    This visit is big as is the remainder of the week with Carter… FSU’s visit went well for Carter, but LSU is the one I am hearing most about right now when talking UGA’s competition.

    Brick Haley will be back in Norcross, Ga. the middle of the week.

    UGA has a lot going for it in this race, but it is not over, and there is still work to be done. I still like Georgia’s chances right now and the final week starts tonight for UGA.

    On Tuesday, Bryson Allen-Williams will host Pruitt and Richt in his home.

    All signs still point strongly that BAW will sign with the Gamecocks, but since taking over the defense at UGA, Pruitt has done all he can do to put Georgia in the game here.

    BAW has been a strong Gamecock commitment for so long, he has been a lead recruiter for them, and Georgia is fighting a real uphill battle right here.

    The in-home visit is big for UGA and with the mom… From there, it is on to the official visit this weekend. A LOT has to happen for UGA to be really considered a threat to Carolina here.

    Spurrier has his in-home on Thursday.

    Quick hits on DBs:

    Wesley Green – Not much has changed here… All signs point to Carolina and UGA has not scheduled an in-home visit with him yet this week he says.
    Tavon Ross – More chatter about Ross staying with Mizzou at the moment, but he is not talking much. I talked to a couple of people close to him and they all said the same, “Tavon is a quiet kid.” We will see how hard UGA pushes this week…
    Dominick Sanders – One to watch… UGA wants him as a CB and he will likely visit UGA this weekend from what I hear. Keep an eye on this one…
    Kendarius Webster – Still the same… He tells me still that he is all Ole Miss. If anything changes, I will let you know.

    Dean will be featured on our TV show tonight, so check out The Next Class on Fox Sports South at 10pm ET. We will talk UGA’s class, Dean will be on, and we will run a feature on Nick Chubb.


  10. Doug 2.0

    Here are some notes:

    Lets start with Lorenzo Carter… Mark Richt saw a lot of him on Monday.

    Carter said, “Everybody loved Coach Richt at my school. I was taking him around to a couple of my teachers and I made the mistake of taking him into the cafeteria – Then the bell rang and he was bombarded by kids.”

    Carter saw Richt late morning at his school, then Richt went on the road to see Lorenzo’s mother, Lisa, at her job. The two visited for a while and Richt returned to Norcross.

    “Coach Richt came back for my basketball practice and I forgot I had to do the AJC dunk contest, so he go to see that. That was cool, I think he likes it.”

    At the end of the day, Bryan McClendon, Jeremy Pruitt, and Richt all spent time with Zo and his family at the Carter home.

    The visit was very relaxed.

    “It was more of a casual visit,” said Carter. “There was no real recruiting going on this time, but I am sure there will this weekend when I get over to UGA for the visit. It was just more fun talk tonight.”

    Pruitt was at the Carter home for his second time in that last week or so and Carter spent more time with him Monday night.

    “Coach Pruitt knows his football,” said Carter. “He just seems like a country-boy that isn’t uptight. He is just trying to get accustomed to his life at UGA right now.”

    Georgia will Carter again late Friday night when he arrives in Athens.

    Between now and his official to UGA, Carter will see Jimbo Fisher of FSU on Wednesday, Will Muschamp of Florida Thursday, and Brick Haley of LSU Thursday.

    Carter is ready for his final visit and then to make his decision.

    “I know it [commitment] is getting close and I cannot wait,” said Carter. “Everything went great with Coach Richt and Georgia. This week will be busy, then it will all be over.”

    The top prospect in Georgia will announce his decision at 3:45pm on ESPNU on Wednesday February 5. Georgia, like it has been for months is the school trending as we close in on signing day.

    Richt was making the rounds Monday.

    Other prospects that saw Richt other than Carter were these:

    Mitch Hyatt – 2015 OT
    Kaleb Kim – 2015 OG/OT

    He may have seen a few others, but those are two I confirmed.

    Pruitt also spent time at Greater Atlanta Christian to check on 2015 CB target Darius Slayton. The 6-foot CB will be in Athens to visit on Feb. 15.

    Will Friend was back at Central Gwinnett. 2015 LB Adonis Thomas has not been offered yet, but all signs point to him being offered in the near future. UGA has offered 2016 OL EJ Price and Price will be over in Athens to hang out in February.

    Scout 300 DE Andrew Williams tells me that he plans to meet with Mark Richt on Wednesday this week.

    He expects Richt to be at his school, then to meet with his parents. Something to keep an eye on is the weather with ice/snow expected around Athens and McDonough, but for now, Williams plans to have a 1on1 meeting with Richt.

    There is no official visit scheduled YET, but an official visit to UGA is very likely this weekend.

    Williams said, “Coach Richt has really been recruiting me hard. I have talked to him quite a bit lately.”

    Auburn leads, Clemson is very much in the picture, and UGA is making a charge. If he visits Athens, you have to really watch this one


    • Macallanlover

      Thanks, good info in these two posts. I really dislike this process and hope we can get to an early signing period soon to get at least 1/2 of the class signed and inked before the current silly season. I think it will benefit the athletes and the schools. Crazy to have everything up in the air until one single day. Sounds like we are doing all we can do considering the circumstances. Also sounds like the most important signing of the season was when CJP inked his contract.


  11. Will Trane

    Doug 2.0. Thanks for posting. Too many do not understand how hard this staff is working. More so considering travel limitations due to current weather which will clear in 24-36. Georgia has the coaches and players in place. filling in the roster now. my concern was recruiting under prior d staff. These coaches are more tied in.


  12. Russ

    Haha! I saw this yesterday. Also saw their “punishment” was to cut short a training session by 12 minutes.


  13. RD

    Well, before I start these voluntary (manditory) workouts, I need to check with my local union rep!!!