Just the facts, ma’am.

With the news that University of Missouri university officials had neither reported to law enforcement nor opened their own investigation into a student-athlete’s allegation of a 2010 rape after becoming aware of it comes a question for those of you who thought the NCAA did the right thing going after Penn State for the Sandusky transgressions:  is it time for Sheriff Emmert to saddle up and come riding to the rescue?

In for a penny and all that, you know.


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    Not sure I want the NCAA to be the sheriff, but there’s a difference in a serial pediphile who is actually using the University to carry on a decades long raping spree to a single rape. Both are horrendous, but i can see a difference.

  2. DawgPhan

    You basically have never missed a shot to bring up Penn State. Good for you.

  3. Ben

    By the logic of the people at Missouri, all these guys on our team should be smoking the bud at an off-campus site, right? Kind of like the rules of Road Trip? “If it doesn’t happen somewhere nearby, it didn’t really happen,”

    What a load. That whole place should be ashamed of itself.

  4. Bulldog Joe

    We’ll see if Columbia Missouri is as All-In as Tallahassee.

    Signs point to “Yes”.

  5. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Emmert’s an idiot. Penn State was about as evil a situation as you are ever going to encounter in college sports. All stipulated.

    What does any of that have to do with Coury’s suicide?

    • Gee, I guess once you get past the rape and the university’s unwillingness to look closely at what happened, you might have a point.

      • Always Someone Else's Fault

        Glad to know Coury’s alleged rape and suicide provides people who made their point about PSU/Emmert months ago yet another opportunity to grab a bullhorn and remind everyone how right they were.

        You don’t like Emmert. I don’t like Emmert. Changing the story about Coury to a story about Emmert doesn’t make anyone hate Emmert one bit more or see what he did at PSU one bit differently. I don’t think it’s an appropriate vehicle or an appropriate subject change.

        • Then we obviously disagree.

          BTW, I don’t expect the NCAA to do anything here.

          • Brownesman

            As much as I hate the NCAA getting involved in these types of issues and giving them more power, they set precidence when they stepped in on Penn St. In both situations, assuming the evidence against Missou ignoring this incident and the facts around it are true, you have an institution turning it’s back on a crime and this should be dealt with similarly. Or maybe they should have never gotten involved with The Penn St incident to begin with.

            • Always Someone Else's Fault

              That’s a pretty selective equivalency. I am not arguing that Emmert should have taken action against PSU, but equating Mizzou and PSU ignores a ton of additional factors in Happy Valley over a 10 year period. PSU went 10 miles down a road Mizzou may have journeyed a few hundred yards. Similar in kind, but not even remotely similar in scale.

              • Brownesman

                By your logic, Missou went about four miles. Unfortunately the pier is only a hundred yards long. Looking the other way is looking the other way no matter how you slice it. And I can guarantee you I know much more about the penn State case than you do and There is no difference in how the programs and schools acted if what said happened at Missou is true. Both heard of allegations, both chose not to investigate.

                • Always Someone Else's Fault

                  Looking the other way versus not looking other way? Is that the sole binary available here? Sorry, that remains in my view an oversimplified and selective equivalency, one which bothers me on three fronts. 1. The proposed equivalency cheapens what PSU actually did. 2. The proposed equivalency drags Coury’s story into the “get Mark” campaign, an effort which needs no additional support. The NCAA is disintegrating under his watch, and he’s going into the record books as Nero, not Gorbachev. His PSU intervention was widely castigated as heavy-handed, finger-to-the-wind managerial incompetence, a frame which has become the standard media narrative for all things Emmert, a frame entirely deserved 3. Using Coury’s death to advance that narrative cheapens what happened to her.


    Wow…..two pistols, 10 steps. Let’s finish this fight!!!!!