Feed the beast.

Interesting tale from the board of trustees meeting for the Georgia Tech Athletic Association last Thursday, where Tech’s AD shared the following:

At the conference’s meetings this week, the conference and ESPN are expected to have an update on where things stand in regards to a possible ACC channel. Should it go forward, Bobinski said, ESPN will likely want more “inventory” to put on the channel, meaning an additional conference game.

“Likely”, hunh.  But the ACC already has so much on its scheduling plate.

There has been considerable pushback against a ninth game due to Notre Dame’s agreement to play five ACC opponents annually. (The league approved a nine-game schedule in May 2012 before changing back to eight after Notre Dame was added later in the year.) Particularly for Tech, Clemson and Florida State (and possibly Louisville), which all play SEC opponents, that would mean playing nine conference games, an SEC rival and Notre Dame in the same 12-game season roughly once every three seasons.

You know there’s a “but” coming, right?

But, TV money may trump. The GTAA projects it will receive $22.2 million from the ACC in the 2015 fiscal year. (That’s $5.5 million more than was previously projected. The increase is due in part to the league signing its grant of rights, which was worth about $1.1 million per school from ESPN.) That is largely ESPN cash. That number would increase in the future if plans for an ACC network are realized.

“I don’t know that there will be ultimately a lot of decision making to go into that,” Bobinski said, referring to the nine-game possibility. “I think it’ll be something that we’ll need to do to find a way to do as a league, and that’s a way to do it.”

Give the man credit for being honest, at least.  It’s more than Mike Slive’s willing to admit.


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4 responses to “Feed the beast.

  1. Comin' Down The Track

    Remind me. How much is CPJ’s buyout again


  2. Gaskilldawg

    Wonder if Tech will discontinue our series. Like Tulane did with LSU. The scheduling issues givesit cover.


    • Dog in Fla

      The Mighty Mighty Green Wave would have been more than happy to lose those games. It was LSU’s idea to cancel –

      “The final nail in the coffin of this storied series was the expressed desire of LSU Director of Athletics Joe Alleva to play home games to create revenue for the money machine that is LSU football. Obviously, Coach Les Miles expressed a similar desire.

      Former LSU Director of Athletics Skip Bertman had signed a ten-year contract for LSU to play Tulane in 2005, including dates in New Orleans. That mindset at LSU has clearly changed.

      Alleva has expressed his desire to discontinue playing Tulane in New Orleans since he took over his position in 2008.”



  3. AusDawg85

    ESPN’s revenue model for the ACC network will be to charge $1.00 per household in select markets for channel access…and $5.00 to have it removed. They expect this to be the biggest grossing channel in the family of networks.