My snow story

It only took me ten minutes to get home from work yesterday.  I guess that makes me one of the lucky ones.  The reason for that was that I had to leave the office just after ten o’clock, because I received a call from the security company that monitors my house telling me the alarm had just gone off.  Sure enough, I get home to find the front door of my house kicked in.  Fortunately, the alarm must have scared off the thieves, as nothing was found missing.

I’m not posting this to share a woe is me thing with you guys, though.   I really wanted to say something in praise of the Atlanta Police Department.  I pulled in my driveway and called 911 when I saw the open door.  I had an officer respond in less than five minutes and a total of three at my house to investigate in less than fifteen.  Everyone was thorough and professional.  In short, an experience that was the complete opposite of every cliché that comes to mind when you think about the APD.

Anyway, on a day when much of the governmental class is getting justifiably ripped – if Kasim Reed spent as much effort on preparation as he has in blame deflection, the problem wouldn’t have been nearly as bad – I thought it was worth noting that there are still plenty of good folks out there doing their jobs. Even with a busted door, I felt safer going to bed last night.  Thanks, guys.


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43 responses to “My snow story

  1. Glad to hear you and yours are safe, Senator.. god bless.

  2. Bulldawg165

    My only interaction with APD was a positive one as well. Glad you’re safe and nothing was stolen.

  3. Normaltown Mike

    On the lighter side, a friend of mine spent the night at a Kroger in Alparetta. He was in his car for 5 hours before he gave up & “checked in”. A bag of diapers made a nice pillow.

    The pics he took of some of the other over night guests are hilarious.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Senator. Reasons for relief on two fronts. Glad you’re safe and sound.

  5. sniffer

    I met three neighbors yesterday in Mountain Brook, AL, I never would have known had it not been for the snow. We pushed cars, pulled cars, slipped, fell, cursed and laughed together and said our “goodbyes”. Nothing like living in the South…

  6. Silver Creek Doug

    Only took me 5 hours to drive the 8 miles from work to home in Floyd County yesterday afternoon.

  7. aristoggle

    Thanks for the positive post, Senator. Glad all is well for you.

    Let’s also keep in mind that that there a lot of public works folks, power crews, firefighters and police officers out there busting they’re butts. As big a debacle as this is, there are folks out there that providing public services for the rest of us; most of whom are just good, honest, hard-working people.

  8. Kasim Reed, your mayor

    Hey, I was prepared! I made absolutely certain that the money slated to go towards infrastructure improvements around the new Falcons stadium did not get used up for this temporary inconvenience.

    • Tea Party Opposed to TSLOST

      Yeah, thank God we got that stupid TSPLOST bill shot down! What a waste of government money on transportation that would have been!

      • Puffdawg

        Because the only possible way to improve transportation is through a special tax. Nevermind finding the money somewhere in the existing budget. But hey, social programs!

  9. I left at 12:15 thinking I might get ahead of it only to soon realize how amazingly frustrating it is to make a 10 mile drive from Vinings to Marietta last six and 1/2 hours. I saw the best and worst in people yesterday, that’s for sure. Some very angry folks running people off the road as well as some incredibly helpful people pushing cars with stuck motorists and helping salt the roads in front of their houses.

  10. Will Trane

    Sorry, but metro Atlanta is a national news embarrassment. Fulton County should have closed its schools Monday afternoon until Thursday. NWS Peachtree gave ample warning. Even NWS Tallahassee started the time line over the weekend for us. NWS provides 48 hour run outs. Can not rely on a snow flake on a smart phone.

  11. uglydawg

    This never happened when Guy Sharp was the weatherman.

  12. Will Trane

    Weather is life every day. Glad I took that as a course at UGA. Thought it would be beneficial re business and ag. Sorry about attempted robbery. Had my residence hit. They were arrested, tried, and doing time. Residence hit 2xs by tornadoes. Drove in snow in metor Atlanta, Pa, DC, and Virginia. But Atlantans…most are not smart about weather.

  13. uglydawg

    Just too many people commuting on too few roads. Up North they take the trains in. It’s too easy to use hind-sight (always 20-20) to beat up decision makers. Had they been more proactive and the storm a bust..we’d berate them for that too…It’s a tough situation in an unperfect world…. I, too, was stuck in it but I thought the snow would come in the afternoon.The worst part is that I was stuck on the connector for 40 minutes in front of GT..disgusting!

    • Juan

      The ole cliche “it’s better to be safe than sorry” comes to mind, pal.

      • uglydawg

        True…but yesterday morning, when everyone woke up and the ground wasn’t covered with snow, our county’s school board members began getting angry compaints and criticism. Of course they were exonerated later in the day, but it goes to show that these people will draw someone’s ire either way.

    • Debby Balcer

      +1. I am in Colorado visiting my parents. My mom is having open heart surgery. At home in Greenville SC people were griping they were closing to early. It is a lose lose situation.

      • My sister had open heart surgery last year. My dad had it about 18 years ago took him a while to bounce back. My sis was back and out of the hospital in record time. Those card docs really do a good job and it has come a long way.

      • Hey Debby, I’m a Greenville Dawg too! You missed a nice little dusting here. Just enough to be pretty but not enough to cause us real problems.

  14. Irishdawg

    I was lucky in that I was working in Marietta and live in Smyrna, and that I started heading home as soon as the snow started.

    This city is run by barely sentient morons. You do not rely on how much a weather report says about the possible severity of a snow storm. Prepare for the worst, then hope for the best. Schools should have been closed much earlier, and employers should have told everyone to telecommute if they could. Instead we got the SNOWPOCALYPSE!!!! of yesterday and people having to sleep in gas stations.

  15. Ausdawg85

    Senator, it’s not what they failed to take, it’s what they left behind. #NSA

  16. Nick Marshall 14

    Dat wuz ur house?

  17. DA man

    Apparently they did not know who they were f___ing with, Senator. Glad you and the yours are safe! It’s a crazy world. Let’s be careful out there.

  18. The Weathermen

    Yep … Guy was the man! Closest we got now is Ken Cook. Glenn “The Sky is Falling” Burns is useless. Can’t wait for ’em to give David Chandley the WSB gig full-time.

  19. rampdawg

    Get you a couple of Boer Boels Senator. They won’t kick in your door then.

  20. What? Not one shot a Saban? Y’all are slipping!

  21. Bazooka Joe

    Personally I think business and the schools are just as if not more to blame than “regular govment”. We all knew this was coming (I did and I am not the brightest bulb in the room), businesses and the schools waited until the roads started getting slick and then let everyone go. So we have something like a million cars jumping on the road at once – what did we think would happen ??

  22. Bazooka Joe

    I remember Guy Sharpe… I think Karen Minton is his mother….. and what was his name… Rus Minchew that “had to leave Atlanta” ?