Friday afternoon buffet

Here are a few things I couldn’t get to earlier in the week.

  • AJ McCarron claims he knew the losses were coming because some of the younger players didn’t “buy in”.  I’m not sure what that has to do with letting Auburn run back a missed field goal for the game winner, but whatever.  Maybe they won’t buy in this season either.
  • Texas had $165.7 million in operating revenue and $146.8 million in operating expenses for 2012-13.  Good Lord.
  • Barrett Sallee has an interesting look at a recruiting visit to Georgia.  Best thing in there is Aron White talking about his official visit being the first time he saw people eating oysters.
  • “Meanwhile, the Teflon Tide keeps rolling through what’s considered a wide-ranging list of clichéd violations alleged against them.”
  • Kentucky is considering plans for a brand-new, privately funded $45 million football training facility.
  • Chip Towers asks the musical question “Did Georgia’s defense get better as result of Grantham’s departure?”
  • Jimmy Williamson, take notes.


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24 responses to “Friday afternoon buffet

  1. What fresh hell is this?

    I;m really looking forward to McCarron falling flat on his face in the NFL. The boy possesses zero improvisational skills and should fall to pieces under pressure.
    Will someone please sue the Tuscaloosa PD back into the stone age…what a set of balls on those guys.

  2. Bright Idea

    I bet some TPD cops have some long pent up frustration. Freshmen footballers higher on the totem pole and all.

  3. 69Dawg

    It really pisses me off how little respect Aaron is given by the media and I guess by the NFL scouts. Put AJ behind the UGA Oline and he would have never gotten a whif from the NFL. Aaron is a Peyton Manning type QB, maybe not in arm strength but in preparation and knowledge of the game. Somebody is going to get a steal on Aaron and somebody is going to get disappointed by some of these can’t miss guys (read 6’5″ but dumb as a rock). The Senior Bowl was a telling example of how bad the scouts fall in love with the physical aspects of the QB position. Boyd and the VT QB looked terrible but many of the experts had Boyd as a 1st rounder, can you say Demarcus Russell????

    • I keep saying this same thing and look forward to seeing Aaron proving himself to be the best QB of this draft.

    • Governor Milledge

      Very similar in stature and success to Drew Brees… Drew was the 2nd QB taken in the 2001 draft (1st pick of the 2nd round) behind Mr. Not in the Playbook, Michael Vick

  4. I don’t doubt AJ is correct in his assessment.. every program is going to have ebb and flow, and I think Bama is on the ebbing side. You just can’t maintain the mindset in the absence of adversity. We went through it a few years ago. Call it an entitlement mentality, but the young guys haven’t had to go through some tougher times. It all makes sense, really.

  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    AJ McCarron is right. Some of the younger guys on the Bama team acted like they were entitled and you could see it in the results on the field. If the Bammers played up to their potential Auburn never would have even been close enough to them in the Iron Bowl for the kick return to matter. Remember, the Aubies were so good that an 8-5 Georgia team had them dead to rights with less than a minute to go and only the biggest bonehead play in UGA history allowed the Barners to win that game. Finally, someone from Tuscaloosa speaks the truth about something and you guys bash him for it. Sheeesh.

    • Bob

      Mayor I mostly agree. But with Bama it is always an excuse. Their leadership was fine in weeks 1-11. We saw it a few years ago in the Sugar credit to Utah but lots of excuses for the Tide. Same in the loss to OU. Win with class and lose with class.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Mayor, I know you’re going for effect, but I dunno if that was the biggest bonehead play in UGA history. Definitely top 10, but boy oh boy have I seen some whoppers. 🙂

      • Macallanlover

        Going to have to side with the Mayor on this one, it is at the top of my list. Given the enormity of the situation, following an epic comeback on the road, to have two players in such a slam dunk position to seal the deal, both go brain dead at the same time, when any singularly different action would have saved the game, how can you beat that? It will impossible to top, imo.

    • The ATH

      +1 Mayor. A lot of us on this blog get lumped into the so-called “Disney Dawg” category for encouraging our fellow dawg fans to look at the totality of the circumstances when rating Richt, Bobo, Murray etc.

      If we want to award points for almosts while ignoring solitary definitive plays and circumstances beyond our control (e.g. narrow misses at MNC in ’02 and ’07, not to mention coming five yards short against Bama after the ’12 season), I don’t see how we can ignore the first 59:59 of the Bama-game. I think that’s all McCarron’s alluding to there.

      The kid’s had an easy go at Bama sure, but this particular bit of snark seems misplaced.

  6. mdcgtp

    Call it confirmation bias, but I will say it again. The Bama dynasty is over. You can all make me eat my words if they hoist another crystal trophy in January, but I really don’t see that happening.

  7. Gravidy

    First and foremost, let me say this clearly: The fact that the Tuscaloosa PD feels it doesn’t have to release an arrest report to the public is complete and utter bullshit.

    Having said that, it seems that the author of that story wants me to believe the Tuscaloosa PD has a hard-on for harassing Alabama football players. Let’s just say that I don’t believe that. At all.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      The Tuscaloosa PD may have a hard on for Bama players, but it’s the excited kind, not the angry kind.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        I suspect the TPD officers who roughed up the Bama player didn’t realize he was a Bama player at the time.

  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    AJ McCarron, notwithstanding the benefit of hindsight, has a good point. Hubris has been around forever; it isn’t going away. Not even Nick Saban can eradicate it 100%.

  9. RocketDawg

    Still pissed about the AJ Green situation in 2010… UGA ever let him get to the point of talking to the investigators about anything other than the party he didn’t attend is beyond me. Alabama, Auburn, USCe, the list goes on of players that did far worse and got basically no punishment at all.

  10. SouthGaDawg

    Teflon Tide – Yep, the Tide and Saban lose 2 games next year and finish 3rd in the West – behind LSU and Auburn. More recruiting alegations arise. Tide fans get more obnoxious. In 2015, Tide and Saban lose 2-3 games and finish outside of the SEC title game again. Saban retires. Alabama goes on probation for additional violations, Alabama rehires Mike Shula, and Finebaum starts wearing is Auburn tie again. I can’t wait.

    • sniffer

      Tide fans get more obnoxious.

      I hear ya, but I gotta say, my wife, a Tri Delt, class of ’78, is from a family of Bama grads. Most of our friends are Bama alumni. Lived on this state for 13 years now. Most Bama alumni and supporters are no different than our good Georgia people. I promise you, we got a Harvey Updike somewhere out there, too. I’m not trollin you here. I’m saying I like the Bama people I know and wouldn’t call them any more obnoxious than many Dawgs I’ve know/been over the years.

      Now, you want to talk obnoxious, we all know some Gators that fit that bill. And, laud, are they profane…

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Sniff, I have Bammers in my family. They are good folks about everything except Bama football. It’s like they have a blind spot. They say assinine stuff when it comes to Bama football as if they don’t even understand the insulting nature of what they just said. Nobody ever actually beats Bama in their minds. It was just “bad breaks” or a “bad call” or something like that that caused them to lose. For example, one of them told me that the reason Bama lost to OU was a “fluke” play at the end when the Bama QB got blidsided and coughed up the ball. The fact that OU beat ’em the entire game didn’t happen. The fact that the OU rusher beat their O-line to make the sack didn’t register. It’s not malicious–just galactically stupid. I still like ’em though.

        • sniffer

          Mayor, i know some Tide fans like that, too. Some of the most condescending sports fans anywhere. But I would also add that we read here the same sorts of excuses, reasons and weirdness. Bama does not have the corner on fan madness.

          Who would you rather watch a game with? Bammer or Gator?

  11. SlobberKnocker

    The words “Jimmy Williamson” caused me to reflexively move to click the link. There is something wrong that those words make me act like Pavlov’s dog.

  12. Monkey Boy

    Read some of the comments at Those bumpkins are scary stupid. How bad would it be if TPD had the opposite policy and EVERYTHING was released to the public (like some other little southern town we know).