Moar coaching staff

It sounds like Richt and Pruitt are zeroing in on their last candidate for the defensive staff.

Mike Ekeler, who coached Southern California’s linebackers this past season, has emerged as a serious candidate to join Georgia’s staff. In fact, two sources at UGA said Ekeler was on his way to meet with head coach Mark Richt on Thursday.

Attempts to reach Ekeler for comment were unsuccessful. A source cautioned that it was not yet a done deal, and that Ekeler had also been speaking with UCLA. But the fact he was heading to meet Richt points to an advanced candidacy.

There is no firm connection between Ekeler and UGA, although he did work at Oklahoma with Chris Wilson, who spent last season as Georgia’s defensive line coach. Wilson, coincidentally, left for the same job at Southern California.

Ekeler, 42, was Indiana’s defensive coordinator from 2010-12, and one of his assistants was Jon Fabris, the former Georgia assistant. Prior to that Ekeler was an assistant at Nebraska for three years under Bo Pelini. Ekeler also worked at LSU from 2005-07, serving as an intern and graduate assistant, when Pelini was the defensive coordinator there. The Tigers won the national title while Ekeler was there.

If Ekeler is hired, that would mean three of the four members of the defensive staff would have coordinator experience.

Ekeler also has some other experience that I’m guessing is attractive to Richt.

A source said Ekelar, if hired at UGA, would help coach linebackers and also have a role coaching special teams. Ekeler was a special teams standout at Kansas State, where he played from 1991-94.

In fact Ekeler was named the national special teams player of the year as a senior by the George Michael Sports Machine, the now-defunct national sports show.

The George Michael Sports Machine?  Way to dig, Seth.

Seriously, it can’t hurt.  Although that Fabris relationship makes me a little nervous.  If Ekeler comes out in his presser admitting he likes a challenge, good luck to Marshall Morgan.

(Also, note the end of Emerson’s piece – it looks like Kelin Johnson is coming home as a graduate assistant.)



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13 responses to “Moar coaching staff

  1. William

    How does this fit in with Pruitt though? Did he want this guy, or was this a best option of the available?


  2. Re: Fabris. Radi Nabulsi spent all day Tuesday on Twitter toeing the company line about the potential Fabris connection touting it as a “grand slam” hire if it were to happen.

    For some reason he called dissenting voices (AKA – those that pointed out Fabris’ tendency to like a challenge, or in my case pointed out the 2009 LSU game) as history revisionists.


  3. TomReagan

    Are you and Seth intentionally trying to get us to waste time at work by making us youtube old clips of the George Michael Sports Machine?


  4. 202dawg

    Kelin shouldn’t have far to go. Did he ever leave Athens? (not that i’d blame him)


  5. Ol Dawg

    All right. The Kool-Aid is starting to look tasty again. Lord help me.


  6. Carolinadawg

    The George Michael Sports Machine…WHAM!


  7. Will Trane

    All that information on a possible position coach hire, and it all about schools, conferences, and relationship of coaches. I’d would like to know some players he coached, ie, All-Americans, All-Conference, and etc. After all he will be coaching players rather than conversing in the faculty lounge. G


  8. Gene Simmons

    He has too much hair….


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Good point. I thought we were shooting for a bald staff.

      And we need to check if these former DC’s have or had towel guys in their history.


  9. Normaltown Mike

    Sounds like an Ek-cellent addition!

    He can be the preacher teacher, anything you have in mind….


  10. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Another assistant coach with a BCSNC ring, too. I see a pattern emerging.