You snooze, you lose.

Some of you will probably want to see this as some sort of metaphor.

I just wish Bobo had the presence of mind to capture the moment with some cell phone video.


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17 responses to “You snooze, you lose.

  1. FBO? I’m lost. What / where?

    • Facebook official? French Bavarian Oxnard?

      • RocketDawg

        FBO-Fixed base operation. It’s where General Aviation aircraft stop to refuel, file flight plans, and eat/go to the bathroom on cross country flights.

    • 3rdandGrantham

      Think of a FBO as a waiting room/lounge for GA/commuter pilots. The AHN one is quite nice. With that said, it utterly embarrassing that AHN vastly underserves the Athens area, with their meager 5500 ft. runway and somewhat lacking ILS. Similarly sized and smaller community airports puts AHN to complete shame.

  2. WCW

    Fixed-base operator

  3. William

    Nice reference Coach Bobo!

    • BC Dawg 93

      Die Hard seems a little dramatic. I’m picturing Tommy Boy. Hope Coach Friend wasn’t wearing a tie.

  4. Russ

    So, like an old dog that you can’t bear to shoot, they took Friend out on a plane ride and dropped him off in the country?

  5. Tells me this staff might actually have some chemistry as opposed to the Grantham era where they just hung each other out to dry. Players aren’t the only ones who need to band together on and off the field, coaches do as well.

  6. 202dawg

    I’m guessing he didn’t write this in crayon…

  7. GossDawg

    “I just wish Bobo had the presence of mind to capture the moment with some cell phone video.”
    This will be illustrated ,in crayon, Bobo’s coffee table book coming soon.

  8. Would love to see Coach Friend be as eager to recruit as the other staff – maybe would show in the O line?