Getting your attention

It’s kind of funny – the top two months for traffic at the blog are last September (501,830 hits) and last month (498,805 hits).  One’s all about beating two top ten teams in the space of a couple of weeks and the other’s about replacing an underperforming defensive staff.

In other words, it’s all about hope, ain’t it?


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9 responses to “Getting your attention

  1. Rusty

    If you don’t have hope…why bother?


  2. Hope is a good thing… maybe the best of things!


  3. Puffdawg

    I would’ve expected the opposite (more hits in the downtimes). I would bet that the comments per month is the opposite.


  4. Intrigue.

    Recruiting creates it easier than bath tub meth. Coaching searches are so gotdamn sexy we can hardly contain the bulges in our chinos.

    But the moments Dawg bloggers yearn for most….the hits they truly crave…reside in the Fall when the team is winning like never before, and the clickers are all drunk on all the national attention.

    The only question is…when?


  5. Stat_gal

    I seem to recall there was quite a bit of commenting (and thus hits?) right about the time of the bowl game (when there was perhaps less hope). Would be curious of the distribution of hits right around our bowl game vs rest of Jan, especially the uptick around Grantham leaving/Pruitt hiring. But that’s just me. haha


  6. Today’s no different than any other for me… I’m here just about every day. Haven’t been commenting much lately though.

    Love it Bluto. Here’s to hoping you keep this running forever!