The course of true love never did run smooth.

From Emerson, this is, well… kind of interesting.

… I wanted to issue a quick update on Georgia’s search to fill the final spot on its coaching staff.

Mike Ekeler, the former Southern California linebackers coach, interviewed on Friday, as expected, and remains a candidate for the job, per a source.

But there are other candidates for the job, and something may not happen until after signing day, the source said.

Seth goes on to say that Ekeler has other options as well, but is interested in the Georgia job.  So, is it just that Richt’s too distracted with recruiting just now to pull the trigger?  Doubtful.  Or is there somebody out there he’s waiting on for some reason?  Maybe, but what’s the reason?

To downshift from going at close to breakneck speed in getting the first three guys in to being more deliberate with the last move makes me wonder what they’ve got going on.  One thing seems certain.  They’re not worried about any negative impact that being at less than fully staffed might have on the recruiting front.



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17 responses to “The course of true love never did run smooth.

  1. Timphd

    From afar this has been an interesting process. Seems like a frantic pace to get the D coordinator followed by increasingly casual approach since then. Makes me wonder if there is someone they really want who isn’t available for whatever reason. That or they’re totally wrapped up in recruiting. Probably the latter. Have to like the hires. Pass the kool aid please!


  2. mwo

    Probably waiting until after tomorrow night’s game to speak with Pete Carroll about the ST gig.


  3. “Douchey Dawgs” (h/t Dukes) must be going nuts over this CMR has a poker player style at the end of this dance. rothfmao!
    Mark has game.


  4. Billy Mumphrey

    He’s trying to convince Pruitt to bring Fabris back and that could take a while.


  5. Sanford222view

    My inside source at UGA assures me it is Kirby but out if respect for Saban and “The Process” he is waiting until after Signing Day. It’s the considerate thing to do and the Georgia Way.


    • The ATH

      +100. The number of people spouting off about “inside sources” calling Kirby a “sure thing” was absurd. Never made sense.


  6. Bad Marinara

    Tough call, but let him take his time and get the right guy. Quick would have been ideal if you have the perfect guy but a rushed decision could be worse.