A little Sunday afternoon tea leaf reading

Here are a couple of quotes about Pruitt’s defensive strategy for you to ponder.

From 2014 cornerback commitment Shattle Fenteng:

He talked about his role with new defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt on his Athens visit.

“We went over plays,” Fenteng said. “He told me that I’m the kind of DB that he offered. He told me that he wanted me still and that he liked me. … He’s all about playing man. He knows that’s my specialty.”

And from Garrison Smith:

… Smith said it’s his understanding  the Bulldogs’ will utilize a 4-3 look more than a 3-4 next season under new defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt.

In the 3-4, he said, Georgia’s D-linemen had to be very rigid in carrying out their assignments and maintaining gap control. The 4-3 allows more for “free-styling,” which suits the games of Johnson and Thornton.

“That’s why I think Meatball is about to get his chance,” Smith said of Thornton. “I think the 4-3 defense is more suitable to him. He is a penetrator.”

All about playing man and “free-styling”… sounds aggressive.  Of course, Grantham sounded that way, too, when he showed up.  Is any of that moving you guys?


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16 responses to “A little Sunday afternoon tea leaf reading

  1. 69Dawg

    But in other quotes in articles from FSU players they said his D was much more complex than Stoops’. Even looking at film of FSU is not too helpful because of the caliber of the opponents. FSU had little trouble with Clemson but Clemson’s turnovers killed them. Auburn gave them all they could say grace over but they were without an offense for the first 3 quarters. I hope we get to see a little of it in the G-Day game but my bet is we won’t. We won’t know what he’s really doing until the Clemson game. So I will not be drinking this year’s batch of Kool-Aid.


  2. Dawg in Austin

    I’m excited we got a talented recruiter and coach. Shenteng looks like a receiver playing corner on film. Kind of like Rogers-Cromartie looked in college. Ball hawk, and physically ready to play. Should be interesting to see if he can beat out Swann, given the fact that an entirely new staff will be determining starters.


    • Moe Pritchett

      “…new staff will be determining starters.” read this as competition. And that breeds better play on the field. Not a bad thing Tonto.


  3. Macallanlover

    It is exactly what I am hoping to see from our DL, gap control and space blockers do not disrupt offenses. I also look forward to more press/man coverage, nothing confusing about that assignment. Not saying we do a total 180 in 2014, but directionally I like these comments a lot. I don’t think we could be any worse with the talent we have had on board. Screw Grantham, he was all hat, no cattle.


  4. Bright Idea

    I don’t give a crap WHAT they do but HOW they do it.


  5. south fl dawg

    Red and delicious!


  6. jeff

    Hopefully, it means our players will be running around like their hair is on fire AFTER the snap, rather than before it.


  7. Jeff Sanchez

    I’m just excited we have a player whose nickname is “meatball”


    • .Dash

      I wonder what the story behind it is. Meatballs are his favorite food? Meatballs are big and round, just like a D lineman?


  8. Ol Dawg

    Yes, he “sounds” right, but I was really on board the Grantham train when he was hired and talked like the second coming of Erk. More cautious than optimistic, except for the fact that we couldn’t get worse on defense. Wait, the latter Martinez years … make that “skeptical” rather than cautious.


    • adam

      For me, the difference between Grantham’s talk and Pruitt’s is that Grantham was an NFL position and we had no clue what he would actually be like as a DC. With Pruitt, we saw what he can do as a DC last year and it’s the same kind of concepts he’s been using since he was at Hoover. He’s going to be something very special for us.