“The class was not stacked with those elite guys four years ago.”

If you believe recruiting is going more smoothly now than it did the last time Georgia’s defensive staff blew up, Seth Emerson has a few reasons why you might think so.

Mostly, it’s about Jeremy Pruitt, but to be fair, Pruitt comes in facing a smaller change in recruiting philosophy from Grantham than Grantham did from Martinez.

That being said, boy, did that 2010 class turn out to be disappointing.


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4 responses to ““The class was not stacked with those elite guys four years ago.”

  1. South FL Dawg

    It also looks like a lot more offers are going out and they were going out earlier even with Grantham and co. Staff changes notwithstanding Richt has probably had a bigger transformation all by himself.


  2. Bright Idea

    High school coaches I know are wondering why UGA is slow to offer rising juniors when other schools are doing it. Richt’s “once we offer they are ours” philosophy is the apparent reason and it likely contributes to the undersigning. Any other insight out there?


    • Macallanlover

      I think that is the reason. We not do a good enough job marketing our approach. Like rushing into a relationship can cause more heartbreak and divorces, Richt’s philosophy has always been to be “all in” with offers and not play games with recruits. We should be getting kudos for that and not penalized by the massive ego feeding done by our competitors. A letter of interest to a Junior should be enough to open the dialogue before we “go to Jared’s”. When we make the offer it is solid….and we don’t play games with the position the player is being recruited for. That can certainly change depended on the development, or body type, or even the team’s needs. We have lost players to this foolishness in the past and that player ended up in the position where we told them we would use them up front.


  3. Mike Cooley

    Agreed. I won’t repeat the various memes and narratives attached to Richt by the hysterical among us. But there was something going on from sometime after the 2007 season to right after the 2010 season. Everything hasn’t gone our way since then but I for one feel that Richt has gone about business in a different manner since then. Grantham and the rest of the staff leaving may have been nothing but a set of happy coincidences. No existing evidence suggests otherwise. But I believe Richt met with Grantham and whatever he told him was not to back bone’s liking or to the rest of the Starr’s liking,