Tuesday morning buffet

Get your fill before signing news takes over.


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39 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    “”They’re doing a nice job with scouting and evaluation,” Wommack said. “We’ve seen that, obviously, with how their team performed this year. A lot of those guys weren’t highly ranked by us. It just shows the coaching staff is identifying players that fit the system.”

    And yet, folks are still paying 10 bucks a month while Missouri is actually looking at the kids.



  2. Bob Sackamano

    Did you mean to say he “ate” Twitter last night?


  3. uglydawg

    Mark Bradley is grasping at straws. That is some big-time stretching to find a negative header to lead his “story”. He seems to be trolling for the GT base to read his silly column.. His comment that ” while GT is not good at recruiting, they are better at playing football” (my paraphrase..I’m not about to torture myself by going back and reading that bullshit again just so I can quote it as silly as it’s actually written), is perhaps the dumbest conclusion for I have ever seen, even from him. “Playing (wiinnning) ” against who?


    • Macallanlover

      That comparison is such a glaring hole. It is very surprising he even tried to use winning percentage as a way to insinuate GT is getting more bang for their buck. It would have been even more dramatic if he had taken Ga. Southern, Appy, Northern Ill., and North Dakota’s winning percentage in relationship to their recruiting rankings. To his credit, he recognizes the intelligence of AJC readers and likes his chances of blowing it past them.


  4. Russ

    The bigger part of the Auburn headline is that they play AT KState.


  5. Spence

    Bradley and Schultz rarely do any critical thinking, and stoke the most obvious flames. When David Hale came along and did so many wonderful quasi-statistical analysis combined with interesting takes on the theme-of-the-day reporting that goes on, it really opened my eyes to how good someone can be. I still like Bradley ok (Schultz would be fine if he never tried to make a joke again) but I rarely read his stuff and think “oh, I hadn’t thought of it that way.”


  6. Spence

    His logic is like the Maginot Line, entirely assailable. For instance, comparing recruiting rankings from 2002-2009 against results from 2010-2013 is just weird. He says UGA used to recruit better when it had the No. 2 and No. 3 recruiters on staff in Bobo and Garner… Bobo is still on the staff and I don’t know what CJP is but I hear the kid can recruit, and McClendon is pulling running backs like a fat kid with an x-box controller and a cheat code. The facts he chooses are so arbitrary and unscientific it’s ridiculous. Hale would never do that.

    Of course, he throws in the obligatory no BCS title game jab too, and suggests that Tech’s coaching is better because they outperform their recruiting rankings (of course, he digs arbitrarily back to 1998 to do so… I’d suggest that if he used the same years he does for UGA, ie 2002-present Tech wouldn’t get the benefit of the O’Leary golden ages and his point would falter). I have no doubt this will get picked up by someone on PTI or some other shitty shitty talking head show somewhere and next thing we know Richt can’t recruit anymore. I hate the media.

    There are fleeting moments that I wonder if I should join myajc and pay. This article did not spark that urge.


  7. DawgPhan

    Also Jared Lorenzen highlights are hypnotic.


    • DawgPhan

      Another reason you should all be on twitter.


    • PatinDC

      Looking at the pictures, I find it amazing they could finad a jersey to fit him. He is absolutly squeezed into that one. He is also providing his own version of a flack jacket, as either there is not one to fit, or even if there were, it would not go under the jersey.


  8. Normaltown Mike

    J-Load ran the option with more deceptive speed and skill than George Godsey.


  9. Brandon

    Man I hate Tennessee. How about all of those Tennessee fans basically taking off their shirts and calling Mike Carvell out in the yard: “We really classy you sum’o’bitch”.


  10. Mayor of Dawgtown

    My one disappointment this off-season has been Georgia’s apparent failure to pursue a legit OT from the JC ranks to play LT in Athens. Several were out there but they all appear to be signing elsewhere, particularly with Bama and Ol’ Piss.