Counting heads

Per the presser going on right now,

If Rocker’s got the front four, do they need two linebacker coaches?  And if they don’t need two linebacker coaches…


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17 responses to “Counting heads

  1. MGW

    Mull that over while you watch Isaiah McKenzie’s highlights. And get all excited.


  2. The other Doug

    Richt seems to be toying with us on this last hire.


  3. The best news of the day (for me) was UGA signing Baker as an OT, not a DT. That dude is tailor made to play OT, and UGA desperately needs those kind of guys.


  4. dawg3fan4

    Possibly a secondary hire so Pruitt can work with all groups?


  5. Governor Milledge

    The AJC had comments from this morning’s signing day gala, and Richt’s comment about the coaching staff:

    On whether new coach will be a special teams coordinator …
    “I’ll say this, when the dust settles, I think everybody will be excited about special teams at Georgia.”


  6. Skint

    I think Richt said he would address special teams last year, too. Pruitt bought him a couple of years.


    • SCDawg

      Maybe I am misremembering, but I always thought Richt said he was going to educate himself about placekicking-and this was last year, after Morgan struggled to hit the broad side of a barn on his extra points. Whoever helped Morgan, it certainly worked. Much improved this season.


      • gastr1

        It sounded as though Morgan coached himself. He told someone, in an article that was at the time linked from this here site, that he practiced in the off-season by kicking from super-sharp angles so as to make pretty much anything in a game seem easy by comparison. He did not mention anyone that may have recommended he do that, as I recall.


  7. 202dawg

    Ekeler will coach ST only. If that ends up happening, be still my heart…


  8. Silver Creek Doug

    That coach will have Lorenzo Carter to coach…


  9. cube

    In addition to using that slot for a special teams coach, we should see if we can get by with 2 defensive coaches, fire one of them, and add a 7th offensive coach.


    • cube

      Maybe we could have a “Centers and Guards” coach and let Will Friend focus on Tackles. Or have a fullbacks coach and let McClendon focus on the tailbacks. Or, since John Lilly is stretched a little thin, have a 2nd TE coach. The possibilities are endless.

      2 defensive coaches should be enough. One to be the positional coach for all the positions and one to be the coordinator.


  10. UGA announces Jon Fabris as special teams coach. He will assisted by GA Logan Grey who will work specifically with the returners.

    Mike Bobo said despite his previous statements he like the challenge of driving the length of the field.


    • Sh3rl0ck

      UGA announces Jon Fabris as special teams coach. He will assisted by GA Logan Grey who will work specifically with the Fair-catch Specialists.



  11. south fl dawg

    Pinch me I must be dreaming.