Life intrudes.

Home internet access crash + trip to watch my old alma mater whip Tech in basketball = no posting today.

I’ll see if I can whip something up.  Don’t take it personally.


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  1. americusdawg

    No worries, Senator. Everyone deserves to have some time off once in a while! Enjoy your evening …

  2. Mark Perry

    Here’s a little something to get you and everyone else going:

  3. You do a great job. Enjoy yourself, and don’t worry about it.

  4. You went to UVA? I knew you were fairly smart. Roanoke is a brutal place to be a Dawg, though. You’d think the Hokies were the only team in America.

  5. Timphd

    Screw this positive vibe. I NEED my Get the Picture daily. Multiple times by the way. So get in gear Senator!

  6. stuckinred

    Damn, we waited too long. Zook to the Packers as special teams coach!

  7. Nashville West

    Congrats Senator on the Wahoo win. Any day the insects lose is a good day.

  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    Were people jonesing out there without their fix?

  9. 3rdandGrantham

    I live in C’ville. Love it here and actively attend many UVA athletic events.

    • Beautiful place. One of two schools in Virginia we visited when my youngest was applying to law school.

      • 3rdandGrantham

        It is but you certainly pay for it though in terms of housing costs. We paid roughly 30% more for our home here than our almost identical (and newer) previous home in the north Atlanta ‘burbs. Another drawback is C’ville is known for being a bit snooty and pretentious; lots of old money, well heeled retirees and wealthy northeasterners with second homes here.

        Regardless, we have no intention of ever leaving as the pros far outweigh the cons.

        • mg4life0331

          I’ve though about moving to that area once I finish school. Is it worth it over Atlanta? I know Atlanta fairly well and I hate the traffic.

          • There are ways to live in Atlanta where you do not have to deal with the traffic. Location, location, location!

            • mg4life0331

              And there are the inevitable Atlanta drivers. I’m just not a fan of that place. I would go there purely for the money as opposed to south Georgia where I currently reside.

          • 3rdandGrantham

            It depends what you’re looking for and other interests. Jobs are few, so unless you’re self employed (as I am) or are affiliated with UVA in some fashion, the prospects are few. Richmond is only an hour away and D.C. two hours however; I know quite a few who commute to DC 1-2 days a week and telecommute the rest. So that perhaps is a possibility. Most establish themselves in D.C., then negotiate to move away from NOVA (which is very similar to Atlanta) with a better overall lifestyle that C’ville affords.

            I’m from Atlanta/N. Georgia and a UGA grad. I miss Athens/N. GA but far, far prefer Virginia. I think the weather is actually better for my likes (4 even seasons, 3-4 snowfalls per winter, etc.) with more outdoor activities (2 hours from the coast, mountains just a few minutes away). If you’re into things like skiing and mountain biking, you’re in luck, as both are just minutes away. The populace is far more educated too with much better schools and such; same applies to infrastructure and the like.

            If you can swing it, yes, I’d highly recommend central VA.

            • mg4life0331

              Im in healthcare. As long as people are alive, Ill have a job anywhere.

              • mg4life0331

                Meant to add, about the schools and all, I like the idea of getting away from here to raise kids. The public system in the south just aint cutting it.

                • 3rdandGrantham

                  We have two great hospitals here with UVA medical and the newly reopened Martha Jefferson, which has been named the country’s most beautiful by several publications. The public schools here are far superior to the ones in Georgia, with a few pockets of exceptions out towards the tidewater region.

                  • Well done 3rdandGrantham. Very thoughtful response.

                    • 3rdandGrantham

                      Thanks! Anything I can do to help a fellow Dawg, I’m more than willing to.

                      I feel a bit guilty for trumping VA over GA, particularly since I spent the first 30+ years of my life in Georgia, but much of VA is quite unique that very few other places around the country can match. IMO of course.

          • The other Doug

            Move to Colorado.

  10. stick jackson

    Please cancel my subscription and refund the remaining balance in my account.

  11. AusDawg85

    Mark Richt has lost control of GTP and the Senator!

  12. PatinDC

    With the end of recruiting season for now, is it Fulmer Cup time? Lots of police blotter activity. I cannot figure out how to use the EDSBS website anymore and look forward to the periodic updates. Not sure when the season starts.