Name that caption: use the force, Mark.

The latest cast in Chris Conley’s epic looks thusly:

Say what you want about the tenets of the Jedi, Dude, at least it’s an ethos.

Your comments are welcome.


UPDATE:  Bernie’s got more.

Damn, Mark Richt’s lost control of something there.


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33 responses to “Name that caption: use the force, Mark.

  1. Bard Parker

    Mark Richt has lost control of the Galactic Empire

  2. Spike

    If you can’t beat ’em, Tech, join , ’em!

  3. uglydawg

    What’s CMR doing in Bobby Dodd Stadium?

  4. Brandon

    This brings new meaning to the stormtrooper line in Star Wars: “maybe it’s another drill”.

  5. godawg

    “Georgia Tech Students Kidnap Richt; Ransom Demands Forthcoming”

  6. Bulldog Joe

    Georgia’s special teams unit storms out of the closet with flair.

  7. GetRealDawg

    So this is what it feels like at GT.


    This is Tech’s version of matt drills

  8. hassan

    Why would Richt leave to take the Tech job?!?!?

  9. Scorpio Jones, III

    I was asked to read for the part of Jabba the Hut, but my agent suggested I turn it down, since Conley is involved it might be construed as an extra benefit.

  10. DawgPhan

    Also Chris Conley is quickly becoming my favorite Dawg…Not just on this team but in quite a while. He is winning so hard right now.

  11. Bulldog Joe

    …then Bobby Petrino rides in and saves him.

    • 81Dog

      actually, in that version, Petrino rides in and wrecks the Millenium Falcon, but it doesnt come out for a couple of days that Princess Leia was siting in his lap while he was trying to show off his warp drive, if you know what I mean.

  12. mwo

    The force is strong in this one!

  13. Matt b.

    Guess they made an exemption on the “zero tolerance” no guns on campus rule.

  14. Irishdawg

    Tech students get dates the same way, only those involve more chloroform

  15. Sanford222view

    Obviously Evil Richt was not in attendance or he would have been leading these guys.

  16. fetch

    In an effort to bolster recruiting, CPJ sends in his GA’s to capture Richt.

  17. Spike

    If we whack him, will we get new rings?

  18. Cousin Eddie

    Pic #2;Emperor McGarity must protect the Reserve Fund by any means. “No indoor Jedi training facility for you.”

  19. Fish Fry/Jabba the Hutt sends the stormtroopers to capture a guy who actually understands 21st century offensive football.

  20. 81Dog

    Paul Johnson is a natural for Jabba the Hut in this remake. He’s fat, cranky, and Richt always defeats him in the end.

  21. Coweta Dawg

    Louisville issues bounty on Richt after his “jedi mind trick” results in inexplicable hiring of Grantham.

  22. AusDawg85

    Pic #2: The new screensaver for GTP’s negative hammer commenters.

  23. Dawg19

    “I said we needed five-star recruits, not Death Star recruits!!”

  24. Juan

    A+++ blending of Star Wars and the Lebowski, Senator.

  25. UbiquitousGaAlum

    Did Chief Jimmy Williamson approve these helmets for use on a moped?

  26. Skeeter

    Richt shot first!