Forget it, Rashaan. It’s Auburn.

Stay classy, Tigers.

Besides, young man, it’s not that you are Satan.  It’s that you’re playing for him.


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25 responses to “Forget it, Rashaan. It’s Auburn.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Auburn. Forever an inferiority complex.

    • jollyrogerjay

      I wonder if Bone is going to write a piece on those classy bammer fans tweeting death threats and all other kinds of crap to their very own field goal kicker after he had such a dreadful day in last season’s Iron Bowl?

  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Shocking behavior, just shocking…you would think Coach Beelzebub’s close relationship with God and Ole Jesus would push him to bring these people in for a talk and a biscuit.

    If you ain’t lived in Alabama, you really have no idea.

  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Some people need to get a life.

  4. Brandon

    This is just the latest thing that makes me embarrassed to be an American.

    • Dawgwalker07

      Don’t be embarrassed to be American. It’s really just Alabama that’s a bunch of crazy bored rednecks.

      • mdcgtp

        while it is unfair to paint an entire state with the brush of its crazies, it is another indication that the hatred between Bama and Auburn has gone long past the point of stupid irrational. To sum up, they have moved past killing trees and believe their hatred of one another justifies harming a family’s ability to earn a living. Remarkable even for Alabama.

        of course, if your neighbors are even crazier, perhaps you have an excuse. Mississippi continues to make Alabama look like a bastion of rationality and tolerance, as MS was the only state in the US that in ESPN poll thought the NFL was not ready for Michael Sam. 64% of the US population think it is.

    • Brandon

      Embarassment was the first stage, I’m on to humor. Rashaan was right they aren’t human, they are the Auburn Fam-o-lee:

  5. Spike

    I guess this guy is not “All In” or “Auburn Family”? I dunno, maybe he is not into throwing butt tape in trees.

  6. Bob

    Sadly, it would be the same if he lived in Tuscaloosa and chose Auburn. Pathetic, but unfortunately there are plenty of Harvey Updykes out there. Really pathetic.

  7. HamDawg11

    Ok, living in Birmingham for over 13 years, I believe I have the perspective to post on this topic. While I know that UGA has our fair share of irrationals, we can’t hold a candle to the looney birds over here. Not only do they outnumber us, they’re much better at being stupid than we’ll ever be! Yeah, we hate Tech, Auburn, and UF, but we don’t approach the level of disdain that these folks have for one another. It’s everywhere! Work, church, schools, you name it!

    Pathetic, really…..

    • Macallanlover

      True the bottom 10 % of all fan bases look pretty much the same, the problem with Bamas, FU, AU, TN, Ohio, SC, etc. is the depth of the problem. UGA has our fools, and it is embarrassing to see them wear R&B, but the number of incidents coming from those named here is what makes them bottom group. At the top, all schools have pretty classy fans too, just hard to find them among such a large crowd of scumbags sometimes.

  8. Russ

    Pathetic. They should have just egged his house and rolled his yard.

  9. Slaw Dawg

    What kills me is we have a losing record to these guys. (I’d have responded sooner, but when I tried to juxtapose “Auburn” and “classy,” my hard drive shut down.)

    • jollyrogerjay

      All you UGAs did send your best wishes and congratulatory notes to the 10 Georgia kids that signed with Auburn last week, right?

      Get real folks, there is nothing like football in the south, and this happens all the time when a big time recruit goes somewhere other than expected, especially when said recruit goes to the arch enemy. I live in Auburn 6 months a year, Sandestin the other 6. Evans’ mother is the bread winner in that family, not Alan, his Dad. He hasn’t worked in a year. He spent all his time hovering over his son at Auburn High practices. That tiny convenience store is right down the street from me, and it is not a gold mine by any stretch of the imagination.

      Hello to the lovely young lasses on Lumpkin and Baxter!

      • Slaw Dawg

        Good grief, how could we have forgotten “all the time(s)” that we Dawgfans have advocated boycotting a turned recruit’s parent’s business, or refusing them service at restaurants or accosting them around town to tell them how they’ve screwed up our lives? Yeah, buddy, having spent much of my life in Athens and having witnessed local talent heading to AU or Clemson or LSU, I can tell you that I’ve seen such behavior… never, nada, not once.

        It might just be that the rest of us don’t see the equivalence between not sending congratulatory messages (and can’t for the life of me understand why I’d congratulate anybody whose fate led them to Awbarn) and engaging in the behavior visited upon this young man and his family. I mean, I wouldn’t congratulate a recruit who got arrested for, say, a couple of felony “possession with intent” charges, but wouldn’t boycott his dad’s place of business either. But maybe things are just different at Auburn.

        • jollyrogerjay

          Didn’t you learn from your parents that you shouldn’t believe everything you read in the papers and on the internet? The reports (of not being served in Auburn restaurants, “accosted around town,” REALLY??, etc,) by Alan Evans and Andrew Bone is BS, and they know it. Yeah, I’m sure he’s had a few “Damn , What the F***s Rashaan” thrown his way. Alan Evans is just enjoying his few minutes of fame and revenge on Auburn, believing he was done wrong by Auburn when he couldn’t get on the field while Bo Jackson and Lionel James were carrying the pigskin. He was the # 1 rated HS RB coming out of Enterprise that year, and ended up transferring to UT Chattanooga. He has been pissed ever since. Like I said, his Dad doesn’t have a place of business, Mrs. Evans is the wage earner in that family, (PHD) and no one is boycotting that store. I pass it every day.
          You hate Auburn, I get it. I don’t hate UGA. I grew up just south of Macon. You seem to be one of the UGA fans that is really all wrapped up in Georgia football, and cannot get over what happened in November, and the fact that AU has a crystal football and has won more SEC Championships than any other team in the last 10 years (3). Move on. Sanford Stadium next November is not that far away.

          • Macallanlover

            Boy, you are a little full of yourself. Do you really think we are envious of Auburn football? Seriously? I can think of few schools that I would even consider wanting to be more like (in some ways) and I can tell you Auburn would never make that list, for any reason. I mean you guys are OK, top half of the SEC which is respectable, but thinking you hold the high ground? Dang, you need to step out of Alabama and take a look at the rest of the world…and I am in Sandestin now, this doesn’t count as a different perspective. Mysteriously, AU fans are visible again.

            • Auburn fans take a back seat to nobody when it comes to delusion.

              I was talking to some Auburn people (ex-Auburn players and wives) at a party last weekend. They really believe their program is the best in the country, the ideal of what programs like Georgia aspire to be. “Gus” is a godsend and the best coach in America, and “Gene” (Chizik) is a wonderful Christian man who was just too nice to be a head coach.

              And Georgia (condescendingly) could be like Auburn if Richt could just be different, but “he’s too much like Gene .. just too nice.” No kidding. These are good, sincere people, and old friends, but it’s so far off the wall all you can do is stand there and listen.

              One of the few times, maybe the only time, I’ve been speechless when it comes to college football.

          • Slaw Dawg

            Just to set the record straight, I started hated Auburn way before last November.

  10. Stay classy, Tigers.

    Can’t happen. After all, we are talking about Auburn, Alabama.