We welcome our “network partners” overlords.

Remember when everyone and his brother were hailing Pac-12 Commish Larry Scott for his genius in negotiating his conference’s new broadcast deals?  All that money, served up on a platter.

Yeah, well, the bill’s come due.

The Pac-12 is in discussions with its network partners to change programming practices and avoid another season with an overwhelming number of night games, according to sources inside and outside the conference.

I wouldn’t necessarily characterize the back-and-forth as negotiations, because the league has a contract with ESPN and Fox that isn’t going away for a decade.

But Pac-12 officials were not happy with the ’13 broadcast schedule and are working with their partners to find an acceptable resolution for all parties involved. One source called the league’s approach “fair but firm.”

The conference spent three months listening to complaints from fans and school officials. Commissioner Larry Scott and his lieutenant are keenly aware of the frustration.

Whether they can do anything about it remains to be seen.

A $3 billion dollar deal and the networks want say so over broadcast times.  Some kinda nerve there.

But here’s what they can do: They can reduce or eliminate the exclusive window for the over-the-air broadcasts on ABC and Big FOX.

Maybe they eliminate it altogether.

Maybe they scrap it for half of the 10 broadcasts.

Either way, it would create more flexibility for the Pac12Nets.

I don’t know the specifics of the options being discussed.

But I know this: If nothing changes, the uproar from fans and campuses will be significant.

Maybe Larry can hit ’em into silence with the conference’s bank account.  After all, we know who’s gonna win here.


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4 responses to “We welcome our “network partners” overlords.

  1. McGarity suggests the networks offer free wi-fi for all attendees of late night games. Yup. That would certainly improve fan experience…


  2. Dog in Fla

    I wonder if Commissioner Larry Scott’s ‘leftenant’ goes by the name of Carlos Danger


  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Who sets the kick-off times (TV or the schools/conference) IS a big deal.


  4. Macallanlover

    I would think the PAC12 benefits from start times around 6-7PM. West Coast isn’t exactly a hotbed of CFB so they pick up East Coast viewers with the later times. Higher viewership equates to more advertising revenue and bigger contract payments. I don’t get the issue that has them so fired up, having less competition seems the way to go. Perhaps Larry has killed too many brain cells with the medical weed.