In case you were worried

The UGA Athletic Association and The Georgia Bulldog Club will follow the inclement weather operations policy set forth by the University. Any potential weather related closing will not impact the Feb. 15 Hartman Fund deadline, which is UGA’s priority program for renewable season football tickets.

It’s good to know they’ll never need an indoor practice facility for that.


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5 responses to “Weatherproof

  1. Gaskilldawg

    If McGarity moved the deadline to the 19th we would have to raise ti met prices. You north GA Dogs driving in the ice looking for an open post office will thank him.


  2. Gaskilldawg

    That gobbledygook in the first sentence should be “raise ticket prices”


  3. Greg McGarity, your athletic director

    Look, people…if we extend the deadline, each donation tier has to go up by $50 per seat. It’s your choice.

    I suggest getting your donations in and not complaining about it.


  4. pantslesspatdye

    This date is fungible, anyway. If they do not get enough takers, they will just call you and ask why you have not yet sent in your donation.