What losing control really looks like

I think it’s safe to say that Tennessee ought to be out to a good start in the 2014 Fulmer Cup standings.

On Sunday news broke that two current and one former Tennessee players were arrested on alcohol-related charges and resisting arrest. Now the Associated Press is reporting that seven more Volunteers have received alcohol-related citations.

According to a police report linebackers Curt Maggitt, Jakob Johnson and Jalen Reeves-Maybin were cited for providing alcohol to underage people. Offensive lineman Dontavius Blair, defensive lineman Malik Brown, defensive end Dimarya Mixon and cornerback Justin Coleman were cited for underage consumption.

The arrested players were linebacker A.J. Johnson, former linebacker Dontavis Sapp and defensive lineman Danny O’Brien. Johnson and Sapp were arrested on charges of purchasing alcohol for minors and resisting arrest while Sapp was charged with criminal impersonation, resisting arrest and underage consumption. The criminal impersonation charge stems from O’Brien originally provided the police with fake identification that showed he was over 21.

Police were initially responding to a call about a loud party at an apartment in Knoxville. The report also states that Sapp and Johnson provided marijuana to numerous individuals at the party, including one minor.

Must have been one helluva party.

Tennessee opens with Utah State this season, in case you’re wondering.  In any event, I think you can guess how long the suspensions will run.



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20 responses to “What losing control really looks like

  1. JasonC

    And I thought they’d still be rebuilding. Butch has done a great job of getting the Vols back to the old form.


  2. I Wanna Red Cup

    I bet McGarity has a wet dream about an 8 game home schedule


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    As a long-time resident of the great state of Tennessee, I am humiliated by the immature behavior exhibited by a group of outside agitators in Knoxville.

    I have no doubt Coach Bitch will deal with these malcontents and malefactors swiftly and forcefully.

    I have heard Coach Bitch has brought in former Coach Great Punkin to advise him on ways to control drinking, partying and other scurrilous activities by members of the Volunteer football team.

    “Coach Punkin’s team set the gold standard for off-field behavior here in Knoxville,” said Bitch, through an athletic department spokesman, “I have no doubt his counsel will prove invaluable as we strive to do things The Tennessee Way.”


  4. Doug

    Utah State’s no joke, though, particularly with Chuckie Keeton coming back healthy. I know a few Vol diehards who were biting their nails about that one even before the prospect of mass suspensions reared its ugly head.


    • The other Doug

      Bill Connolly’s ranking has the Vols at 57 and Utah St at 69. I know it’s hard to get a handle on teams that are ranked that low, so for comparison the Georgia Tech Institute is a chantastic 44.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Utah State just might dust the Vols. I will watch that game and be cheering for the Aggies.


  5. The other Doug

    How come there are no charges related to the marijuana?


    • Because Mark Richt hasn’t completely lost control of the Knoxville PD to Jimmy Williamson just yet.


      • Macallanlover

        I have already heard Vol fans talking about Butch needing to have a talk to the KnoxVegas police and get them “back in line” the way Phat had them. Since they allowed a failed 4th drug test for a running back during the Fulmer era, I wouldn’t look for any significant suspensions….for any misbehavior. TN is pretty desperate to have some improvement and it wouldn’t be surprising to see them emulate FU or AU standards.


  6. fatman48

    Come on fella’s, there will be no suspensions, its just a case (no pun intended) of “Boy’s will be Boy’s” you know like at Albarn and at FSU, why hell they even get a “Trophy” they did at FSU. Very sad isn’t it……


  7. Cojones

    Understand they realized too late that the long tubes weren ‘t to place in the mouth. A couple of Pikes dropped by and corrected things before the raid. Their rapid disconnection set power sprays over all attendees making them easy to sort from the smokers.

    When will these kids grow up, brew up a hot gandja mix and by ladling into the lower orifice (like the grown-up Mayans used to do)instead of drinking, avoid the alcohol charges?


  8. KitteryDawg

    It’s Mark Richt’s fault. He’s lost control in Knoxville again.
    Take him out back and whip him.


  9. AusDawg85

    This will all blow over once its disclosed they were just studying for their major in moonshining, part of the UT liberal arts program in government & dentistry.


  10. Moe Pritchett

    Do they get they anal intake adapters at Walgreens?


  11. Hey folks that’s the way they can unload their players to get to the right total, its all in the plan.


    • Bulldog Joe

      Agreed. Good for team building and immediately culling the herd. It’s simpler than the medical redshirt, academic dismissal, and transfer processes. Butch doesn’t have time for that shit.

      If A.J. Johnson invites you out for a night on the town, you’re done at UT.

      No muss. No fuss.


  12. Kind of ironic the Cortez McDowell committed to Tenn over UGA, because people always seem to get in trouble at UGA.