Today’s trivia question

There is only one football program in the SEC which has seen its home attendance decline in each of the past five seasons.  Can you name it?


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  1. Moosefish


  2. JasonC

    I guess the wrong Orange team.

  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    You don’t have to be Einstein to figure that one.

  4. Given how flat the numbers are, a drop of 3K/game is huge. Operation Overlord in its full glory.

  5. Rusty

    You’ll have to take my word for it, but I guessed right.😉

  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    I kinda actually thought “Florida” but that was more hope than knowledge, then I looked. Tee fucking Hee.

    I bet Jeremy Foley has time for THAT shit.

  7. Spike

    Were the boys from old Florida.. We stick together in all kinds of weather… Well, maybe…sometimes.. (I just threw up in my mouth a little after typing that).

  8. JRod1229

    As I read it.. for every complaint we have about all things UGA (fan experience, perceived lack of return on investment, administration apathy, etc.) it isn’t affecting ticket sales at all. So basically while there are a bunch of complaints and alternatives, it isn’t translating to our ticket sales.

  9. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    “Georgia’s fanbase is just about the most steady ticket-buying force in the SEC.”

    Appears we’ve had essentially sellout crowds. That’s interesting given the downs and ups of the program over the past 5 years.

  10. mdcgtp

    i am surprised and would have guessed UT.

    • I did. There were some 6800 empty seats in their stadium though. After all the chat about people foregoing tailgates and staying home to watch the 60″ screen in the easy chair with a cooler nearby. I was really surprised by this:
      “Football attendance topped 50 million for the first time in 2013, according to a report released by the NCAA earlier this month.”

  11. D.N. Nation

    A usually terrible OOC schedule and now a lousy team. I wouldn’t go watch Florida either.

    • 7 losses in a row is outstanding! Agent Muschamp is doing well. It’s great to be a Bulldog. But Georgia’s victories over uT, Florida and Tech were too close for comfort. Those were very close margins of victory. Two in overtime. Our 8-5 could have just as easily been 5-7.

  12. HVL Dawg

    But aren’t the football writers going to vote them a preseason top 10 team again this year?

    • Cojones

      Many already have and I don’t disagree with them. FU has the personnel plus new recruits on board to be competitive every game this year. If we can understand how and why the Dawgs fared last year, it’s a small extension to include FU. Both of us experienced good player loss to such an extent that it affected our games. We both will be loaded this year and anything can happen.

      Looking forward to our troops helping Muschamp set an 8-loss record in the Jax game that can never be surpassed.

  13. These lists are misleading as Georgia does not publish actual attendance, only the stadium capacity for “sold out” games.

    Considering the student section is oversold and underpopulated for every game, and there is no way that these games have a 100% realization rate on the 75K+ other seats, we really have no idea of knowing how “loyal” Georgia fans are compared to other schools.

    • cube

      The other schools’ numbers are also paid attendance and not turnstile counts. The comparison is apples to apples.

      • I don’t think that is accurate. Where did you see that in the study? Notice that none of the other schools have the same number 4/5 years like UGA. That is because they are actually tracking attendance, and not just throwing up the stadium capacity as the attendance for each game.

        • cube

          Read the last sentence of the 4th paragraph.

          “And remember, too, that these are paid attendance numbers, not actual turnstile counts.”

  14. Cousin Eddie

    After going to the uf stadium this year, I could understand why attendance is down. Besides all the orange, which I assume they like, the stadium itself looks like what I would imagine a trailer park stadium would look like. The steps are narrow with no hand rails, we actually had to let older people hold our hands to be able to get up those steep narrow steps. The walkways under the stadium looked nice but the bowl itself is putrid, why watch a mediocre team in a true orange toilet. BTW, thanks to the bother in law for the ticket.

  15. Reservoir Dawg

    Easy guess if you know Floriduh folk at all. They are genetically pre-disposed to an inferiority complex compounded by hubristic grandiosity. The know in their bones that they will never have the heritage, fortitude or maturity to really, really be champions. I’ll grudgingly give ’em ’96 but ’06 & ’08 were undeserved appearances at the Big Dance. That and what Cousin Eddie said about the stadium. It is a sheet steel nightmare that absorbs the abundant Hogtown sunshine and radiates it back for hours. Night games at that toilet bowl are like sitting in a convection oven.

  16. I haven’t been to Missouri or Kyle Field, but what do you guys think it the toughest place to play in the SEC? I used to think Knoxville, but now I dread Columbia and their Sandstorm.

    • UGA in Columbia in 2012

      • Yeah that was an ugly night. The walk back to the car was worse than losing in Knoxvegas. Drunks in golf carts jeering you all the way to your car. Just Wow. Missouri was not a very attractive campus at all. And I felt like I was at a high school game there for a while. Still. Big hat tip to the Missouri Nation. Those were some very nice fans before and after the game. “Thanks for coming” was the theme. It wasn’t one that I was all that familiar with either. Good folks.

        • Reservoir Dawg

          Mizzou’s campus and those too nice people were the biggest surprises of that trip. Don’t know how much you got to see but I thought it was quite pretty, especially the old columns lit up at night. The parking deck was free and the downtown bars were accommodating. The view of the library tower from the plaza where the alumni picnic was held was really gorgeous. I’d go back in a minute. Beats the hell out of Toomer’s Corner. I kept thinking, “Wait ’til these poor bastards go to a night game at Baton Rouge or Auburn or Gainesville. They won’t be nice for long.”

  17. papadawg

    I’m proud that I guessed correctly. Not because I was right, but because it reflects so poorly on the Gators. Ah, misfortune in Gainesville warms this Bulldog heart, even in the midst of Icepocalypse in Athens. (but, for real, somebody stop this storm!)

  18. Macallanlover

    I don’t think their fans know much about football or understand college football history, but they are tremendously loyal. If they ever developed some perspective, and got the pathetic “little man” attitude off their shoulders, they could have some of the respect they are dying for.

  19. Mayor of Dawgtown

    The truth is FU “fans” aren’t really fans at all.They are hangers-on who come out of the woodwork when things are going well for the Gators but disappear when things go bad. BTW, anybody seen or heard from Gator Mike lately?