A rivalry, you say.

I don’t know what pleases me most about this list – that Georgia-Georgia Tech ranks first, or that Georgia-Florida no longer qualifies.


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    • Macallanlover

      Yes they are, especially UGA winning the close battles against FU allowing the weak UGA fans who were bowing to them and kissing them ring to regain their manhood. It was silly to ever think this wasn’t a great rivalry, only the upstart FU fans with their limited perspective and spineless Dawg fans conceded the game. The mismatch was Goff’s teams against Spurrier, even Foolmer was able to dominate UGA then. No big deal, just a unpleasant, but brief phase. Keep the overall W/L record in double digits, and never let a class graduate without at least one win.

      Tech can also claim that many of the games in this run have been competitive but the overall record undermines their claim of credibility. I don’t consider them a major rival any longer, not in my Top 4. I realize many still carry that torch, but I just can’t put them on a level with our big conference rivals. I did in the past but I would really like to make them a Ga Southern type opponent and play them every four years, and only at home. I think it would actually make the game with them more of a rivalry.

      • Hank

        20+ years isn’t brief in my book. It also wasn’t just Goff. Donnan won once, and Richt didn’t do so well until recently. The fans weren’t the ones who showed up flat to most of those games either. Many of those years, the players were beat before they even showed up. We have played Florida every year before and after the conference split into two divisions. If they are not a big conference rival, nobody is. Unless you were around before the stadium was built.

        • Macallanlover

          My point has always been that you cannot selective choose any period of games to make a point about a rivalry and let that define the rivalry. You either take the whole of the series, or the most recent stretch. Anything else is manipulating data. UGA wins when viewed as the entire set of games, or the most recent as it pertains to current coaches, or current players “awareness period”….say from when they were in HS. Both sides had cycles of success but the rivalry has always been “real”. That is, each respected the other, and always had the game circled as one they felt they needed to win and feared they could lose.

          I don’t think our players showed up thinking they were beat, maybe a few in the nineties, but I feel we had a segment of our fans who felt we couldn’t/wouldn’t win because FU fans dictated to the weaker Dawg fans. Whatever you think, the cycle of negative thinking is over…it passed just everyone should have expected. Now we hold the overall lead, and the current trend, no one should feel it isn’t a rivalry that is alive, even those who quit on us before. Even though we are rolling on them now, I don’t ever want to act as stupid as Gator fans did. Sun doesn’t shine on every Dawg’s back all the time.

      • Dog in Fla

        “weak UGA fans who were bowing to them and kissing them ring to regain their manhood. It was silly to ever think this wasn’t a great rivalry,…spineless Dawg fans conceded the game.” **

        November 10, 1990 Jacksonville, FL Florida 38–7
        November 9, 1991 Jacksonville, FL Florida 45–13
        October 31, 1992 Jacksonville, FL Florida 26–24
        October 30, 1993 Jacksonville, FL Florida 33–26
        October 29, 1994 Gainesville, FL Florida 52–14
        October 28, 1995 Athens, GA Florida 52–17
        November 2, 1996 Jacksonville, FL Florida 47–7
        November 1, 1997 Jacksonville, FL Georgia 37–17
        October 31, 1998 Jacksonville, FL Florida 38–7
        October 30, 1999 Jacksonville, FL Florida 30–14
        October 28, 2000 Jacksonville, FL Florida 34–23
        October 27, 2001 Jacksonville, FL Florida 24–10
        November 2, 2002 Jacksonville, FL Florida 20–13
        November 1, 2003 Jacksonville, FL Florida 16–13
        October 30, 2004 Jacksonville, FL Georgia 31–24
        October 29, 2005 Jacksonville, FL Florida 14–10
        October 28, 2006 Jacksonville, FL Florida 21–14
        October 27, 2007 Jacksonville, FL Georgia 42–30
        November 1, 2008 Jacksonville, FL Florida 49–10
        October 31, 2009 Jacksonville, FL Florida 41–17
        October 30, 2010 Jacksonville, FL Florida 34–31OT

        ** Since the time his ex-friend invented college football, Mac moves for no man, not even Patsy

        • Get the Picture now… temperature in the 80’s” Ironic that Jimbo broke the drought against Florida and Tennessee when no one else had for a while. This was one of my favorite games. We had brought in a group from Florida to frame about 260 units of multifamily across from Cedar Shoals HS. Springlake. They had worked for Disney and were very good. There they were in Athens, jorts and all promising me politely during job meetings and draw requests that they were going to whip our ass. As usual I responded in kind and faced buying some 60 men and the owner of that company lunch if we lost. My partner remarked “you let that pride of yours over load your ass sometimes.” On the flip side we won and I got his company credit card for a month of dinners. We ate well.

      • Growing up on the GT Campus, I have never considered them a rival to Georgia. GT is not about CF to me. It is just a family tradition. No woman in my family ever considered enrolling. It’s a boy’s school and now it is a school mostly for foreigners. Saw the GTLAMBO on Peachtree at West Peachtree just an hour ago. It was driven by an Asian guy. Makes a lot of noise.

  1. Reservoir Dawg

    Hate to give them props, but FU is 33-1 against UK since like ’79. The Ol’ Ball Coach particularly loved grinding the ‘Cats down by 40+ points.

    • Dolly Llama

      I think you missed the point, RD. These, as I read it, weren’t supposed to represent the most lopsided series records so much as the most lopsided RIVALRY series (real or imagined.) Has FU and KY really ever been regarded as a true rivalry series in the same way as UGA/FU, FU/FSU, AU/AL, etc.?

      • Reservoir Dawg

        Rivalries shift. FU has been a rivalry mainly because of the WLOCP atmosphere. In the dark ages of the ’70s, the WLOCP was an excuse to get stinkin’ drunk on the beach and whoop the hell out of the 2d worst team in the SEC. We didn’t look at them as rivals but just a good time. We still own them by 8 games (and a much larger margin pre-Goof). In sheer numbers, that ain’t a rivalry.

        Those of us from below the gnat line consider FU our biggest rivals because we have to put up with their arrogance. Folks from Macon north will tell you that AU or GT are our biggest rivals. USCleast really should be considered our biggest rivalry now because we gotta beat them to win the East. Or is it Mizzou? See what I mean about shifting?

        AU is a rival because of history and we step all over each other’s johnsons in recruiting. We’re 1 game behind them all-time. GT is a rival because of history, bragging rights and all that hate. We’ve owned them since Bobby Dodd left. Kind of like FU owns KY.

        FU fans (I’m married to an alum) will tell you that FSU & Miami are their biggest rivals. Both ACC teams. We really haven’t been a rivalry for them until recently. Face it, since ’92, we’ve been more of a speedbump for them. KY holds a dear place in their hearts, though, cause no matter how bad FU sucks, there’s always KY to kick around. Kind of like us and Vandy used to be, except lately, we’ve only had GT to look forward to with that kind of anticipation.

        There’s rivalries and there’s whipping boys. They are both important to have. FU’s streak on KY is pretty remarkable.

        • Dolly Llama

          “There’s rivalries and there’s whipping boys.”
          That distinction was exactly what I meant in my original response. You said it better and more succinctly than me. KY is FU’s whipping boy, not its rival.

        • cube

          Florida-Kentucky is not a rivalry and never has been.

  2. Beer Money

    And in my opinion, we still owe them several more ass whippings to pay back that ’08 embarrassment. God what a terrible day that was.

  3. I Wanna Red Cup

    Thank you Senator. You made my day

  4. Timphd

    Beating FU is in my mind the most important task of the year. GT hardly rates consideration as a rivalry but until we own the Gators the world is still out of balance. The past few seasons seem to indicate a return to normal. It’s especially pleasant when we can watch the Gator tears flow with the next heartbreaking loss.

  5. Dawgoholic

    I’m sure Stingtalk has an explanation for this.

  6. Dawgfan Will

    Sweet, sweet music.

  7. Joe

    I do not know why we are still playing Gtu. It is the epitome of a no-win situation. I have always viewed Gtu as our #1 rival but derive no satisfaction from beating them anymore.

    Gtu is not a major college program anymore, and I wonder if they even make the cut when the Big 64 breaks away from the NCAA? Honestly, who would you rather have in the breakaway group, Central Florida, with their 60,000 student enrollment or Gtu, with their paltry enrollment and 1-AA stadium that never gets filled?

    It’s a serious issue that Gtu needs to be considering. They are not a “have” in college athletics anymore, except that they draw an ACC welfare check. All the more reason why we should never give them a shot at beating us in their Super Bowl or fund their AD every other year by filling their stadium.

    Literally nothing good can come from playing that game anymore. I say we start adding another 1AA team and prepare for the 9 game conference schedule.

    • Puffdawg

      Oy. A no win situation? GT is a guaranteed win against an above average major conference opponent. Why would we ever drop them?

      By the way, their conference has the reigning National Champion of college football.

      • Alkaline

        I agree. Outside of the SEC fanbase UGA/GT is still viewed as a major in-state rivalry, so we get credit nationally for playing a power program with minimal actual risk. Picking up another mid-major for a one-off home game does absolutely nothing for us no matter what the ADs think. We already do 2 or sometimes 3 of those per year, and everyone hates them. The only way I can see dropping Tech is if Southern or State eventually become nationally relevant.

    • Russ

      “ACC welfare check” – that’s gold, Jerry. GOLD!

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        I have this vague recollection of the Georgia General Assembly passing a resolution back in the dark ages that Georgia would HAVE to play Tech, not sure about this, but that’s my memory.

  8. I don’t know what pleases me most about this list – that Georgia-Georgia Tech ranks first, or that Georgia-Florida no longer qualifies.

    I equally pleased about both. And pleased you posted this list.

  9. Comin' Down The Track

    I, for one, will never tire of beating the nerds. Never.

    • Doug

      Me neither. Their despondent reactions just get funnier every year. In a way, our loss to them in PJ’s first year amped up the entertainment factor in the long run, because it actually had them believing they’d turned the tide in the rivalry.

  10. uglydawg

    Beating the Nerds is nice but we’ve become so accustomed to it we don’t get “our money’s worth” after the win(s). We let ’em off easy because the win has come to be expected……BUT let them win one and they will get ALL of their “money’s worth” in spades….If you don’t hate them now…you will then…if that day comes (and I hope it doesn’t).
    Another thought…What about Tennessee and Vandy? Rivalry?

  11. LorenzoDawgriquez

    I like the fact that those 2008 highlights that they still show at the Joke by Coke are starting to look old and grainy.