In the immortal words of Winston Wolf…

Is it just me, or does John Swofford’s victory dance over the end of conference realignment seem a bit premature?

I mean, aren’t we just one new broadcast deal away (the Big Ten’s gonna start negotiating one next year) from the major conference commissioners pulling out their Johnsons again to see who has the biggest?  And we all know that conference realignment is like Viagra when that happens.



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7 responses to “In the immortal words of Winston Wolf…

  1. Puffdawg

    “The BCS expanded interest from regional to national.”

    Is that a feature or a bug?


  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Swofford is full of sh!t if he thinks that conference realignment is over. The SEC still has 2 slots left to get to 16. There are a whole bunch of teams/schools that would jump at the chance to join the SEC including most of Swofford’s conference members.


  3. DawgByte

    According to Warner Wolf, conference realignment is not complete.


  4. JG Shellnutt

    The first that popped into my head, I think, is the one you’re going for: “Let’s not start…each other’s … quite yet.”
    But there’s another WW quote that applies to these conference commissioners and the words that come out of their mouths: “because you are a character does not mean you have character.”.


  5. Always Someone Else's Fault

    This from the man suing Maryland for $50 million? I don’t know how these quotes fit his lawyers’ trial and/or damages strategy, but we can assume everything out of his mouth somehow defers to that priority.


  6. Spike

    Those are some colorful metaphors you got there, Senator. 🙂