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I don’t care which side of the substitution rule debate you line up on, this here is funny.


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“Are you serious?”

Just curious what you guys think of Kentucky offensive coordinator Neal Brown’s substitution proposal analogy:

“The offense determines the pace and sometimes it’s to the detriment of the defense,” Brown said. “But they can move all 11 people at any time (prior to the snap). We can’t. When I think about it, it would be like in basketball, you have a runaway fast break and the rules make you stop and wait till the defense gets set.”

Assuming the goal is to give the defense the ability to set fully before the ball is snapped, why limit the rule to ten seconds?  (We saw more than enough occasions last season when you could have given Grantham and his defense the entire forty seconds and they still wouldn’t have been ready.)  Why not allow defenses to indicate to the officials when they’re ready to go and then snap the ball?

Okay, that’s a rhetorical question.  Obviously, everyone wants a reasonable solution.  But what’s so magical about ten seconds?

“There are probably some coaches out there who don’t want to defend fast-pace offense,” University of Louisville head coach Bobby Petrino said. “But if (rules-makers) want to control the game or the tempo, they should control how they spot the ball. That’s an easy way to control it …

“Put it on the officials and how they mark the ball. I don’t think you should do it on how many seconds come off the clock.”

There’s some logic to that.  Except, you know, officials.

If they’re so worried that things have swung away from defenses, maybe they should think about cleaning up some of the other pro-offense rules (or, perhaps more accurately, the inconsistent enforcement of some rules, which creates advantages for offenses) before tackling HUNH.  Just a thought.



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In the South, we can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

Shorter Joe Dean, Jr.:  It’s football’s fault that SEC basketball sucks so badly.


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Maybe they need the ticket revenue.

Texas A&M is in the midst of a significant renovation to its stadium.  As a result of that, the school has elected not to have a spring game for the next two years.  The rationale behind the decision is interesting:

“NCAA rules related to an off-campus spring game would include football staff members, as well as current Aggie football players, not being able to interact with prospective student-athletes and their families. Also, the institution would not be able to provide complimentary admission to high school, college-preparatory school or two-year college prospects or their coaches because the event is not a regular-season event and would be taking place outside of a 30-mile radius from campus.”  [Emphasis added.]

Get that?  TAMU doesn’t want to spend the resources to host a spring game elsewhere because it feels it would be a waste without being able to invite recruits.  Meanwhile, Georgia has a special opportunity to do just that every season, but evidently feels it would be a waste to invite recruits.

I can always hope Pruitt’s fresh eyes convince some folks to revisit that policy.


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Baby, baby

Here’s a kid who’s going to take part in FSU’s Junior Day before he plays a snap of high school football.

At least he’s going in with the right attitude:

“I just want to see the field (not a recruiting pun- he wants to see the field they play on at Doak Campbell Stadium),” Rashad said. “I want to meet the players and talk to Jameis Winston. I want to have fun and get the experience.”


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Musical palate cleanser, obvious edition

I think you can figure out how this one popped into my head.


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