I don’t care which side of the substitution rule debate you line up on, this here is funny.


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  1. My favorites …

    If offense does not use huddle before snap, it must notify the defense what play it is running.
    Due to difficulty of SEC West, games against Sun Belt teams will count as conference games.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    I like the one about coaches calling dibs. You can’t beat dibs! And the one about automatic 20 year show cause penalties for coaches named Urban makes sense to me.


  3. Dog in Fla

    In response, for the betterment of Blunt, he turns it up to 11 by asking whether anybody wants a #pieceofme



  4. gastr1

    I’m going to have to read that site more often. I think the more we get to know Bret Bielema, though, Lost Letterman & I will have more company in seeing Bret as near-Corch-like in d-baggery.


  5. Reservoir Dawg

    That Jen is a world class butterface.


  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I don’t like Bret Bielema. Making fun of him is fine with me. But that doesn’t change the fact that this HUNH thing is a serious issue. I get it that some of you like a lot of plays being run and a lot of scoring–and if both teams do it even better. But ask yourselves, what is it about CFB that makes it so compelling? I’ve seen arena football and suspect that most of you guys have, too. Is that what you want CFB to become? The D that holds the other team’s O to a FG once during the game wins because every other drive in the entire game by both teams results in a TD? There is a legitimate issue here and it needs to be addressed thoughtfully and intelligently.


    • sUGArdaddy

      It’s called learn to stop it. Nobody was ever going to stop nebraska and oklahoma’s option until they did. Nobody was going to stop the air raid…until they did. Someone will figure this out to.


    • Dog in Fla

      “I don’t like Bret Bielema.” Neither does anyone else not on the payroll.

      “Legitimate issue…needs to be addressed thoughtfully and intelligently.”

      Remember Mayor, this is college football, not municipal politics, so you have no reason to be over optimistic but somehow when you smile you can make things better and less offensive.