And that’s that.


The funny thing is, the other day I was sort of running through my head what JH-C’s football obit at Georgia would read like if he were dismissed this offseason.  Maybe I shouldn’t lead off this post with “wow” after all.

Sorry to see it happen, but no doubt he’ll look good in an Auburn jersey in a couple of years.  (I keed, but wouldn’t that be ironic?)


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  1. TrboDawg

    Maybe his Grandfather DID know something. He’d not be having any of these issues if he’d just gone to UF, like his guardian wanted. (I’m very glad he didn’t, but…)

  2. Ginny

    Damn shame. Who can we blame for this?

  3. Griff

    He’s going to do well at Auburn.

  4. William

    I am a bit suprised. I mean, I kind of thought this might happen, but not so swiftly on the heels of the last transgression. I expected this to happen part way through the coming season. I’m sad to see the young man go, but only because of all of his untapped potential. Hope he straightens himself out. And preferably not at Auburn.

  5. mwo

    Is his dismissal open ended like at Bama or is it permanent?

  6. IAmAGurleyMan

    This was inevitable. Damn shame.

  7. Puffdawg

    I receive GTP email updates on posts. This headline just hit my inbox and the first thought that popped into my head was: “JHC.”

  8. tbia

    Gratuitous “Marijuana should be legal anyway” post.

  9. Irishdawg


  10. Gene Simmons

    Tough Loss.
    Hard Headed Kid.

    • Olddawg 55

      I was kinda hoping Granddad could straighten him out but when personal desires, or just plain stupidity, outnumbers common sense, he just wasn’t worth keeping…another good player will step up and he won’t really be missed. Potential is hard to live up to. Another life opportunity lost to the weed!

  11. HVL Dawg

    I thought everybody had a clean slate? Maybe that is what JHC thought too.

  12. Beakerdawg

    He was a spy all along. This explains why we could never get lined up on D and why else did he ‘do what he do’ in the auburn game.
    So every other year, are we going to see a former player lined up against on the plains…

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      JHC was already the Auburn MVP in the 2013 South’s Oldest Rivaly game–he’ll probably be wearing an Auburn jersey by the weekend. BTW, you will recall I predicted 3 weeks ago that he would never play another game for the Dawgs. I now wish he never had played ANY games for the Dawgs. I can think of one game that Georgia would have won without him, that’s for sure.

  13. Flintstone

    Come on, does this really surprise anyone? I mean if this was Gurley or Mason it would be a shock, but we all knew this was coming.

  14. This will be kind of interesting to see what he does. He’s already played 2 years, so he can’t go JUCO, can he? And you wouldn’t think any other FBS schools would take him (even somebody as talented as the Honey Badger didn’t have any FBS options after kicked off of LSU). He’ll have to either drop down a level, or try the same route as Mathieu and just take the next year off then enter the draft. Given that he hasn’t proven to be the same level of playmaker as Mathieu tho, you’d think he’ll have to go down to a Jax State, North Alabama, something along those lines.

    • Dawg in Beaumont

      There is a backup school full of Georgians created for just this situation and others. It is located in Eastern Alabama.

      • Hahaha. I’m just saying, even Mathieu didn’t get an offer from anybody, and he was arguably the top defensive playmaker in the country. Not much shocks me anymore, but any BCS school (or I guess “former” BCS school?) taking JHC would definitely shock me.

        • sUGArdaddy

          He’s got a redshirt year to burn, so he could transfer BCS, redshirt his sit-out year and have 2 to play. Someone always takes a chance.

        • Hackerdog

          The NCAA mandates that transferring to another FBS school means you have to sit out a year. Mathieu would have been eligible for the draft at that time, so there was no point of transferring only to declare for the draft.

          Yes, he could have transferred to FCS. But, I don’t think it would have really helped him. He had nothing to prove on the field. He may have gotten injured, or he may have failed another drug test. Playing it the way he did, by going to rehab and staying out of legal trouble for a year, was probably best for him. Most likely, his troubles only cost him a slide of around 20 slots in the draft. Not too shabby.

      • Bulldog Joe

        Alabama State is another one.

  15. cube

    Thank god. I was beginning to worry that we were running low on former players we kicked out that go on to other big programs. I love being able to stand on our moral high ground and beat my chest. Makes me feel like Notre Dame.

  16. Jeff Sanchez

    Here’s where I wish the UGA AA would get out in front of stories and say something like, “At UGA our policy is…” instead of getting the “THUGA” rap in the blogosphere like we usually do for actually having, you know, standards and consequences

    • We get the worst of both worlds–rigid policies and then ‘losing control’ AJC mimes as a result of enforcement. Our administrators can feel good about themselves, AJC can keep busy with the Richt attacks and everyone else in the conference thanks us on the recruiting trail when we air our kids dirty laundry for the world to see.

  17. “Marijuana.. it’s just not for hippies anymore.”

    “Why should glaucoma patients have all the fun.”

    “Auburn football signee Kalvaraz Bessent’s attorney says all charges stemming from a drug arrest last week have been dropped and the cornerback’s name has been cleared.” All’s well that ends well.

    “The joint, to which he adds a dash of tobacco to make a spliff, is typical for this student-athlete. “Bongs and pipes mean more evidence,” he says. He lights up, kicks back and exhales a dense cloud. Normally, he’d pass the spliff to one of his Oregon football teammates, but tonight he smokes alone. “Most of the guys are waiting until after winter workouts,” he says. Once those conclude in March, he adds, they’ll gather in clusters to partake together. About half the team smokes, he estimates. “It’s a team thing. Like video games.” ESPN College Football April 2012

  18. Merk

    At least the idiot did not take someone else down with him. Yes I can call him an idiot, just as I would call anyone who got fired from a job for not passing a drug test an idiot. If you want to do drugs, then fine, but realize that you do not get to bitch about it when you are limited in your opportunities. Of course I am sure someone will just come up about how “pot is legal here or there,” but it does not matter. The kid had talent and a great opportunity to showcase it for an opportunity to make millions. Instead he chose to smoke weed. As stated before, it is not like UGA just started cracking down this season. All of these kids know that UGA has a no smoke policy, if they want to blaze up and play, then they will have to go somewhere else.

    • I’m still holding my breath a bit. It hasn’t been unheard of for us in the past to not announce all suspensions at the same time, sometimes it takes 2-3 days. I’ll feel better if we get through the week with no other suspensions announced.

    • Bazooka Joe

      This begs the question… (doesn’t apply in Georgia) – I have thought about this from an employer perspective (pre-employment drug screening, etc…) but in states where it is now legal – would you be punished (college), denied a job, etc… ?

      • Ellis

        If you agree to not use drugs in your employment contract than I would say that trumps a state law that merely allows you to use whatever drug. My guess is U of Colorado still requires their athletes to pass drug tests to remain eligible even though the state has ok’d the sale of marijuana.

        On a side note, what an unneccesary waste of talent.

      • Merk

        A local company in one of those states could probably allow MJ to show up and not care, if they want to. Really the only issue would be with something like workman’s comp. As the employer would have to assume the person was high if it was in their system, even though they may never work high.

      • From a college standpoint, remember that even in states where it is legalized, the age limit is 21, just like alcohol. So with at least half the players on NCAA teams at any given time being under the legal age, I would think the NCAA will keep it on the banned list for all players.

  19. simpl_matter

    I had a bad premonition when I read he was in the car with Crowell on the weed stop/gun bust two years ago. 3 of the 5 players in that car have now been dismissed. The other two still on the team? Sheldon Dawson & Blake Tibbs.

  20. Bobby

    The Trammel Terry move to safety now makes 100% sense. Shows what little confidence the coaches had in JHC.

  21. Dang, you guys see the tweets from Artie Lynch about it?

    “Just to be clear, those who decide not to do it the RIGHT way do not deserve to don the Red & Black. It is a privilege, not a right #GoDawgs”

    “trust me I’ve said this all along, as a member of the team and now alum. Some don’t listen and ultimately hurt themselves.”

    “just expressing my opinion that taking UGA for granted is a life altering mistake. It is too special to throw away.”

    Doesn’t sound like he’s too sad for JHC. Maybe JHC was a bigger problem on the team than most of us realized, even when he wasn’t failing drug tests.

    • David K

      I love Arthur Lynch and he was a great Dawg and all but seriously, he can go fuck off with comments like this. Growing up in a white, middle or upper class family is a lot different than growing up poor and every one of your friends smokes pot. There are factors in many of these poor, African-American kids’ lives that Arthur Lynch can’t even begin to understand. It’s not as black and white as saying “you don’t deserve to wear the Red & Black.” These kids aren’t all just selfish assholes that don’t appreciate their chance to play for Georgia and throw it away.

      • TEXAS DAWG

        Got to throw the BS flag on that comment. At present it is ILLEGAL to smoke pot. If he is poor and all his friends steal does that make it OK and we are just supposed to say that’s fine, he was just a poor black kid. HELL NO. He was given an opportunity to get out of that culture and he did not take it. Last time I checked, Ray Drew, Todd Gurley, Keith Marshall etc, etc, were and still are black kids who DID not and HAVE not screwed up. All blacks should take what you said as an insult that they should be held to a lower standard because you have low expectations for them.

        • Hackerdog

          Equating smoking pot to stealing is just stupid. One hurts someone else and the other doesn’t hurt anybody. Even the guy smoking.

          Yes, dope is illegal. And yes, it’s a rule that UGA publicly enforces. But emerging from alleys is also illegal. And most of us were pretty worked up about any consequences garnered from those arrests.

          • TEXAS DAWG

            Nobody equated the two and stop trying to justify his behavior. Pick ANY illegal behavior you want if that’s what you choose to do. When you say it’s ok because someone else does it you sound like a little kid. If I cheat on my taxes (to use your reasoning it didn’t hurt anyone) I don’t think the IRS is going to take “everyone else is doing it” as an excuse. In life, if you set low expectations, you will get low results.

          • TEXAS DAWG

            And another thing to mull over. If you live here in TEXAS like I do and see the violence just over the border, you would have a different take on “marijuana does not hurt anyone”. The murders by the drug cartels fighting over the illegal drug trade of which marijuana is one are astronomical. Sooooo, unless he got his pot from Colorado or Washington legally, yes he was helping to hurt people by supporting the cartels that would not exists but for the illegal drug trade (whether it should be legal or not is whole other topic).

            • PTC DAWG

              Another reason to legalize its sale here.

            • ScoutDawg

              He was smoking Gainsville Green. Just saying…

            • Hackerdog

              Fair enough. You’re worked up about JHC breaking the law. Well, speeding is breaking the law and I bet most of us do that pretty regularly. Emerging from an alley is breaking the law and most of us were howling about how ridiculous it was for that kind of crime to cost a kid playing time.

              I classify crimes into two categories. The first kind hurts people. That includes stealing, assault, rape, murder, etc. The second kind doesn’t hurt people. The second kind of crime is the result of a government bureaucrat making up a rule and then telling the rest of us that we have a moral obligation to live by his arbitrary rule.

              Most speed limits are this kind of arbitrary rule that has no moral position. Rolling through stop signs would be another. And Prohibition against drugs is another.

              Yes, drug cartels are violent. They are criminals. That’s to be expected. But we’ve seen this before. In the 1920s, the mafia dominated the production and sale of alcohol. Because alcohol was illegal, only criminals (often violent criminals) dared to trade in alcohol.

              And we all know what happened after Prohibition ended. Alcohol remained a dangerous substance that only violent criminals traded in. Er, wait. No, that didn’t happen. But I’m sure this time will be different. For some reason.

      • simpl_matter

        Boy, take it easy. Where did you grow up?? Most of my of my white, middle or upper class friends smoked pot in high school. This isn’t about race or economics, and Lynch’s comments didn’t go anywhere in that direction. The choices JHC is making could ruin his chances at a pro career (if he continually makes them). Look how many dawgs are in the NFL, that’s what Lynch is getting at. Grow up or get out.

        • Will (the other one)

          If he winds up playing for a team in WA, CO, or CA, the only way this hurts is it cuts down the amount of film GMs and scouts can view.

      • Slaw Dawg

        David, my friend, I grew up working class white (lived in my share of trailers) and, yeah, I had plenty of buddies, white and black, messin’ with weed and sometimes much worse. It got waved at me plenty of times. But I never partook, and I had friends (again, white and black) who never partook, and rarely did we catch more than gentle ribbing for that–more often, I’d say we were respected for it. I now live in an upper middle class suburb, and my teenage football playing son deliberately skips certain parties because he knows certain of his teammates and classmates will be there partaking of high-end weed and sometimes much worse, and he’s taking no chances. Everybody has the power of “No.” Everybody.

      • Normaltown Mike

        You assume JHC grew up poor. Why? his gramps is a bail bondsmen & i’ve never met a poor one.
        Is it because…..he’s black?

      • Merk

        Lynch was on the team with him. It would be a lot different if this were some Alum from like 2003 rippin’ into him. Also being poor does not mean you have to smoke pot. No one is rippin the kid for smoking pot, hell UGA gives you 3 chances. They are rippin him because he got caught and told to clean it up, but did not care enough to.

      • John Denver is full of shit...

      • Turd Ferguson

        First of all, Lynch didn’t say that JHC is a “selfish asshole that didn’t appreciate his chance to play for Georgia.” He said (a) that being on the team is a privilege, not a right, and (b) that those who make decisions like this should be denied that privilege. Which one of those claims do you dispute, exactly?

        And second of all, feel free to keep that bleeding heart, liberal bullshit to yourself. Is life harder for some people than it is for others? You bet. But does having a more difficult life make a person any less morally responsible for his actions? Not any any plausible account of moral responsibility, no. So unless you’ve got evidence that JHC’s actions were literally out of his own control, kindly shut the fuck up.

      • Dawg in Beaumont

        The soft bigotry of low expectations.

      • Bazooka Joe

        Awwww woes is me…. I am poor so the rules don’t apply to me…. David I think you have smoked a few too many already….

      • Ol Dawg

        Yeah, my heart bleeds for a kid who gets into a major university on an athletic waiver and then REPEATEDLY continues to break the rules that he agreed to when he came to campus. You act like JHC didn’t have any choices to make. Growing up middle class doesn’t mean all your friends don’t smoke pot. If this had been a first-time offense, it could have been a lesson. This is a three-time loser.

      • Gravidy

        Dear David K:

        I believe that is the dumbest fucking shit I have ever read on this blog. So Arthur Lynch can’t have an opinion on this situation because he’s white, huh? I’m confused. Exactly whose ignorant racial prejudices are showing here?

        And I don’t know who “these kids” are that you are talking about, but Josh Fucking-Harvey-Clemons is most definitely a selfish asshole who didn’t appreciate his chance to play for Georgia and threw it away. Hell, if you look up “selfish asshole who didn’t appreciate his chance to play for Georgia and threw it away” in the dictionary, you’ll find is fucking picture accompanying the fucking definition!

        • Hackerdog

          Dear Gravidy:

          I think that any adult who refers to a kid who puts his physical well-being at risk week in and week out for our entertainment, yet is capable of making mistakes that a large portion of other kids also make, as a selfish asshole is, himself, a selfish asshole.

          It’s ironic that, when trying to scorn another poster for stupidity, you far exceed his efforts. Kudos.


    Well, I prefer to look at the positive side of this. When practice starts at least they will KNOW what they have to work with this upcoming season. It would suck even worse for them to be counting on him returning after the suspension and have wasted time with him only to have him kicked off the team just before the start of the season.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I suspect he was doomed with the coaches as soon as he went for the meaningless fourth down interception in order to pad his personal stats instead of letting the pass just hit the ground. That showed he wasn’t a team player and put himself ahead of the team winning the game. I’m sorry, but I’m glad he’s off the team.

      • Hackerdog

        If you seriously think that, as the ball was in the air at the end of the Auburn game, JHC analyzed the situation, realized it was fourth down, concluded that trying to bat the ball down was the optimum strategy, and then dismissed it in favor of going for the pick for selfish reasons, I think you have an unfounded faith in a young man’s ability to process information and make decisions quickly. How long did that pass take, 3 seconds?

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          The kid isn’t stupid, Hack. Yes. He knew it was fourth down, he saw where the Auburn receiver was and by not touching the ball it would have hit the ground–end of game. But he chose to try for a meaningless interception because then he would get to be on ESPN as the “hero of the game.” Well, he got on ESPN all right, just not the way he thought. The guy isn’t a team player. Good riddance.

  23. cube

    I’m surprised the “I blame Grantham” meme hasn’t surfaced yet.

  24. NoAxeToGrind

    He’d look pretty good in an LSU uniform too. Seems like Auburn and LSU play by different rules. What the hell, Orlando’s good. Also Tampa.

    • Will (the other one)

      If he’s smart he’d make a b-line to the University of Washington or University of Colorado.

  25. LorenzoDawgriquez

    Maybe 3rd and Grantham will give him another chance up at Looeyville

  26. Alcoholic Genius

    News Flash! JHC will be in Colorado – – tonight – – if he don’t miss the bus!

  27. Dawg19

    Either way, Senator…I appreciate the ‘Goodfellas’ reference. Fitting.

  28. David K

    When you wonder why our program isn’t better, shit like this happens and it slaps you in the face. At other schools they catch you and run you after practice. At Georgia we throw you out with the bathwater. Does anyone believe kicking these kids off the team is better in the long run for them as human beings and as student athletes? Does anyone really believe the FSU and Auburn teams that just played for the MNC didn’t have players that got high? This really sucks. Our defense sucked last year and the best player on the defense is now gone. #1 recruit in the state when he came out a few years ago. So much potential to be a great player. Could’ve been an Eric Berry type of presence back there.

    • Joe Schmoe

      I don’t like our policies either, but I’m pretty sure he failed like 3 tests, so it’s not like we dropped him at the first sign of trouble.

    • Rebar

      David K, better than what? You mean a program that tells you up front you better not smoke or eat pot or you’ll get suspended? That if you keep doing it, after being told you will be tested and get caught again, you’ll be suspended even longer? That, if after all that, you keep smoking pot and get caught, you get gone? Look, the kid did this to himself. And I don’t care what FSU and Auburn do, We are Georgia and everybody in the nation knows about our drug policy. Not saying I agree with it, but its not some hidden agenda, its out there for all the recruits to see. To me, being a man is all about personal responsibility. This young man could have waited to have his fun, but decided he wanted it now, and now he is paying the cost. And the bathwater has been used 3 times so its not like he didn’t know what was coming. How is that anyone’s fault but his own.

      • Debby Balcer

        +1. He knew the rules and chose to come here. Treating him different because he was a five star recruit would destroy the team and him. Look at Auburn and Michael Dyer for evidence of how well that would work. He got what he deserved hopefully it is a wake up call.

    • Turd Ferguson

      How many second chances should players be given?

    • DWH

      “best player on the defense”? If that’s true, our defense sucked worse than I originally thought.

  29. PTC DAWG

    Cold 45 and two zig zags, baby that’s all we need!

  30. El Dawgo in El Paso

    JHC+THC= He Gone

  31. Bob

    Actually, I would imagine that anywhere in the SEC would be the land of opportunity for him, maybe excepting A&M. Nick is probably skyping with him tonight.

  32. Bob

    Colorado or Any school in Cali would be a great fit

  33. rampdawg

    David K , JHC is not from a poor black family. His Grand Dad has a buisness that JHC worked at,and helped with, you goofball. So you can go fuck youself, Their are lots of kids on the team that come from far worse upbringings, and some from better.They all know that you can’t smoke pot and play for the Red and Black
    .Is is told to them and they are obliged to follow the rules. JHC seems to think is above said rules, or is just a selfish little prick. 99% pecent of the other players abide by them, and what Lynch said is 100% correct.

  34. ole dokes

    David K, you putz…you have been bitch-slapped on both of your hollow posts by the fair-minded brethren that make GTP so great. Nothing to add except get your trollin’, shallow talking, hapless self back over to StingTalk…

  35. cube

    We should start testing for caffeine.

    • Dawg19

      Actually, if caffeine came out on the market right now, it would be regulated and you would need a prescription for it.

      • Hackerdog

        And the righteous GTP commenters would discuss the evils of anyone who dared to use a substance that a government bureaucrat has decreed to be unacceptable.

  36. DawgPhan

    Let’s all remember that Grantham also thought the world of this guy and basically set his scheme around him.. maybe they were both high.

  37. John Denver is full of Lynch

    If a kid takes a head coach, from church, to a jail, to help bail someone out…

  38. Turd Ferguson

    I honestly do not understand why people think our policies are too strict. It certainly doesn’t follow from the mere fact that they’re stricter than those of other programs — at least, not without the added assumption that the other programs’ policies are ideal. Presumably, there’s some standard against which our policies are being measured by those who make such a claim. But what standard is that, exactly? Les Miles? Gene Chizik? Gus Malzahn? Urban Meyer?

    The common refrain at this point typically has something to do with “competitive edge,” but what’s the implication supposed to be here? That we literally cannot beat these other teams unless we lower our moral/legal standards? If that’s true, why have you even bothered to watch the games for as long as these policies have been in place? And if it’s false, then what the hell is the point of making reference to this “competitive edge”?

    Sayonara, JHC. Hope you learn something from this.

    • PTC DAWG

      I would only ask for a level playing field in the SEC.

      TESTING AND SUSPENSION, currently we are no where near that.

      • Minnesota Dawg

        Me too with respect to the level playing field. At the very least, we should continually, vocally, and publicly lobby for it–so that at the very least it can at least be understood and acknowledged that our standards are higher than our conference brethren.

        Obviously, our stricter policies regarding pot, alcohol, etc. don’t necessarily mean that we “literally cannot beat these teams.” But does it make it more difficult? Yes. That’s the point of validly making reference to “competitive edge.” Same goes for the over-signing issue.

        • Turd Ferguson

          No, the reference to “competitive edge” is not valid in this context, as long as it keeps being used as an argument for the conclusion that we ought to lower our standards. Simply pointing out that we lack a competitive edge (which, again, is debatable — are we sure it’s not a matter of coaching?) is itself compatible with at least two conclusions: (1) other programs ought to raise their standards, or (2) we ought to lower our standards.

          And since the “competitive edge” line is compatible with both (1) and (2), it serves as a “valid” argument for neither. At least, not without some further assumption … and I’d love to hear what that assumption is.

          • MinnesotaDawg

            What a bizarre response. If you’re looking to engage in some form of non-sensical discussion using your own made-up, strict, and faulty rules of argument…look somewhere else.

    • Hackerdog

      Repeat your argument for our drug policies by substituting our academic admission standards. If we require better grades and higher test scores for players to come to UGA, are we at a competitive disadvantage? Most would say yes. We will have a smaller pool of talent from which to choose players.

      Of course, we could simply choose to do that anyway and blame the coaches when our team of scholars lose games to other schools. Or, we could lobby the conference to insist that all schools have academic standards to match ours.

      Now, the exact same arguments work for strict drug policies. About 20% of young adults regularly use marijuana. If you think we should restrict our team to the other 80%, that’s fine. But we’re going to pay a price in losing the services of athletes like JHC that are either dismissed from the team, or never come in the first place.

  39. walterg

    bat the ball down, dumbass…enjoy your career at valdosta state!

    we coulda never counted on him anyway!


    You would think that with all the idiots that can’t put the joint down, the Colorado and Washington schools will be 1,2,3,4 in the recruiting rankings. All the stoners can go play there where it is legal (just don’t take your stash on road trips out of one of those states or California).

  41. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I think this is an appropriate thread to announce that Robert Nkemdiche and his brother Denzel of Ole Miss are being sued over an incident that happened in February, 2013 where they beat up a guy in Oxford. I think it is appropriate to ask the following questions: (1) Why were THEY not prosecuted? (2) Why were THEY not suspended from their team? (3) Why has it taken this long and the filing of a civil lawsuit for the media to even acknowlege the beating (an attack from behind according to the report) even taking place? All SEC schools are not equal. Just sayin.’

  42. Big Shock

    As much as Grantham loved JHC, maybe he winds up at Louisville. The program seems to like giving second chances.