Just around the corner

Think happy thoughts.


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10 responses to “Just around the corner

  1. Billdawgs

    Damn, could Coach Rock atleast get a new profile picture that doesn’t have him wearing Navy? I don’t care if that picture is from the Titans or the Barners, it reminds me of Allbarn. Sheesh


  2. Billdawgs

    And wow, 28 days seems like nothing! I think a G-Day trip is certainly in order to check out how the defense looks like after a solid spring of preparation.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    So it is 28 days till we can stop worrying about the future of college football and start worrying about Clemson and South Carolina?

    Man that sounds mighty fine.


  4. Can’t worry about Clemson and SC till all the arrest are made from spring break and summertime.


  5. PatinDC

    Just throwing this out there..

    Has anyone heard if they are having the camp for ladies this year? I am no longer on the list so I don’t get any updates.

    They canceled last year when I was able to finally go again, and I am hoping that is not a permanent thing.