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“So, you want to talk about the ‘Saban Rule’?”

Spurdog goes there.

“He took it upon himself to go before the rules committee and get it done,” Spurrier said. “They tried to change the rules. But I don’t think they’re gonna get away with it.”

SEC Media Days are gonna be a freakin’ blast.


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Better late than never

And the old staff was about…?


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Mark Richt doesn’t really care who loses control of the 10-second rule.

According to Chip Towers, today’s teleconference with Georgia’s head coach “… was initially set up because numerous beat reporters had contacted Richt about getting his reaction to the proposed 10-second substitution rule to slow down up-tempo offenses in college football.”

His reaction?  Essentially a yawn.

“Again, I just don’t know how many people are consistently snapping the ball under 10,” Richt said. “You can still go no-huddle and you can still go at a pretty good clip. …Even if you snap it at …29 or whatever it is, you’re still going pretty darn fast. I don’t think it will be a huge deal if it does change, but I doubt very seriously it changes this quickly.”

It sounds like that’s for two reasons.  First, to the extent it’s a conditioning issue, that’s on the program, not the rule.

“I feel like if you can train offensive players to play five or six plays in a row, you can train defensive players to play that many plays in a row, too,” Richt said Thursday afternoon. “I personally don’t think it’s a health-issue deal, but if there’s some evidence otherwise, it will be interesting to see it. …I think it’s somebody’s assumption. I don’t think there’s any hard evidence on it.”

And the second?  It’s sort of what I figured – Richt’s experience importing the no-huddle to the SEC has left him a bit skeptical about the whole thing.  (Not that I blame him.)

“We started going fast at Florida State in 1992 and then ’93 we were going at breakneck speed as fast as we could until I got to Georgia,” he said.

ACC officials, he said, put the ball on the ground and got out of the way.

“It wasn’t quite happening that way in the SEC,” Richt said. “Who knows what the reasons were?”

Actually, we do know that.

… The mandatory pause is to allow the officiating crew to get in position, Gaston said. Richt argued that the officials should put the ball in play as soon as they are set, regardless of how much time has elapsed, but Gaston said that would provide the offense an unfair advantage.

“Mark Richt would eat their lunch,” he said. “He would go straight to the ball and snap it. He’d get in 100 plays. We have about half the coaches who think we go too fast and about half who think we go too slow so we must be in about the right spot.”

So you’ll have to pardon Richt if he doesn’t seem too worked up about this now.  He dealt with rules manipulation before and nobody was particularly worked up about it then.


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Welcome to the big leagues, son.

Pretty entertaining stuff from early enrollee Jacob Park on Georgia’s dreaded mat drills:

On mat drills …

“I never really had that many coaches yelling at me at the same time. We had something similar in high school we had to go through, conditioning and things like that just to be on the team. But it was a little different. We didn’t do it at 5 in the morning. So it’s a little bit of a shock.”

On possibly second-guessing decision to come early because of mat drills …

“Definitely. I didn’t know anything about mat drills. Nobody told me ’tils I got here. Bryce told me I was going regret coming here early.”

Just remember your Nietzsche, man.


UPDATE:  On a related strength and conditioning note, Georgia’s hired a new coach for the S&C staff.  One interesting bit about the hire…



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Meet your new favorite Georgia coach.

I don’t know how Mike Ekeler’s gonna do on the field, but he just won the damn press conference.  A few samples:

And this is the topper, by a wide margin.

Honestly, if it had been up to me, I would have hired him on the spot.

It’s hard not to get excited about the new staff, isn’t it?


UPDATE:  Via Emerson –

He looks good in red, no?


UPDATE #2:  I post this because I have to.

Here’s what Ekeler said he told head coach Mark Richt during his interview, after breaking down film of Georgia’s punt return unit:

“Coach, you set a record an NCAA record for being in punt safe.”

Richt, asked about that later, went into a long defense/analysis, but then confirmed that he laugh in response to Ekeler’s comment.

“I did chuckle, because I knew I did call punt safe a lot,” Richt said.


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Spurrier never misses an opportunity.

You gotta give him credit for being fast on his feet.

Although it may just be a reflex at this point.


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Driving Mudcat’s car

While I appreciate the effort here, any attempt to study the impact of five-star recruits signed by Mark Richt has to take in the full measure of what they brought to the table during their time in Athens to be truly meaningful.  Let’s face it – Marquis Elmore’s legacy is something more than what mere statistics can measure and will always be cherished by the true Dawg fan.


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