Better late than never

And the old staff was about…?


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  1. Dan

    Taking advantage of mismatches? I’m not saying that I’m not excited to have Pruitt and co. on the defensive staff instead of Grantham, but it seems TG’s main goal was to get mismatched personnel (or, more accurately, not get mismatched) which requires more subbing and more knowledge from his players on how to read the offense.

    I’m not saying that’s right, mind you, but it’s the opposite of what Richt is saying now.


    • I think it’s much more complicated than that, Dan. Pruitt’s defense will not be simpleton .. far from it. Whether it’s as complex as Grantham’s, that’s doubtful. Grantham’s system is antiquated, IMO, and was never going to succeed in this League. We’ll see if he can get it to work in a lesser League.

      But Pruitt’s defense will be plenty complex, as all true multiple defenses are. His philosophy and scheme’s are different, but more effective than Grantham’s, no question about that.

      I suspect another difference, other than philosophy and scheme, will be the players will be well-taught. They’ll understand more, and know more because of that.


  2. Rex

    Well, shit. Is that how you play ball?


  3. 81Dog

    the old staff was about? About 5 steps late and 10 yards short on 3rd and 4th down.


  4. Go Dawgs!

    They were about staring at each other palms-up without a clue where to line up while the other team lined up and ran plays.


  5. charlottedawg

    I’m excited these guys are here, really, and I was definitely impressed with the the work they’ve done before they got to Georgia. But the last guy talked a big game too and until Pruitt and Co. craft a ruthless nasty defense on the field, it’s just that, talk.


  6. Skint

    Richt just bought himself another 3yrs @ 3.5 million. What has this guy been doing? It’s time for a change in culture at UGA.


  7. artfulcodger

    old staff was about overcomplicating a scheme in order to create a position for a potential playmaker who has no natural position on D due to his body type


  8. Mayor of Dawgtown

    And the old staff was about….getting out of town before the mob with the tar and feathers showed up.


  9. dawgshit

    More BS. What’s a damn shame is he should already know this shit as the head coach. I think I’m going to puke. I’m so sick of his BS.


  10. 202dawg

    Some of y’all are blowing this shit WAY out of proportion. Would it have been better if he had said ‘MORE about…’ instead? Unless you’re a defensive guru, get of your damned high horses