“So, you want to talk about the ‘Saban Rule’?”

Spurdog goes there.

“He took it upon himself to go before the rules committee and get it done,” Spurrier said. “They tried to change the rules. But I don’t think they’re gonna get away with it.”

SEC Media Days are gonna be a freakin’ blast.


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12 responses to ““So, you want to talk about the ‘Saban Rule’?”

  1. Krautdawg

    “What kind of game do we want? That’s the kind of discussion the [rules] committee ought to have.”

    Dear God no, that’s NOT the kind of discussion a centralized committee of referees should have. The fact Redding’s saying this shows that despite his denials, he’s accepted Sabans framing of the debate.


    • Dog in Fla

      So true. Only Nick could make Rogers Redding do an outfield of dreams, wax poetic like Ferlin Husky and thus quoth the Bobo nevermore:

      “So it’s not as if this was brand new, sailing in out of left field on the wings of Nick Saban,” Redding said.

      Quoting New York Times columnist David Brooks, Redding added: “Partisanship shapes the reality you choose to see. I think that’s what’s going on here to a large extent.”



  2. Tim

    In truly hate Superior but as he ages it gets harder. The way hes willing to yank any and everybody’s chain is almost tolerable. Especially if its Saban he yanks.


  3. Bright Idea

    I still want to see a game when a team down by 20 at the end of the 3rd quarter still has a chance. If this passes lots of stadiums will be empty in the 4th quarter.


  4. dawgshit

    Oh hell Jimmy Fallon has the First Lady Michelle Oblowme on tonight. UGH! But Will Ferrell is on as well so maybe it’ll be good


  5. mdcgtp

    I agree with the questions he has raised about pace, but the manner in which idiot Bielema and Saban chose to go about it is comically bad.

    I think the more significant aspect of the story is Saban shitting all over himself during this process. For a guy in his position to do what he did wreaks of ego, and that is one of the surest signs to me that the Bama dynasty is over.

    Again, if Saban wanted to have a discussion about it, have the discussion around the original question he asked, “is this what we want the game to be? is this fair? etc.”

    interestingly, it highlights yet another difference in the way Mark Richt and Saban operate. the rules were changed to stop a strategy that Mark Richt had implemented ahead of others and he complies. A strategy emerges that Saban does not like and he wants the rules changed.

    We can debate whether “nice guys finish last” or not, but I certainly believe karma owes Mark Richt and UGA fans a lot of positive pay back! No doubt hiring a competent defensive staff and making the right changes on special teams give karma a better chance of succeeding, but I am absolutely amused at how badly Saban mismanaged his role in the debate. The backlash is nice to see.


    • Again, the problem with the discussion is timing. If you want to change the rule this season, the only way to do that is by insisting it’s for the purpose of player safety. That’s why Saban did his talking in private and that’s why Bielema is making an ass out of himself in public.


      • mdcgtp

        I understand the rule change schedule, and if anything, the process of trying to change the rule makes Saban and Bielema look even worse. It basically highlights that neither has the ability to accept things they disagree with in life and that both would effectively lie to see to it that they get their “way” figuring they could get their way. Isn’t that the definition of hubris?

        My guess is in Saban’s planning mind that he can’t wait another year because he may actually be thinking about modifying the type of player he recruits to defend against fast paced teams, and a year of uncertainty only creates the possibility of having to process 5-10 more kids than usual if the rules change……